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“UKIP 'has cleansed' Tories, says MP Robert Halfon

The UK Independence Party has done the Conservatives an "enormous favour" by "cleansing" the party of members with views it finds distasteful, a Tory MP has claimed.

Robert Halfon said some in UKIP had "abhorrent and frightening" opinions.

One MEP's call for Muslims to sign a declaration of non-violence was "akin to the Nazis saying Jews should wear a yellow star", he added.

Mr Halfon, MP for Harlow, said: "To me there are two kinds of UKIP - the Godfrey Bloom guy who's like a cross between Sid James and Bernard Manning, and then there's a much more sinister element, like the MEP who said every Muslim has got to sign a declaration of non-violence, which to me is literally akin to the Nazis saying Jews should wear a yellow star.”

By AnBalores Posted: March 06, 2014


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  • break  |  March 07 2014, 6:21PM

    I find most MP's, no matter what party, distasteful, Its getting worse.

  • AnBalores  |  March 09 2014, 12:11AM

    Nigel Farage is co-chairman of the EFD. Ukip are the largest members. The other co-chairman stated that Anders Brievick (mass child murderer) was "fighting a just cause". Other members of the EFD are generally far right with some of them extreme right. Ukip aligns itself with VERY unsavoury people and organisations many of whom are VERY anti gay and VERY anti multiculturalism and VERY pro christian extremists. Ukip aligns itself with people who have similar views to itself. The fact they change their policy to suit demand and have zero costings on any of their manifesto pledges whilst blaming 'Johnny Foreigner' for the countrys woes should make the average person sit up in alarm. When ukip gets caught out with some its members extremist views they like to distance themselves from anything unpopular but the fact remains that these people generally all have similar views.....they demand rights for themselves whilst refusing to allow the same rights for others (their anti gay marriage views are a typical example). They ARE a midly far right wing group....something ukip supporters do not always seem to be aware of...which is why I say.......... ukip.....the ignorant voting for the bigoted.


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