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“Mining for Words Launch!

The Caradon Writers would like to invite you the launch of their anthology "Mining for Words".

Our historically themed short stories are all set in East Cornwall and are distinctively Cornish.

The launch will take place at the Liskerrett Centre on Friday 13th September at 7.30pm. We are planning a lovely evening and do hope you will be able to join us.

The Liskerrett Community Centre, Varley Lane, Liskeard, PL14 4AP , Kernow

Part of Caradon Hill Area Heritage Project”

By MapSerpren Posted: September 06, 2013


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  • rickoon  |  September 06 2013, 8:02PM

    "Mining for Words" http://tinyurl.com/n3utduo There has been some very hash words said on here over the different times, for those on the outside looking in it must be a little strange but this is the Cornish way of things, you wouldn't think we were all fighting for the same thing in the long run, but we are, and that is the best for the Cornish people.

  • arblast  |  September 07 2013, 1:25PM

    Mining for Words not for tin the sentiment was there I suppose but the rest was garbage.

  • rickoon  |  September 07 2013, 4:35PM

    We Cornish are doing our best that is all that can be asked under the circumstances. No doubt you are a prolific writer, how about expanding on what you consider to be "garbage".


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