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    Nought 2 Four  |  Tuesday, November 22 2011, 1:33PM  |  Report
    The Rebel is fab

    A group of us went to the rebel over the weekend to see breaking dawn, the film was enjoyable but the best part was that we didnt have to drive miles to wacth it and all the money we saved we spent on pop corn,ice creams and sweeties. Nice to see currant films showing and we will be going back soon.

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    BudePeeps  |  Friday, August 26 2011, 5:08PM  |  Report
    Rebel Cinema

    Well, despite feeling sick on an afternoon diet of Minstrels and ice cream, I thoroughly enjoyed my visit this afternoon to the new-look Rebel. Jim Carrey is not everyone's cup of tea but for a wacky, fun penguin fest, the film was great and thoroughly enjoyed by my ten year old and myself. To me, it was like stepping back in time to old-fashioned cinema. All that was missing was usherettes, though we were shown to our seats (pre-booked, good job, too) and she was there with a black bin bag at the end to collect any rubbish. It was good to enjoy the cinema experience, and, as many people have noted on FB, the staff are friendly. My quibbles are tiny: queueing a bit chaotic but then this is no megaplex and we did old-fashioned waiting without a moan (suggest getting there slightly early even if pre-booked) and the seats, plush though they are, are quite low, so short people like me can just about see. I nearly borrowed my daughter's (also small) booster seat but admirably restrained myself and luckily, for once in my life, did not have a tall person in front of me! Otherwise, it was great fun, nice to see a current film, and we will be going again. A great way to spend a rainy afternoon in Bude and good to hear people sssshhing at the start and children giggling throughout. Good, old - fashioned cinema! But next time I will not over-dose on sweets..........

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