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One in four motorists driving through Penryn committed an offence

By WBCraig  |  Posted: June 18, 2014

Police stop checks in Penryn

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ONE in four motorists driving through Penryn had committed an offence, according to a police who conducting stop checks on Tuesday.

Out of 97 vehicles, 15 were found with faults ranging from bald tyres to faulty lights.

A further 16 motorists were found with offences ranging from possession of drugs, driving without insurance, MOT or a licence – and one was found to be disqualified from driving.

Falmouth officers discovered the offences during random stop checks with the help of trading standards, customs and excise and the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency.

A police spokesman said: “All in all a good days work with more operations planned.”

During the operation, 15 vehicles were found with faults ranging from bald tyres to faulty lights, three drivers had no MOT, two vehicles were seized for no insurance – and the drivers were reported – two people were found in possession of cannabis, two vehicles were running on red diesel, one motorist was disqualified from driving and another driver did not have a licence.

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  • epolly  |  June 23 2014, 1:41AM

    BustopBob, l run a small courier company with ten vans on the road. I spend a lot of money each week keeping these vehicles legal, as well as daily checks on lights etc. Why or why should l pay when there are people who think they are above the law and can get away with it? . And just for the record my vans are doing 100,000 miles a year!

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  • lovepubs  |  June 18 2014, 9:26PM

    So many drivers out there breaking the law whilst in control of a lethal weapon. I would like to bet that no matter where the police set up the checks, a similar number would be found out. They ought to try the villages around 23.00 to 01.00 when the worst offenders with their speeding and wheel spinning antics are at a peek. Henver gardens , Hayle seems to be the oiks headquarters.

    |   23
  • humpy1968  |  June 18 2014, 8:11PM

    BustopBob, since when was possession of cannabis, driving whilst disqualified and driving without a licence not a crime? You might be safer at a Bus stop rather than driving yourself.....just in case you encounter one of the driver's stopped by the Police.

    |   23
  • BustopBob  |  June 18 2014, 7:30PM

    A means to raise funds instead of fighting crime?

    |   -101
  • Meeeeeeee  |  June 18 2014, 2:51PM

    Might have upset someone to have their spelling errors pointed out!

  • DipStick  |  June 18 2014, 2:32PM

    That was a quick "update" ..... Seems someone does read the comments ... :-) DS

  • Meeeeeeee  |  June 18 2014, 1:23PM

    Yes, BALD not bold and worse still, license is the American spelling. The correct version is LICENCE. Very sloppy.

    |   44
  • DipStick  |  June 18 2014, 10:53AM

    "... bold tyres ...". Another indication of people running their prose through a spell check but having no idea of what the words actually mean ..... Education, education, education ... Say it enough times and you'd think the UK had a "world class" schools system! DS

    |   45