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“I have cut and pasted this from an article in this website. What a wonderful achievement and over double the last census of 2001. Yesterday, as a School Governor, it was my distinct pleasure to witness a whole classroom of children speaking Cornish. The Head Teacher informs that over half her pupils in the PLASC survey are identified as Cornish. Wonderfuly!

Here is the article:

Another significant shift in the region saw almost 84,000 people across the country have declared their nationality as Cornish – putting the Duchy in the same field as British, English, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish.

Around 73,000 of them hail from Cornwall. Some 52,793 in Cornwall – or 9.9% – stated Cornish as their sole national identity, representing a 56% increase from 2001 where 33,896 people identified as Cornish (or 6.8%). The remaining declared a "dual-nationality", which was not an option available in 2001.

The Cornish diaspora is evident nationwide. In London, 1,215 people are at least part-Cornish, 277 believe Cornish to be their nationality in Yorkshire and the Humber, and the North East boasts 87 Cornish nationals – including one in Hartlepool and another in Gateshead. Across the river Tamar in Devon, just over 2,000 Devon residents declared themselves Cornish.

Dan Rogerson, Liberal Democrat MP for North Cornwall, said the real figure is likely to be higher as there is no tick-box for people responding to the Census to say they are "Cornish". Instead, they have to tick "other" and then write in their response.

Campaigners say measuring the strength of Cornish nationalism helps in the drive for greater powers being devolved to the area.”

By MapSerpren Posted: December 12, 2012

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  • MapSerpren  |  December 12 2012, 11:56AM

    Apolgies for typo! Just off out to a meeting! Wonderful!


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