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58 Little Castle Street

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Bunters Bar

By Becky4923 | Friday, February 04 2011

Great for footie fans, music lovers and generally anyone!

“one of the very few pubs that show the football in Truro! They also hold alot of good music events and never seem to quite - great for day or night.”

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  • Profile image for Becky4923
    Becky4923  |  Friday, February 04 2011, 1:08PM  |  Report
    Great for footie fans, music lovers and generally anyone!

    one of the very few pubs that show the football in Truro! They also hold alot of good music events and never seem to quite - great for day or night.

  • Profile image for Redbull92
    Redbull92  |  Tuesday, December 14 2010, 10:13AM  |  Report
    Fun night out

    Bunters bar is basically a bar desguised as a pub but they have a good drinks selection, they have pool tables and tables outside, they also have live sports on the television monitors that are placed on the walls. It is a fairly decent sized place and every party animal in Truro should go there to have a good night out!

  • Profile image for KJean
    KJean  |  Friday, December 03 2010, 6:17PM  |  Report
    "Good for a Boogie"

    This is a great little pub in the centre of Truro that's perfect for relaxing with friends during the day or as part of a night out on the town. There's plenty of room to boogie to a range of perfect tunes. Drinks are reasonably priced. Overall this pub has a great atmosphere no matter what time you visit.

  • Profile image for irgmcdonald
    irgmcdonald  |  Monday, August 02 2010, 12:45AM  |  Report
    A great place for a night out. Drinks are cheap and..

    A great place for a night out. Drinks are cheap and the atmosphere is often good. Not the sort of place to go for a quite drink but a great place to go with friends. A must stop on any night out.

  • Profile image for bouche26
    bouche26  |  Monday, May 31 2010, 5:42PM  |  Report
    Good night out?

    A fantastic pub, with brilliant entertainment. If your wanting a good night out in Truro this is the bar for you. As well as being a live sports bar, you can have a bite to eat whilst you watch your favourite sport on multiple sets and sound systems around the bar. They also accept student discount like in any clothing shop on a monday as it is student night!

  • Profile image for dinotastic
    dinotastic  |  Monday, May 31 2010, 1:54PM  |  Report
    The Perfect Place to Stop for a Drink

    As the title suggests, this really is the perfect place to stop for a drink. You can pop in for a drink during the day and soak up the charming atmosphere (there's plenty of wood) or visit in the evening and enjoy a dance with friends. The spaces available are adaptable and this bar can more than easily accomodate large groups of friends. What's more, the prices are reasonable so you can afford to buy more than one round!

  • Profile image for chris_wasey
    chris_wasey  |  Thursday, May 27 2010, 2:53PM  |  Report
    I hope it stays open!

    Before it became fashionable for pubs to pretend to be bars, Bunters was doing it first. After L2 was bought out recently, there is still discussion as to who will buy out Bunters too. They have giant connect 4, giant jenga, cheap drinks and friendly bar staff. Good luck to them!

  • Profile image for Merry101
    Merry101  |  Tuesday, May 25 2010, 6:52AM  |  Report
    Brilliant Bar

    You don't know what to expect when you first walk past the entrance to this pub but once inside you are plesantly surprised. It's certainly a lot bigger than it looks from the outside. The clever layout stops you feeling lost once you are inside and you can just relax and enjoy a fun evening. There is plenty of room for dancing, fair priced drinks and good music.

  • Profile image for JamesSparkes
    JamesSparkes  |  Tuesday, April 27 2010, 6:20AM  |  Report
    Bunters Bar

    A great bar to go with your mates to watch sport on a saterday. The lively atmosphere certainly caters more towards the party type of person and male gender but obviously all are welcome. On sunday nights they offer a fun yet challenging pub quiz where all are welcome, the atmosphere is great and it is a lot of fun!

  • Profile image for chris_wasey
    chris_wasey  |  Monday, April 26 2010, 1:32PM  |  Report
    A lively atmosphere

    A great pub with bags of charm. From the outside, you wouldn't think it was that big, such as the 'cubby hole' effect of the initial archway. But once inside, the place is huge. Three bars and loads of seating.

    Fortunately, this space is broken up into smaller sections, so it never feels empty. The drinks are cheap (Less than £3.50 for a double vodka and coke) and the staff are friendly.

    Also, if you fancy something a bit different, there are some games (yes, games!) to play. Giant Connect4 or Giant Jenga, anyone?

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