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    lucienorts  |  Saturday, April 26 2014, 5:15PM  |  Report

    The worst letting agents in Cornwall. Damp properties, distinct lack of customer service, falling apart houses. During my one year rental with them the roof leaked, not to mention my room flooded and was destroyed - had the almost nazi-like monthly inspections been of any use they perhaps would have noticed the water leaking and prevented this from happening. Not to mention the dingy unfurnished house, the fact that my room is essentially an overpriced cupboard that shouldn't really be let out as a room. Also Townsend sent pest control in and then failed to let us know that rat poison had been put down and resulted in us finding two rotten rats behind the fridge a few months later. Aside from little things like - the kettle breaking, the hob breaking, the lack of insulation in the building meaning certain rooms were totally freezing despite heating being on . Terrible , totally terrible. Ringing apparently does nothing either , they take weeks to reply. Do NOT rent with Townsend. They could not care any less about the tenants - what motivates them is money. I put one star because that's the minimum that can be put.