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“When Scotland votes for freedom, it will be fascinating to see the Westminster toadies back down on their threats over the pound.

Salmond is a more determined and skilful politician than any of them and it's fun to watch.

Go for it Scotland, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.”

By AnBalores Posted: February 17, 2014


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  • Lafrowda  |  February 17 2014, 6:16PM

    Freedom ? That pint sized nation has more say at Westminster than its population or GDP deserves. I agree that Salmond is an able politician, and I agree that Scotland should have the right of self determination, but after 407 years of union who are classed as Scots ? I am a 15th generation Cornishman, St Just in Penwith actually, with a Scot for a son in law, another Scot for a daughter in law, and eight grandchildren, three of them residing in Scotland, and seven of them half Scot. I suspect that there are a large number of families with scenarios like that who will think twice about putting a border between us. National pride is a fine thing as long as it doesn't depend upon hating someone else for its being.

  • AnBalores  |  February 17 2014, 9:52PM

    My family tree makes me Cornish not English probably by more generations than yours. The only hatred I see is from the English. Salmond never mentions hate. The Act of Union is actually 307 years old. Scotland will gain its rightful freedom. Others will follow.

  • rickoon  |  February 18 2014, 10:05AM

    @Lafrowda I always thought you were a Newlyn boy, boy. Very refreshing to read what you have to say.

  • kclarkDD  |  February 18 2014, 10:49AM

    @ Lafrowda. "Pint sized nation"? Try telling our Nordic cousins they are pint sized. All feature highly in the standard of living indexes, with none of the crises which dog this country. People live lives in the UK which should shame our seat of government. Yet they crow about their "achievements", dividing neighbour from neighbour with their dog eat dog policies, encouraging each of us to spy and report on others in this badly divided union. Incidentally, as a proportion of population, Scotland's GDP is better than England's. Or is size more important than quality? Just what point are you trying to make regarding ethnicity? This debate concerns the future well being of the Scottish population, present and future. Your comment reflects the tribalism which infects the NO camp's invective, which can't escape from the past. Rooted in some rosy memory of past greatness, blind to the fact that this is the 21st century. Flags and wars. This is all they have to offer Scotland. The Armed Forces Day has been moved to Stirling this year. Another attempt to rally Scots around a flag whose relevance for them diminishes year after year. The WW1 "celebrations" will begin in Glasgow. Again, if it weren't for the referendum, would this happen? The irony is that British troops and tanks were sent to Glasgow in 1919 to control Scots demonstrating against distant, uncaring London rule. Well before Alex Salmond's time on this Earth. There is a border between Scotland and England. It has been there for centuries. We are two different countries. However, the only group threatening border posts and controls are the "Better Together" group, with their increasingly frantic attempts to scare and bully. Where, in the YES camp, have you detected hatred? They are campaigning for self government. Any tribalism on view comes from the NO side, who have no honour or shame and are willing to cause great harm to these islands in order to maintain London's increasingly tawdry control over our lives. Your opening remark, sadly, reflects this attitude.

  • Doitdreckley  |  February 18 2014, 11:25AM

    Lafrowda makes the mistake of confusing ethnicity with nationality. There are also less populous and less wealthy sovereign nations throughout the world. It is also complete fiction to state that the Scots 'hate' those south of the border because of an independence bid. Scotland has everything to gain from independence and England everything to loose. Thats why any move to toward it has been blocked at every turn. The Tories were against devolution, the Liberal Democrats fought hard against a referendum on independence, both parties and Labour now tell Scotland that they cannot keep the Pound. That would not be credible were Scot;and to vote for independence and then there was an 18 month negotiation on separation. Ireland kept the pound on independence and a weakening of the pound in these islands would mean a move toeward the Euro. We have a strange position where the Tories dont want Scotland to keep the Pound but many of them dont want England or the UK to enter the Euro either.

  • Lafrowda  |  February 18 2014, 2:11PM

    I watched the Scottish First Minister speaking to business men in Aberdeen on T.V.and was very impressed by his grasp of his subject. Later in the year there will be an opportunity for those living in Scotland to decide whether to claim full self determination and become independent from the rest of the U.K. and especially England. If I was a Scot I would probably vote yes for independence if it meant self determination, any people should want to accept responsibility for their own path. But it doesn't because Mr Salmond is ruled by Strasbourg and Brussels and will be even more so when/if independent because he likes it that way.

  • Doitdreckley  |  February 18 2014, 5:09PM

    Lafrowda, and Mr Cameron isn't ruled by Brussels!?

  • Lafrowda  |  February 18 2014, 6:17PM

    Yes, Mr Cameron is, and Mr Clegg is, and if the unholy alliance next time is Clegg & Miliband then we remain in the E.U. pocket. The only real hope, and that is a slim one, is that UKIP does something that hasn't been achieved for nearly a hundred years, a new party in power.

  • kclarkDD  |  February 18 2014, 8:02PM

    One of the issues we have in Scotland Lafrowda is that we are more pro-Europe than the RUK. Our future there would be a matter for us to decide if we were an independent country. The nonsense of Barroso's remarks being used against us is that there are signs that England would vote to leave if given the chance, taking us with you, whether we voted to or not. Just one of many reasons to vote YES in September. Incidentally, Barroso has back tracked on his comments. Wall to wall coverage? No? You don't have to be Scottish. Move up here before September, sign on the electoral roll, then vote YES. ;) There is, more seriously, a suspicion that the MOD will move troops around before the vote, by sending English based regiments up here. Given the support Scottish independence has, for rather dubious reasons, among service personnel, it would probably backfire. Further to my previous post concerning flags, I hear the Red Arrows are to have their tail surfaces painted with a union flag in time for their display at the Armed Forces day at Stirling. There's a surprise.

  • Lafrowda  |  February 18 2014, 9:54PM

    I spent thirteen years in Scotland and lived through the screening of "Braveheart" and the rewriting of history by that famous Scot Nell Gibson. I drove thousands of miles behind cars that urged everyone who read the bumper sticker to"Rise and be a Nation Again". I had a neighbour who would throw his dirty washing up water on my front step because he thought I was English. I was told a number of times to "Go back where you belong". I was often referred to as a "White Settler". I also made many lifelong friends as well as gained Scottish in laws that are second to none. I do have a little knowledge of the issues, even voting SNP on one occasion. But go back when I know that the hope of casting off the E.U. chains would be even slimmer than here / The answer is No.

  • AnBalores  |  February 18 2014, 10:00PM

    As a Cornish person and not English, I applaud Scotland's move for independence. The EU has been a great help to Cornwall. Long may it continue.

  • kclarkDD  |  February 19 2014, 1:01AM

    Sadly we can all cite examples of how nationality is no barrier to stupidity Lafrowda. I have had many experiences with English bigotry towards Scots. Some in my own capital. People who no doubt consider themselves respectable, yet feel they have the right to insult me. One such "gentleman", in the Ensign Ewart pub near Edinburgh Castle, made incredibly insulting remarks which my partner and I fielded with patience and good grace, mainly I admit, because each remark made him all the more foolish. As the saying goes, better to remain silent and be thought a fool than speak and remove all doubt. There are idiots out there. It's part of being a member of society I guess. I am sorry you experienced the uglier side of some Scots, but also very happy you experienced the warmer side. I take great pride in my country and woe betide anyone who lets us down. Especially with visitors. I enjoyed a very happy Hogmany years ago in Edinburgh with a couple from England. My anger was unconfined when I returned from a bar with drinks to find a Scot, drunk, picking on them because of their accent. He was obviously showing off for the benefit of his rather bemused Japanese guests. My usual mild manner disappeared to be replaced by my own "Braveheart" impression and I left him in no doubt I would not tolerate such behaviour. On the other hand, I was in Hemel Hemsted with my partner a few years ago on a hurriedly arranged trip and we were forced to undergo the humiliation of waiting for a packed pub to vote on whether they should accept our Scottish currency or not. Thankfully I didn't have my broadsword with me that day! ;)

  • Lafrowda  |  February 19 2014, 10:02AM

    KClark. You seem fairly balanced and objective.

  • kclarkDD  |  February 19 2014, 3:31PM

    Thank you, and for your other positive remarks.

  • lovelycornwal  |  February 19 2014, 7:13PM

    The plans for Scottish independents are confusing, trouble with the pound and now questions over joining the EU and Salmond thinks he knows better, so what's his plan B on all of this? Just saying he is right and they are wrong is all he can do! I feel sorry for the Scottish voter.

  • Big_Ger  |  February 19 2014, 9:13PM

    SONNY PRIEST, a brewer on the rocky isle of Unst, high in the North Sea, says he knows what Scottish independence would mean: higher taxes and more government meddling. The owner-operator of the Valhalla brewery, barely a mile from Britain's most northerly point, in the Shetland Islands, has had enough of both. What with beer duty at 20p (30 cents) a bottle and VAT at 20%, Mr Priest exports more of his yeasty brews to Norway than to the British mainland, 200 miles to the south. "How otherwise would Scotland pay for itself?" he asks, as a gale tries to tear off his office roof. "Oil's a finite reserve." http://tinyurl.com/mkhey2w

  • AnBalores  |  February 19 2014, 9:55PM

    Please vote yes Scotland. Bring the whole house of cards down.

  • lovelycornwal  |  February 19 2014, 11:36PM

    So desperate to win Salmond is using 16 year olds to vote,

  • kclarkDD  |  February 20 2014, 6:36PM

    @ Big_Ger. I'm surprised Sonny is happy with the union as it stands, given the chronic lack of investment in the Highlands and Islands by generations of Westminster governments of various hue. I would think he'd be glad to be rid of them. Fuel duty alone must rob him of much of his capital each year. I don't see London tackling that particular grievance. Ah yes, taxes. That old unionist chestnut out for another airing. This will be in reference to an independent Scotland aiming to achieve a Scandinavian level of prosperity. They do indeed pay higher taxes. However, their pay is three times that of the average Scot, but that side of the equation is always missing when this subject is brought up. An independent Scotland will aim for a high skill, high wage economy, with the resultant tax spending benefits. The Nordic nations at least get a generous social spending package for their money and aren't treated as pariahs when they fall into hard times. Give me that model every time. The sooner the better. And yes, oil is a finite resource. More's the pity London has squandered what has been extracted and more reason for Scots to control what's left. Maybe Mr Priest can then afford a new roof. Perhaps Sonny should read the McCrone report, or the article by John Jappy, someone who knows how much effort goes into masking Scotland's true worth, and discover who are the real culprits. Regeneration of the Highlands and Islands is, and will be, a priority for Scotland. The shameful neglect of those communities is yet another scar of Westminster control. @ lovelycornwal. 16 year olds. Again? If they are old enough to pay taxes, they are old enough to vote for the sort of society which will spend their money on their behalf. Even the opponents of this now concede it is the right and proper way. But hey, you guys keep reading your Telegraphs and Mails etc, with not one positive story in regard of Scottish independence, and ponder as to why there is nothing but doom and gloom. A stark example of the difference between YES and NO's attitude to Scotland's future was glimpsed on Channel 4 News on Monday. For the NO camp we had Alistair Darling. For YES, Pat Kane, a pro-independence campaigner with no SNP links. Watch it for yourself if you have time and contrast and compare the language, spoken and unspoken. Doom laden and gloomy on the one hand, positive and aspirational on the other. That is why YES will win. Even with the atrocious "news" content being thrown at Scots day after day.

  • Big_Ger  |  February 20 2014, 9:19PM

    No vote still holding strong; http://tinyurl.com/ma964tx

  • AnBalores  |  February 20 2014, 9:22PM

    Yes vote increasing Scottish independence: support grows despite Osborne speech on pound http://tinyurl.com/q963d5e

  • kclarkDD  |  February 20 2014, 10:00PM

    The don't knows will decide this. Westminster in it's folly ruled out devo-max, the preferred option for many of them. Which would you vote if you wanted your country to have control of it's own assets? There is a overwhelming voice for change in Scotland, for the better. Westminster isn't offering it.

  • hereandthere  |  February 20 2014, 11:32PM

    I hope that Scotland vote to stay within the UK. Whatever the outcome though, at least we can all accept they are a real country with a real and verifiable history.

  • lovelycornwal  |  February 21 2014, 9:58AM

    by AnBaloresThursday, February 20 2014, 9:22PM "Yes vote increasing "Scottish independence: support grows despite Osborne speech on pound" Salmond thinks that sharing the pound will be the best for the English, Welsh and Northern Irish do we take his word for it? Sharing a currency affects all of us so we should have a say in whether to go ahead with it or not. Salmond is trying to dictate what's best for the Northern Irish, Welsh and English. And with the main political parties in Westminster stating there will be no currency union it has put him on the back foot he has no answer other than to turn to the polls and go about bullying. He has said is this: "Scotland would decline to assume its share of the UK's liabilities if the remainder of the UK declines to agree to a currency union." Who is going to lend to Scotland after defaulting on a debt like that and at what rates? And then issues with the EU and NATO. Has he thought this through? Salmond keeps defending his belief by going on about the 'polls' but we can see now the wheels are coming off as he hasn't a plan B!

  • CaidenTruong  |  February 21 2014, 10:47AM
  • kclarkDD  |  February 21 2014, 11:22AM

    @ lovelycornwal. It isn't only Alex Salmond who thinks a currency union is best. The group hell bent on causing problems wherever they can are the unionist cabal at Westminster, who for the first time in my lifetime, have found common cause. The only other instances of this I can recall were during wars. Is Westminster at war with the Scottish people? Make no mistake, their insistence on targeting our democratically elected government as if they were a rogue element is doing no-one any favours and is building up unnecessary ill will. Your own fixation with Salmond reveals you are swallowing everything the British state is feeding you. Salmond has been compared to Mugabe, Hitler, Milosovic and others. A tactic used by the British state before, now being used against us. The independence movement is a broad church. I've lost count of the number of times I have posted this on various sites, but still the demonising continues. Last week we were told that Westminster would ignore a YES vote if they felt any subsequent negotiations weren't going smoothly and would continue with the status quo. Then Osborne arrived, with his Sermon on the Pound as it's been dubbed up here, making that scenario more likely. How do you perceive such behaviour, if not bullying? A Holyrood committee this week asked Danny Alexander how many businesses in England would suffer if they pursued their agenda of blocking a currency union. He had no figures, no idea. He said he'd get back to them. Before or after September? They are pinning their hopes on a NO vote. That outcome would get them off the hook they've snagged themselves on. An escape from having to answer to their own electorate for such folly. The pound is an asset Scots have contributed to for generations. It is only reasonable to refuse debt repayments if Westminster decide to play hard ball. Scotland is a wealthy country with a government that balances it's budget year on year. My fear would be tying ourselves to a London establishment as profligate and wasteful as it is. Like a coke fuelled gambler at a Las Vegas table it racks up debt at an alarming rate. I don't agree with Salmond on this. I would prefer a Scottish pound tied to sterling in the short term, with a new currency as a long term goal, but that can be decided after independence. Your final points are vague. Barrosso has been roundly ridiculed since his comments on Sunday. As for NATO. More silly scaremongering by the British establishment. Believe it if you want. Looking around the RUK at the moment, you should be asking if Westminster even has a plan A. Scottish unemployment fell this week, a not uncommon event up here. It was touted as a benefit of the union by the NO camp, even though unemployment rose in the RUK. Honestly, it's beyond satire.

  • lovelycornwal  |  February 21 2014, 11:53AM

    I am not defending any of it but If the powers in westminster refuse Salmond the Pound what then? And if he can't enter the EU what then? Running round telling everyone it is bullying is all he is doing and it is for the press and the easily led. But I see nothing in the way of alternative ideas. He is backing away daily from answering this simple question, once again a politician avoiding informing the pubic of what's going on! And who wants to join the euro currency union? Not Scotland, not Britain. How can the people vote sensibly in that situation. I feel sorry for voters of Scotland I only hope if they vote yes they'll know what the plans are.

  • kclarkDD  |  February 21 2014, 1:45PM

    You are still making the mistake of fixating on Salmond. A commission was set up to look at options post independence. A monetary union topped the list. Salmond and many others agree. There is a plan B. Use the pound anyway. It is an option the Germans have stated would suit our needs better. This is all in the White paper, so your charge of not informing the Scottish public is unfounded. If Scotland votes YES, will Westminster carry on regardless even if it harms both economies? You need to ask. Osborne skipped town before anyone could challenge him up here. The NO camp arrogantly presume to ask question after question, yet answer none. This has to change. But with a compliant media behind them, they are not being scrutinised. When Darling was asked some tame questions by Jon Snow on Ch 4 last Monday his annoyance at such temerity was plain. As was Gordon Brown's when challenged in Fife this week. Just like Osborne his solution was to brush away the reporter as if she had no right to question him. He was there, by the way, to warn Scots not to trust Alex Salmond with their pensions. Gordon Brown! Sometimes the urge to bang your head against a wall is almost irresistible. :D

  • lovelycornwal  |  February 23 2014, 12:27AM
  • lovelycornwal  |  February 24 2014, 11:35PM
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