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“Why oh why oh why are the Conservative Party stabbing each other in the back?

With the most unpopular government in years rendering themselves almost unelectable, they are now becoming increasingly extreme and face membership losses in droves!

Hard on the heels of Tory MP Anne McIntosh who was subject of 'Dirty tricks, snide comments, and hostile letters' now another one falls.

'Extreme' Tory activists’ fixation on Europe could repel voters, warns deselected MP Tim Yeo

Ousted MP Tim Yeo warns Conservative Party's dwindling membership is leading it to take positions that are increasingly at odds with wider public


The Conservatives are no longer worth voting for! At the next election, vote for candidates who care for Cornwall.”

By AnBalores Posted: February 08, 2014


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  • josdave  |  February 10 2014, 11:43AM

    Neither will it do the Lib Dems any good to keep propping up this shower. The number of Lib Dem MPs who speak out against the government in public but when it comes to the vote go with the Tories will lose them votes as well.

  • IainS  |  February 10 2014, 3:15PM

    They are bickering and backstabbing away at full pelt now. The fact that their electorate are flooded out won't be of any concern to them. They are above that.


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