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  • Article Image

    Always a class leader

    BMW offers a multitude of models and derivatives and there always seems to be something new and interesting.This new registration season is no different. This...

  • Article Image

    French flair

    CITROËN'S range covers all areas of the new car market, and with a raft of impressive new models and a choice of terrific deals available for this...

  • Article Image

    Credible competitors

    HYUNDAI today is known for offering far more than just great value.This is a brand that has continually impressed with the increasing style and quality of its...

  • Article Image

    Variety across all classes

    WITH no fewer than 13 stylish models in its range, covering virtually all aspects of the market, Kia offers enormous variety.This rapidly-rising manufacturer...

  • Article Image

    Some great performers

    JEEP'S latest face-lifted Grand Cherokee is a big American SUV that now offers a choice of diesel options, plus there's a minority interest SRT V8 petrol...

  • Article Image

    Exciting era for Brits

    IT'S AN exciting time to be representing the Land Rover brand.Like sibling brand Jaguar, this British manufacturer is currently enjoying extremely healthy sales...

  • Article Image

    Renault launches the Kadjar

    BUOYED by the success of the Captur, Renault is continuing its offensive in the world of crossovers with the launch of Kadjar, the brand's first C-segment...

  • Article Image

    Happy motoring

    THIS is Chris Pauling, left, and Dave Hooper, right, both from Proper Cornish Ltd collecting an Audi A4 and A6 from Robin Pursall, centre, at Truro Audi. The...

  • Article Image

    Jeep features a bold look

    THE Jeep Renegade is a genuinely smart piece of product design, distilling Jeep's brand values into a smaller package while leaning on the smartest technology...

  • Article Image

    Fiat designs a neat crossover

    THE Fiat 500X joins the crossover fray, offering a neat and stylish extension of the 500 franchise. With a choice of front or all-wheel drive, some modern...

  • Article Image

    High-tech Hyundai is out soon

    HYUNDAI'S new high-tech premium saloon, the Genesis, will be available in the UK from April 2, priced at £47,995 on the road.Available in limited numbers,...

  • Fundraising success

    STAFF at Hawkins St Stephen Peugeot were delighted at the fantastic response to its coffee and car wash morning held at the showroom on January 31.A total of...

  • Article Image

    Go Gajog!

    HAWKINS St Stephen Kia would like to introduce Gajog. Their Korean Tiger mascot has been creating a storm of love amongst Kia customers who have been presented...

  • Article Image

    Making a difference

    THE team at Parklands Toyota Truro and Helston are having a hoot to help raise funds for Red Nose Day.Proud to do their madcap best to help Toyota achieve its...

  • Article Image

    New five-year warranty package

    HAWKINS Motors is offering a new five-year warranty across all its new Mitsubishi models.And, says the leading car dealer, it is aimed at giving customers...

  • Article Image

    Kia Soul launch

    THE Kia Soul EV is launched in Cornwall.This is the Korean brand's first fully electric vehicle to hit the roads of the UK.With an impressive 132 actual real...