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Motor News

  • Article Image

    New, revised top models

    PEUGEOT has been busy again this year and delivered a number of totally-new and revised models that will find favour with customers with the new registration in...

  • Article Image

    Proud to be British built

    THE name Nissan may be Japanese but it's also the UK's largest car manufacturer by some margin. Nissan's three best-sellers, Note, Juke and Qashqai, are made...

  • Article Image

    Offering an enormous variety of models

    WITH no fewer than stylish 13 models in its range covering virtually as aspects of the market, Kia offers enormous variety. This rapidly-rising manufacturer has...

  • Article Image

    The Blue Oval gives you more

    FORD has long been recognised as Britain's biggest-selling motor company offering stylish models that top the sales charts and lead the way in all their...

  • Article Image

    Vans that need no introduction

    IF THERE'S one company that dominates the commercial vehicles market in the UK its Ford and it versatile range of vans and pickups.The good-looking Fiesta van...

  • Article Image

    Great models in all car sectors

    Mazda has been continually updating its range over the last few years and it now offers customers an excellent model choice in all the major sectors of the...

  • Article Image

    For when the going's tough

    JEEP has always done well in the UK but has had to battle hard with the more sophisticated European and Asian models it competes with here.Its latest face-lifte...

  • Article Image

    Always ahead of the game

    VOLKSWAGEN continues to deliver cars that set the standard for others to try to emulate. The range begins with the up!, a proper Volkswagen, just a smaller one...

  • Article Image

    Get your hands on a great looking model

    ALFA Romeo's range may be small these days but that certainly doesn't mean that it has nothing to offer motorists for the forthcoming new 64-plate registration...

  • Article Image

    Reinventing a real classic motor

    BIGGER, better equipped, more efficient and with a punchier range of engines, the latest MINI model range moves the game on. Front, rear and interior styling...

  • Article Image

    The quality is impressive

    THESE days Hyundai is known for offering far more than just great value, the brand that has continually impressed with the style and quality of its cars. Sales...

  • Article Image

    Full of French style

    CITROEN'S range covers all areas of the new car market, and with a raft of impressive new models and a choice of terrific deals available for this forthcoming...

  • Article Image

    Affordable and fuel efficient

    WHEN it comes to offering affordable, fuel efficient, low polluting vehicles Fiat really is hard to beat, with every model featuring cutting-edge design.The...

  • Article Image

    Featuring its best sellers

    VAUXHALL is one of Britain's market-leading motor manufacturers that continues to produce cars and vans here in the UK. Its range includes some of the UK's...

  • Article Image

    Often it is the best option

    SUBARU offers customers an unconventional line up of vehicles yet in each of their respective classes, the Subaru option is often the best.The BRZ is a Subaru...

  • Article Image

    Tap into German masterclass

    BMW offers a multitude of models and derivatives and there always seems to be something new and interesting at a BMW dealership. This new registration season is...

  • Article Image

    A global leader for a reason

    TOYOTA, the world's biggest manufacturer of vehicles, produces a massive selection of strong selling models. There's that reassuring five-year manufacturer...

  • Article Image

    Vans to rely upon

    FIAT has always delivered a competent, no-nonsense range of commercial vehicles for its customers and the current offerings are no exception.If van drivers can...