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“More news from MK website:

The Mebyon Kernow branch in the North will launch their Cornwall Council election campaign on Saturday at the protest to protect Bodmin's town centre, football club and Priory Park.


The Bodmin Master Plan has been going on now for over 10 years and cost an estimated £400,000 in consultation fees plus a large amount for large publications and consultation costs. The new plan that has now appeared seems to be ignoring the plans of the past and is putting forward a concentration on roads at both ends of Bodmin only. The major controversy has occurred by the suggestion of a road which will mean the compulsory purchase of a house and a road that then goes across the green land in the centre of Bodmin between the Priory Park and the Football Club’s pitch and practice pitch. It would appear that Cornwall Council has offered £16m to pay for this road and will accept no other route. This appears to have been discussed by the Town Council previously. There is also another idea that seems to have been discussed and that is that Sainsburys wish to move from their small site in the town and is proposing a much larger store to cover the football pitches and I assume the children’s skate park and the flood plain for the River Leat. The current official position is that the road location has been included in the plan and in the last Cornish Guardian Cornwall Councilor Lance Kennedy had not heard from Sainsburys but as chair of the properties Committee he would, of course be the first to hear and any ideas would need to be discussed. The implication of any such proposal would mean:

•The removal of the local football club from the centre of town.
•The loss of the childrens’ skate park.
•A threat to the flooding possibilities due to the River Leat flood plains and control.”

By ThomasFlamank Posted: April 05, 2013

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  • ThomasFlamank  |  April 05 2013, 3:25PM

    •Pedestrianisation of Fore Street which sounds good but is opposed by shop keepers due to the street being a hill with parking only at the bottom. •The killing of the Town Center by a large Sainsburys on the main entry road into Bodmin. Mary Portas would have a field day with the plans. •The loss of a firework display area run by the Lions which produces money to feed local charities and activities, run on the football pitch. Mebyon Kernow North Cornwall We have three strong candidates in Bodmin for both Local Council and Cornwall Council. In the area of this plan where Lance Kennedy is a local and Cornwall Councillor we have John Gibbs standing for Local and Cornwall Council and we ask for your support to show that the people of Cornwall will not tolerate the killing of town centres, decisions behind closed doors, the unnecessary removal of green land from town centres and an apparent public knowledge about actions with those involved denying items. Bring along your flags and your banners to support the opposition to the masterplan and meet Mebyon Kernow's prospective Town and Cornwall councillors for North Cornwall. Contact Paul Ellis for more details paulellis007@btinternet.com


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