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'I'll kill you all' said Connor Downs Barbie doll gunman to neighbours

By West Briton  |  Posted: November 15, 2012

  • Jailed: Richard Thomas of Connor Downs.

  • A sheath knife and CO2 air pistol at Penzance Police Station.

  • A CO2 pistol at Penzance Police Station. PZPM20121113G-002_C.JPG

  • A CO2 pistol at Penzance Police Station. PZPM20121113G-003_C.JPG

A CAT-LOVER whose house contained naked Barbie dolls with nooses around their necks has been jailed after threatening to burn down his neighbour's house.

Richard Thomas, 61, of Tresdale Parc, Connor Downs, also said he wanted to kill as many people as the murderous former Libyan dictator Colonel Gaddafi. He also pointed a gun at neighbour Andrea Kitto because he believed her dog had killed his cat.

Thomas pleaded guilty to three offences of possessing a ball-bearing gun and a sheath knife with intent to cause fear of violence and of making threats to kill, when he appeared at Truro Crown Court on Thursday.

Police were called after Thomas went to Mrs Kitto's home on August 22 last year. He threatened to kill her and to cut her dog's throat.


Philip Lee, for the Crown Prosecution Service, said Thomas told her: "You are going to pay for this, I am going to kill you, pour petrol on your bungalow and kill the lot of you."

Mrs Kitto encouraged him outside where he mentioned wanting to kill as many people as Gaddafi had.

Mr Lee added: "Luckily, a neighbour saw him looking aggressive and her mouthing the word, 'help'."

Thomas was arrested after police found the 'hanged' dolls, pornography and a sheath knife in his home.

The court heard Thomas first accused Mrs Kitto of being responsible for her dog killing his cat two years ago.

Despite threatening to pour petrol on her bungalow and pointing a gun at her in August 2010, she did not call the police as she did not think he would have shot her.

But following neighbours' complaints about his threatening behaviour police were called and Thomas admitted his involvement and owning a BB gun.

A search of his home also revealed ammunition, fireworks and explosives.

He was on bail awaiting trial when the incident in August of last year occurred. Thomas had been cautioned for incidents in May 2009 involving a common assault and the possession of a bladed article when he grabbed and kicked and chased a 14-year-old girl while holding a sheath knife.

Mr Lee said Mrs Kitto was petrified by Thomas's behaviour and feared him returning to the village.

Defence counsel, Ramsay Quaife, told the court Thomas suffered from learning difficulties and had mental health issues which led three years ago to alcohol abuse exacerbated by an accident and unemployment.

Judge Erik Salomonsen told Thomas these conditions had led to a rapid deterioration.

He sentenced him to six years in prison and extended an existing two-year restraining order banning him from entering Prouts Lane or going within 50 yards of Mrs Kitto's home for five years. The 442 days Thomas had spent in prison on remand will count towards his sentence.

Detective Constable Martin Hearn said the sentence gave Thomas "an opportunity to rehabilitate and get over his problems".