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Motor News

  • Article Image

    Great mix of style and function

    Mitsubishi ShogunNot all large, luxurious family-sized 4x4s have to be pretend off-roaders, really more tarmac-orientated.Here's a five or seven-seater...

  • Article Image

    Sporting a range of good new looks

    Kia SportageKIA developed its Sportage into a front runner in the affordable compact SUV stakes by offering more of what people want. This heavily updated...

  • Article Image

    Technical advances on this top seller

    VOLKSWAGEN has gone further than most manufacturers in giving its compact 4x4 real pedigree when it comes to off-road driving. With 4x4 mechanicals and a...

  • Article Image

    Class act from a leading brand

    SKODA'S cars are selling strongly, the Yeti crossover SUV being a huge success for the brand. Škoda's Yeti would have remained one of the most underrated...

  • Article Image

    Crossover is proving to be popular

    ALL MAZDAS are selling well, not least the brand's compact crossover model, the Mazda CX-5. The market's fastest growing segment right now is that for...

  • Article Image

    Not just stylish but practical too

    THE Jeep Renegade is a genuinely smart piece of product design, distilling Jeep's brand values into a smaller package while leaning on the smartest technology...

  • Offering power and efficiency

    JEEP'S latest Cherokee is slicker, prettier and there's a new-found commitment to interior quality and drivetrain efficiency. As an option, buyers can also have...

  • Article Image

    Desirable and at a good price

    A HONDA SUV with a small and efficient diesel engine? It doesn't seem the likeliest thing but here it is; the CR-V 1.6 i-DTEC. The fourth generation CR-V is...

  • Article Image

    Strong claim to be the best in the market

    IT'S HARD to see how Toyota could have done much better in developing this generation RAV4.It needed more space inside, it needed a better quality of finish and...

  • Article Image

    Stylish, capable and affordable

    THE Suzuki range includes the recently-launched, all-new Vitara Suzuki's latest compact crossover, which aims to build a lot of talent into four metres. With a...

  • Article Image

    This year's model sets a benchmark

    THE Ford Kuga hasn't changed that much in its latest iteration but it really didn't need to.It's been given more equipment, a 1.5-litre petrol engine is slotted...

  • Article Image

    Beefed-up version is a tough cookie

    THE Fiat Panda Cross is an all-wheel drive version of Fiat's citycar that's been beefed up and given a whole suite of very clever traction management electronic...

  • Article Image

    Dynamic systems help create top drive

    THE fourth generation Subaru Forester might veer towards the mainstream a little more than before but it remains a brilliant all-rounder.Latest improvements...

  • Article Image

    George visits local dealer

    ON THE campaign trail, George Osborne visited one of Cornwall's largest employers of apprentices by attending a session with trainees at Hawkins Motor...

  • Article Image

    Supporting the Ironman trio

    AS JUNE draws nearer Hawkins St Stephen Peugeot is bustling away to support their Ironman 2015 team in preparation for the gruelling 70.3 mile challenge.With...

  • Article Image

    VWs on Motability scheme

    NEW Volkswagen Passat and Passat Estate models, which went on sale in the UK in January, are now available to Motability customers.A range of engine and trim...

  • Article Image

    We're backing the show

    THE West Briton, Cornish Guardian and Cornishman are the proud official sponsors of the West Cornwall Motor show being held in June.The event, which has grown...

  • Article Image

    March is a successful month

    WITH the introduction of the brand new 15 plate registration, Hawkins Motor Group are proud to announce their 'most successful March' ever.Their award winning...

  • Article Image

    Peugeot is an ideal Partner

    AS BUILDING season commences Hawkins Truck and Van Centre has once again conjured a specialist van designed to suit every type of trader.From builders to...