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The Remedies


The Moor, FALMOUTH, TR11 3QA
  • Telephone: 01326 314454

The Remedies


“Fantastic night out! Love it !”

By amanda1403 | Saturday, August 20 2011

Remedies Bar

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  • Profile image for amanda1403
    amanda1403  |  Saturday, August 20 2011, 12:04AM  |  Report

    Fantastic night out! Love it !

  • Profile image for jimmy2drags
    jimmy2drags  |  Monday, April 18 2011, 8:21PM  |  Report
    Avoid freshers week

    I have spent many a joyous evening in here, I used to enjoy a bargain monday or two, especially when they had the motown DJ on, definitely the best music to dance to. Queues at the bar are admittedly a nightmare, but if you take it in turns then you don't miss out on too much dancing. You always see so many people you know in here as well which can either be a blessing or an annoyance depending on how many people you know and don't really like.

  • Profile image for Em_Williams
    Em_Williams  |  Monday, December 27 2010, 8:52PM  |  Report
    Always good fun

    When we're out in Falmouth, the best nights always end in Remedies. The music is cheesy, it's usually busy and yes you do have to wait a while to get to the bar but it's always great fun. The advice given in previous reviews is also very true - do not go in the cage! It's much better to stay safely on the ground maintaining whatever dignity you still have left at the end of the night. At least when assessing the damage the morning after you can happily say "At least I wasn't drunk enough to get in the cage!"

  • Profile image for chris_wasey
    chris_wasey  |  Saturday, October 02 2010, 11:38AM  |  Report
    Bar £1.50

    The other reviewers have a point about the wait at the bar, but that's an 'on-off' issue and is more than made up by the sheer brilliance of Monday nights - £1.50 drinks. That's pretty much everything bar vodka-red bull. My recommendation (if you are young enough to ride out the hangover) would be Desperados. Tequilla beer, mmmmmm.

  • Profile image for julianbayliss
    julianbayliss  |  Wednesday, June 30 2010, 10:18PM  |  Report
    Don't go in the cage! That's my advice. The place..

    Don't go in the cage! That's my advice. The place is the nearest thing Falmouth has to a proper nightclub. It's deceptively large and can get really busy. You can spend a lot of time queueing here though. Getting in, at the bar or going to the loo.

  • Profile image for steprentiss
    steprentiss  |  Monday, May 31 2010, 7:51PM  |  Report
    Can be good for a night out if you don't mind waiting..

    Can be good for a night out if you don't mind waiting at the bar. I noticed they are open in the day time too offering wifi and pool. My advice is don't go in the cage, not matter how much your friends are begging you!

  • Profile image for katef1
    katef1  |  Monday, May 17 2010, 3:11PM  |  Report
    This is the only large night club in Falmouth and..

    This is the only large night club in Falmouth and as such can get very busy at the weekends. Not the place to go if you dont like crowds. It's your typical cheesy night club, but every town's got to have one! It's a great place to end the night if you fancy staying out and having a dance. Always a good atmosphere.

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