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“Anyone fancy a laugh? That is other than the fact that those in favour of an independent Scotland has gone up since Camoron's pathetic pleading wail.

Well, here it is: Tories face election defeat if Eurosceptics win out - Tim Yeo

He told the Telegraph a shrinking grassroots membership was becoming increasingly extreme on a variety of issues, after becoming the second prominent Tory ejected in a week.

Laughing all the way to them being hammered at the next election - if they make it! LOL

By IainS Posted: February 08, 2014


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  • Taxman100  |  February 09 2014, 3:15PM

    I don't mind which way the Scottish referendum goes, although I would prefer the Union to continue. I was in Scotland over the Christmas and Hogmanay period, and then went on to Shetland for Up Helly Aa. (yes, I know there are at least four different spellings), and I was dismayed at what I witnessed. It has become all about politics when it should be about something more profound, the will of the Scottish electorate. While there I saw Scot arguing with Scot: often nearing violence. Anti-English and anti-Scots sentiments being expressed, and family's at loggerheads with each other. I fear no matter what the outcome of referendum the wounds created will take a very, very, long time to heal. In Shetland I heard a lot of Anti-Scottish comments being vocalised openly by members of the local community, and that could have very serious repercussions in the future. Not only that, but this caught my eye in the press, and I was made well aware of it whilst in Scotland. Tragically, everything is not harmonious in Scotland.

  • Taxman100  |  February 09 2014, 3:16PM

    My apologies, I forgot to add the link. http://tinyurl.com/q6hddar

  • kclarkDD  |  February 09 2014, 8:50PM

    There is division Taxman. It stems from the wholly tribal and partisan coverage of the debate by the British media. Divide and rule has always been the British state's way. They are now using this tactic to muddy the independence issue. The University of West of Scotland have been tracking the tea time television output and have been critical of STV and more tellingly, the BBC. The personalisation of the YES movement as purely an Alex Salmond plot was one such concern. The level of debate won't rise any higher than now and will, in all probability, get worse. Last week's warning that Scottish independence may trigger a new civil war in Northern Ireland being yet another low point in the NO camp's never ending torrent of scare stories, with the words might, could, perhaps, may, possibly, as wholly unconvincing caveats being thrown at the Scottish electorate, with little or no evidence and minimum scrutiny from a compliant media. This displays an arrogant disdain for the well being of Scotland, with a win at all costs mentality. Sadly, we will be the ones left to clean up the mess.

  • IainS  |  February 09 2014, 10:56PM

    kclarkDD, I am English, now living in Kernow and proud to call myself 'new' Cornish. I wish Scotland well and hope the people vote yes. The British state is a wicked device and the sooner done with the better. You are wasting your time with the other poster though.

  • Slimslad  |  February 10 2014, 8:46AM

    "The British state is a wicked device"? How very childish and simplistic. I feel sorry for the Cornish, having extremist views like this from a neo-Celt.

  • Taxman100  |  February 10 2014, 11:09AM

    Slimslad. The Scottish problem is certainly not simplistic. As IainS said there is a form of tribalism rearing its head, and it will certainly get worse before it gets better. From what I saw and heard there are strong differences between those who claim Celtic origin and those the Viking. The latter often commenting they are more akin to the Scandinavian and the English than they are to the other Scots. There is division between Gaelic and the Scottish speakers, and further division between those who live in towns and city's and those in the rural environment. To which one must add the general politics of both Scotland and the remainder of the UK. Most definitely not simplistic! Based on my experience I would not support the view expressed by the University of West Scotland. The news reports, given by both the BBC and STV, presented the arguments on both sides of the equation, and the 1st Minister, Alex Salmond and his various Minister's were much in evidence. If one is looking for bias then I suppose it depends on whether one supports the yes or no vote - both claim bias! I am truly saddened by what I saw and heard during my 7 week stay. Oh well, I will go off and play the lament on the Great Highland Pipes.

  • kclarkDD  |  February 10 2014, 2:49PM

    You are entitled to your opinion Taxman, but I don't detect a great division between Gaelic and English speakers in Scotland. We can all cite personal anecdotes to illustrate certain points. I have had anonymous letters sent to my home in response to letters of mine printed in the local paper. They told me to shut up and go away, although not in such polite terms. One was entitled "England", the other made a point of letting me know they lived very close. They repeated almost verbatim unionist mantras in an effort to intimidate. An SNP sheep was one of the comments. Better an SNP sheep than a Westminster lamb in my opinion, although there is no right of reply to these cowardly individuals. I would, however, never use those as a guide to the general conduct of NO supporters. As to the Orkney and Shetland islands, the committee chaired by Iain Davidson in the Houses of Parliament have been making mischievous noises in that direction, although the last poll I saw from the islanders favoured staying with Scotland in the event of a YES vote. Iain Davidson incidentally, was the MP who has talked of Scots celebrating Bannockburn purely because it resulted in the deaths of thousands of Englishmen. You would have thought Edward's army was on a "Misty Hills and Glens" tour of Scotland when assaulted by the villainous Scots. He also talked of the referendum being won already and 2014 consisting of bayoneting the nationalist wounded. A crass and insensitive reference to the aftermath of Culloden. This isn't some anonymous individual, but a Labour politician using Westminster to promote division. I don't think your seven weeks of TV viewing can compare with a year long study. Maybe you should read it before passing judgement. It isn't just how news is reported, but what isn't. Last week's Financial Times painted a rosy picture of an independent Scotland. Spain admitted they would not interfere with Scottish EU membership. They were missing from the news programmes. If they had been supportive of the NO camp there would be no escaping them. As Dr Robertson of the UWS stated when challenged by the BBC, there are no positive stories regarding an independent Scotland. He challenged them to find one. They will look in vain as they don't exist. A group of military experts concluded last year that Scotland would have a larger and better equipped defence force for less than is now taken from us by Westminster. Yet another development kept not only from Scots, but British viewers also, resulting in comment such as the ones which accompany the story you provided. There is bias and it's being noticed. The BBC's attempts to intimidate Dr Robertson and his team will backfire on them. They are desperately trying to draw a line under this before it becomes more widely known. We have a BBC Trust which should be looking into this, but as usual they wash their hands and look the other way. Whatever you saw during your trip should make you sad. Not about the views as such, but the forces that are driving them.

  • IainS  |  February 10 2014, 3:14PM

    I wouldn't suppose there are many Celts yet alone neo Celts in Newcastle Slimeslad? How do people feel up there about the hopeful prospect of Scotland getting independence? Wales next then of course, Ireland to be re united then it will be our turn.

  • rickoon  |  February 10 2014, 4:12PM

    "then it will be our turn." The turn of those who live in the county of Cornwall at that particular time. With the "New Cornish" anything will be possible.

  • Taxman100  |  February 10 2014, 5:20PM

    KclarkDD. I don't listen to what the Politician's have to say, particularly Davidson. Instead I listen to those from all walks of life who live and work in Scotland - most of whom are Scottish through and through like yourself. The point I made about disagreeing with the University is clear. It doesn't matter whether one supports the yes or no vote, each side will claim bias, and University's are not noted for the accuracy of their research projects when linked to politics. I think it is disgraceful the way you have been treated by those who seem to make no real attempt to understand the Scottish situation, and I hope it does not distract you from doing and saying what you want to do and say. I am sure it won't. On a Military note. I do not suggest Scotland could not have an adequate Defence Force. I only suggest, many existing and potential Soldier's will move South of the Border, because they do not want to be part of a static Force. I would also point out in recent years the Scottish Regiments have been unable to recruit the numbers needed. The shortfall in Scotland, per Regiment, is far greater than anywhere else in the UK. Why that is so I really do not know, but it is a recent enigma.

  • AnBalores  |  February 10 2014, 6:29PM

    Who on earth would they be defending themselves against? The English? What military campaign has been justified this past thirty years? I don't see a 'enemy' gathering in Europe. The defence cuts thus far have been good. Now, we need a lot more! I think we can depend on the Tories for that!

  • kclarkDD  |  February 10 2014, 8:06PM

    Defence is one of the fear stories used against Scots in order to discourage independence. We will be defenceless against whatever threat may come our way. As AnBalores points out, who are these enemies? What rankles with many Scots is that MOD cut backs have hit us harder than the rest of the UK. The MOD recently admitted that a lack of resources had left parts of our coastline undefended in the recent past. Yet we are still given the same old story of only being secure under the UK umbrella. I don't see a future Scottish force as "static" as Taxman describes them. Neither does the present Scottish government. Opportunities will arise to venture into joint operations such as the ones undertaken last year around Scotland's coast. If, on the other hand, a home posting suits an individual's needs then they can request such an assignment. High skill levels and adaptability will be needed, with good equipment suitable for their needs. However, we are again venturing into "what if" scenarios. Another scare story concerned the threat that an RUK force would not admit Scots. It too was given great prominence by our media. Sadly, Scottish youth has in the past had a choice of emigration or the armed forces. I look forward to the day when we can offer them much more than that. That no positive story has featured on our screens regarding independence is ludicrous. They are out there, but our media won't touch them. Wings Over Scotland has an article highlighting the newspaper industry here. It tells a story of a country with no indigenous national paper. It says much for the standard of the NO campaign's project fear that when a spoof BBC site states that the RUK won't allow Scots to use English, there is a double take to check it really is a spoof! ;) The reason Cameron's plea fell so flat was partly due to his insistence on looking back on a rose tinted British history. Flags and wars; again. More and more Scots are looking to the future and coming to the realisation that there is a better way. Unless Cameron can show us a positive future in the UK, which will inspire Scots to reject independence, he may be the last PM the union has. We are waiting Mr Cameron. Finally @Taxman. I appreciate that you are aware of the situation and thank you for your comments.

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