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“Penzance Christmas lights (no thanks to Poundland)! A lovely display this year in Penzance, but this writer was perplexed as to why on saturday afternoon one of the lights in market jew street was turned off. I noted that it was attached to Poundland. I spoke to the Manageress. After she explained that it was probably an overzealous employee turning off by accident, I commented that I had noted it had been turned off quite often. She replied that Poundland paid for it themselves and anyway, the town had never done anything for store... I was quite shocked at this comment, and identified that there were more customers in the store than any other in Penzance, surely it's in their interest to support the town and the other businesses; a positive if grudging response with a clear desire not to talk about it any further. Thank goodness this humbug is not adopted by other traders. Penzance struggles as it is, it doesn't need such condescending attitudes form national stores making substantial profits selling to the poorest communities who deserve some christmas cheer and a festive streetlights to lift the gloom of austerity and the need to shop as frugally as possible at Poundland.”

By andrewsimpson Posted: December 07, 2013

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