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“Could Wales leave the United Kingdom?

Talk of independence is growing – and the referendum in Scotland in 2014 is eagerly awaited. But could Wales really break free from England – and stand on its own?

Go for it Wales!”

By IainS Posted: February 23, 2014


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  • Taxman100  |  February 24 2014, 10:49AM

    IainS. Could you tell me where the calls for independence in Wales are growing? The support for Nationalism in Wales is at the lowest level it has ever been, and sadly, there is a fall in the number learning the Welsh language. The only calls one hears in Wales are from a much diminished nationalist base - a little like in Cornwall, where Nationalists gain an insignificant percentage of the overall democratic vote!

  • thesearcher  |  February 25 2014, 1:09PM

    England on its own ? cant imagine it can you, they would be lost without The UK.


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