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“An excellent letter from Cornwall Councillor Biscoe - Independent - to MP Sarah Newton:


Kernow bys vyken!”

By Truro_Kernow Posted: November 27, 2012


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  • Truro_Kernow  |  November 27 2012, 11:40PM

    "We, the People of Cornwall, must have a greater say in how we are governed. We need a Cornish Assembly that can set the right democratic priorities for Cornwall and provide a stronger voice for our communities in Britain, in Europe and throughout the wider world." Cornish Assembly Campaign Declaration, endorsed by 50,000 signatories

  • Gurnards_Head  |  November 28 2012, 12:09PM

    Whilst at one end of the spectrum Councillor Biscoe could be viewed by many as a slippery customer the archetypal career politician who has a consummate knack of being in the right place at the right time saying whatever needs to be said to ensure his own well being and political survival. At the other end Bert is a populist who speaks a lot of sense in a rational clear manner articulating a clear concise case for a Cornish Assembly that could deliver a better standard of governance and ultimate prosperity to the people of Cornwall who would be expected to pay for it. For my part I am a middleman, I hate extremes, believe in democracy, freedom of choice, and pragmatism, I concur with much of what our Truro Councillor has to say, accept that he genuinely has the best interests of Cornwall at heart which is clearly expressed in the letter to Sarah Newton MP and George Eustice MP. To capitalise on Cornwalls unique situation as a constituent part of the UK by marketing it as an increasingly recogniseable brand makes good business sense, autonomy giving control of policies in agriculture, fishing and tourism could boost a future economy increasingly based on quality food production and processing. I was not impressed by the outcome of Objective One funding administered by the fortunately defunct SWRDA quango who squandered too much on administration, the main success being the delivery of a University for which some credit must go to Candy Atherton the former Labour MP for Falmouth and Camborne. Although I despised Tony Blairs Goverment and disagreed regularly with Ms Atherton I defer to her on this particular achievement, MP's Newton and Eustice are proving to be disappointing at present because of the paucity of their approach to crucial Cornish issues that need to be adressed rather than as they appear presently to be kicking them into the long grass hoping that they will go away. As one of the original 100 signatories to the petition for a Cornish Assembly my views have not changed indeed given our evolving economy I feel that the case for an assembly has strengthened in the interim, indeed the present Cornwall Council with all its faults and failings could still be viewed as a very logical halfway house.

  • H_Trevorrow  |  November 28 2012, 12:41PM

    Having read all the literature from the conrnish constitutional convention i can authoritatively say that it is no more than aspirational rhetoric which has no basis in fact. Simply saying '' we can do things better'' needs to be backed by actual evidence before it can be taken seriously. The only people who support this document seem to have already decided that Cornish identity is reason enough to then write a document or two that then support this unscientific theory. I remain open to the idea of re organising levels of administration to whatever is appropriate provided that reorganisation is shown by sound fact to demonstarte material benefits rather than purely egotistical gratification. Common sense dictates that duplicating roles already fulfilled is inefficient and would necessarily cost the tax payers. In a community already at the foot of income league tables it is unacceptable to pursue exspensive, inefficient, policies which so obviously do nothing except boost the ego's of a few on a quest for romantic revival of a cultural identity.

  • Truro_Kernow  |  November 28 2012, 9:53PM

    Why should we take any note of a faux Cornishman who has stolen a perfectly good Cornish name much to the upset of a local family? One who is dramatically out of touch due to his own right wing bigotry? Kernow bys vyken!


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