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POLL: Should a cargo ship coming from Ebola hit Sierra Leone be refitted at Falmouth Docks?

Poll closes for voting on October 28, 2014

Should smoking be banned on beaches?

Poll closes for voting on October 31, 2014

Should the summer dog ban be lifted on Falmouth's beaches?

Should any part of the NHS be privatised?

As Cornwall’s GP Out Of Hours service is put out to tender, we want to know if you think privatising parts of the NHS is a good idea?

Should the role of Police Crime Commissioner be scrapped?

Should Cornwall get a new Cornish Assembly?

How much money should the 'tooth fairy' leave for each tooth collected?

Do you think Cornwall should be granted more powers to govern its own affairs through a Cornish Assembly?

Should parking charges at hospitals be subsidised in order to keep the tariff's cheaper for both staff and visitors?

Where do you think is the friendliest shop, cafe, restaurant or bar in Falmouth? We've compiled a list - vote for your favourite and tell us why in the comments below...

Should Scotland be an independent country?

No: 73%

73% of the vote

Yes: 27%

27% of the vote

Don't know: 0%

0% of the vote

Poll is closed

Does Cornwall need more affordable homes?

Yes: 79%

79% of the vote

No: 18%

18% of the vote

Don't know: 3%

3% of the vote

Poll is closed

Would you support a cull of seagulls to reduce population numbers?

Do you believe drunks should be charged for time spent sobering up in police cells?

Yes: 80%

80% of the vote

No: 20%

20% of the vote

Don't know: 0%

0% of the vote

Poll is closed

Should people who invested in the Liberty scheme be forced to pay back any tax they avoided?

Who do you want to win this evening's World Cup final in Brazil?

Germany: 67%

67% of the vote

I can't bring myself to support either: 19%

19% of the vote

Argentina: 10%

10% of the vote

Neither - I really don't care: 5%

5% of the vote

Poll is closed

Should action be taken to reduce the number of seagulls in our towns and villages?

What action should be taken against Luis Suarez if he is found guilty of biting an Italian defender?

Banned from all football for 2 years: 55%

55% of the vote

Banned from all football for 24 matches: 28%

28% of the vote

Banned for the rest of the World Cup: 7%

7% of the vote

Banned for ten international matches: 7%

7% of the vote

No action: 3%

3% of the vote

Don't know: 0%

0% of the vote

Poll is closed

Do you suffer from hayfever?

Which supermarket would you like to see open a store in Truro?

Neither - we have enough supermarkets: 52%

52% of the vote

Asda: 30%

30% of the vote

Morrisons: 19%

19% of the vote

Poll is closed

What is your favourite Cornish beach?

Which way do you intend to vote in the European Parliament elections on Thursday, May 22nd

Will you be voting in the European Parliament election on May 22?

Do you feel more Cornish or more English?

Do you think the Trafalgar roundabout work have improved traffic flow in Truro?

Which masthead would you like to see featured on the West Briton front page to celebrate the opening of Truro Festival?

648 people have voted.

Do you think civil enforcement officers should be allowed to park on double yellow lines?

Which star would you prefer to make you a Cornsh pasty?

Do you think Cornish should be introduced at councils across Cornwall

What would you call Gweeks latest male seal pup?

Which shop would you like to see in Truro? (Choose one)

What would you do if you found a wallet with £400 in it?

What do you think the royal baby's name will be?

Should people whose black bin bags are ripped apart by seagulls be 'named and shamed'?

What should St Agnes Parish Council do with a one acre plot of land off Penwinnick Road?

Do you think Wolfy could win Big Brother?

Could you do what Woolwich killing heroine Ingrid Loyau-Kennett did in confronting the knife-wielding alleged murderers?