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  • Profile image for steprentiss
    steprentiss  |  Wednesday, May 11 2011, 3:08PM  |  Report
    Helpful staff and great quality products

    I bought my coffee table here and I got great service. They staff are REALLY knowledgeable and friendly. I know nothing about furniture and I left completely satisfied. They're not the most expensive place you could go to but their prices do relate to the quality of products they sell. I'll definitely use Oliver & Son again.

  • Profile image for squiress
    squiress  |  Sunday, November 14 2010, 5:17PM  |  Report
    Good, old fashioned service.

    Wow, what a breath of fresh air Olivers is in a modern 'couldn't care less world'. Quality staff, quality stock and quality service. Thank goodness we have them in Helston.

  • Profile image for SueCrellow
    SueCrellow  |  Tuesday, August 10 2010, 8:30PM  |  Report
    Great advice and excellent stock

    I have been buying furniture and carpets at Olivers in Helston for many years and have never regretted any purchase. If you are not confident about styling a room and knowing which colour combinations work the staff at Olivers are there to help you. Yes, you will pay more than for your flat pack at Ikea, but this is quality furniture which lasts.

  • Profile image for HelenJones
    HelenJones  |  Friday, July 16 2010, 2:45PM  |  Report
    Great service

    I've had occasion to go into Olivers a few times over the last few weeks and have had fantastic service every time.

    They may not always be the cheapest, but they are the best and for that I'd rather pay a few pounds extra, and for the peace of mind of knowing I'm buying from a reputable business.

    Thanks Olivers!

  • Profile image for Em_Williams
    Em_Williams  |  Monday, July 12 2010, 10:10PM  |  Report
    Stunning furniture

    This shop sells the most amazing furniture. They always seem to have things that are just that little bit different from the bog standard stuff you see in most furniture shops. The quality of the furniture is the highest standard and they also have a gorgeous selection of material for curtains etc.

  • Profile image for Sealubber
    Sealubber  |  Thursday, July 01 2010, 6:55PM  |  Report

    Great choice of mirrors, covering a range of price brackets and the furniture is top class. The premises themselves cover a suprisingly large area and is well worth a visit.
    The staff are knowledgable and are not pushy which makes a change from the city stores of Truro and Plymouth.