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Motor News

  • Article Image

    Rock solid car is ready to roll

    LIGHTER, sharper and better engineered than the car it replaces, this fourth-generation Mazda MX-5 does everything right.It's offered with a 1.5 or 2.0-litre...

  • Article Image

    Latest offering just oozes Italian style

    THE Fiat 500X joins the crossover fray, offering a neat and stylish extension of the 500 franchise.With a choice of front or all-wheel drive, some modern diesel...

  • Article Image

    Simply the best van in its sector

    THE sixth-generation Ford Transit might now be built in Turkey rather than Southampton but don't let that cloud your buying decision. If you want the best large...

  • Article Image

    Take a walk on the wild side

    THE Jeep Renegade is a genuinely smart piece of product design, distilling Jeep's brand values into a smaller package while leaning on the smartest technology...

  • Article Image

    New boat lift is state-of-the-art

    BIGGER boats can now be lifted from the water at Mylor Yacht Harbour this autumn with the arrival of a new, state-of-the-art Roodberg HBC38 boat transporter.Th...

  • Finding safe refuge

    AS the days start to shorten our thoughts turn to either hauling out or finding a safe refuge for the winter.Any GRP boat will benefit from sitting on the hard...

  • Article Image

    All-rounders abound

    THE fourth generation Subaru Forester might veer towards the mainstream a little more than before but it remains a brilliant all-rounder. Latest improvements...

  • Article Image

    Appealing range of models

    OFFERING an appealing range of models, Mitsubishi sales continue to rise to levels not seen before in the UK, its acknowledged reputation for reliability being...

  • Article Image

    Offering remarkable value

    BACKED by Renault, great things have been expected of Dacia and those expectations have been more than exceeded, with sales rising well beyond targets since the...

  • Article Image

    Offering enormous variety

    WITH no fewer than 13 stylish models in its range covering virtually as aspects of the market, Kia offers enormous variety.This rapidly-rising manufacturer has...

  • Article Image

    Right for today's roads

    SUZUKI'S cars are exactly right for motoring conditions today.They're very economical, clean when it comes to CO² emissions, inexpensive to run and very...

  • Article Image

    Innovative and attractive

    RENAULT continues to produce innovative and attractive cars that buyers are keen to acquire.The fourth generation Renault Clio 4 arrived at in the spring of...

  • Article Image

    Great value and reliability

    TODAY, Hyundai is known for far more than just great value and exceptional reliability.This brand has continually impressed with the increasing style and...

  • Article Image

    Stunning award winners

    WITH a raft of stunning award-winning new models released over the past year or so SEAT's inexorable rise continues.The brand has reported record sales in the...

  • Article Image

    A Smart way to get around town

    Smart have brought the new ForFour into the 21st century but retained a retro feeling inside. Gareth Bartlett reports.

  • Article Image

    Time to unwrap a cool hatchback

    THEY say good things come in small packages. And anyone who's ever bought a Kinder egg will know this to be true.A layer of milk chocolate complemented by a...