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“Has anyone else had trouble getting any form of Justice out of Ocean housing?

I have been a target fro problems with neighbours over the years I have been here, and every time I think it is finally dying down it raises it's ugly head again and threatens to make me ill again as I have physical and mental health issues.

I freely admit that some of the complaints have been justified, or at least not completely without reason, and in those cases I have done all I could to cooperate with Ocean to resolve the problem.

This has resulted in my agreeing never to take my dogs into the communal area, even though they have never been a nuisance to any and some even say they miss seeing them. I hasten to add here that they have never been let out in the communal area on their own, I have always been with them, and any fouling that has occurred has been instantly cleared up. I do all I can to be a responsible dog owner, as my previous landlady would happily agree. She still comes to take my dogs and I out to where they can have a free run once a week.

It has also resulted in me being allowed access to the communal area on my motorbike only through one entrance and at that without the engine running, something I was very happy to agree with despite it causing me problems with my physical limitations.

I am not entirely complaining about Ocean Housing as such but particularly about two employees in particular, the Manageress for my area and the ASBO Officer, both of whom have made it abundantly clear that they are only interested in a quiet life for themselves and do not acer about any harm they may be doing to their tenants. The ASBO Officer has even said to my face that he couldn't care less about my mental health issues. This means that they are more interested in listening to the complainers than finding out what has actually happened if anything and to my mind makes them both unsuitable people for their jobs. They certainly aren't interested in justice.”

By Whyaskmethat Posted: November 16, 2012

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