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“Can any one remember the time when the police went from wearing blue shirts to white, when did it happen and why?
Was it because they thought of themselves as middle or high class, did they leave the working classes, we always thought of working people wearing blue collars, and middle classes wearing white.
Is this old fashioned or is there another reason?”

By thesearcher Posted: January 29, 2014


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  • rickoon  |  January 29 2014, 4:24PM

    "when did it happen and why?" I have no idea when this happened, but the reason was to try and give the impression that the police were whiter than white lol, we know differently now don't we lol.

  • IainS  |  January 30 2014, 1:34PM

    The ones I have seen recently are dressed in a sinister black combat outfit, black shirts, open necks, with all manner of grenades and guns hanging from them. They look quite the part in a failed democracy.

  • AnBalores  |  January 31 2014, 1:24PM

    Increasingly para military indeed.

  • rickoon  |  January 31 2014, 6:57PM

    And still the best country to live in, bar none.

  • thesearcher  |  February 01 2014, 12:26PM

    I think back in the sixties for instance ,the police had the people of the UK in mind, now its more for the government. I agree they look a bit menacing in their black and white, I am a law abiding citizen and would not have it any other way, but why do I feel a bit guilty when the police are about. Is it just me or am I a bit paranoid, they have a very difficult job to do these days and I would not like to do it. is there an alternative? I cant think of one.

  • rickoon  |  February 01 2014, 2:55PM

    "is there an alternative? I cant think of one." The 10 Commandments are enough, but all we have now are laws to uphold laws.

  • thesearcher  |  February 06 2014, 1:38PM

    What has religion got to do with it.


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