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“Another Massive UKIP Scandal?

There is a gentleman called David Gale, who was (until recently) a UKIP Police & Crime Commissioner candidate. He is no longer a member of UKIP, having resigned rather spectacularly on 28th November 2013 in a damning open letter to UKIP leader Nigel Farage.

Some of the stuff he has to say is absolutely astonishing. Even though I’ve come to expect pretty much anything from the UKIP side of the fence, this is powerful stuff. I have no idea of the truth of it, but David Gale was a high profile ‘Kipper and he has plenty he wants people to know.”

By AnBalores Posted: February 25, 2014


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  • AnBalores  |  February 25 2014, 9:57PM

    Gale's reasons for quitting the party, in brief, are as follows:- Concerns about the party's National Executive Committee. A damning indictment of its leadership Concerns about it's MEP selection process Concerns about it's political direction Mass resignations from the party Leadership being "out of touch" with its members Failure to alert members to a middle-aged, convicted paedophile actively engaged with the party's younger membership. Now look – people leave parties all the time. They often publish furious rants when they do so and all such diatribes must be taken with a pinch of salt. But this isn't just some backbench councillor or random member, this particular ex-'Kipper was a candidate for Police & Crime Commissioner. What's more, some of these allegations – particularly this paedophile one – are very serious indeed. On the issue of the National Executive Committee Gale Says: There is a lack of transparency over matters relating to the party's National Executive Committee (NEC). Party rules are routinely flouted by the leadership. When held to account, party chairman Steve Crowther almost gleefully points at a revised party constitution that allows the NEC to retrospectively approve breaches of the rules by the leadership. Gale makes the following colourful observation: UKIP is beginning to resemble an episode of Blackadder, with candidates presenting as an association of Elizabethan dandies. On the issue of MEP selection Gale says: As a participant, I raised my concerns direct to Steve Crowther on the lack of transparency within the process. In fact, I refused to pay the £500 application fee, since it had become apparent that the fee represented a conspiracy by the party to defraud applicants who were never going to be allowed onto the candidate list. Evidence gathered since the selection process has confirmed my deepest fears that the process was rigged in such a way as to give you plausible deniability of personal involvement. It would have been easier to swallow had you stated openly those candidates whom you wished to be on the list. In the cases listed above, there is clear evidence of significant rule breaches by the party's leadership. In all of those cases, allegations of wrong-doing by the leadership have not been adequately pursued. Interestingly, my own local branch chairman has refused in writing to allow the subject to be discussed. While complaining about a "political shift to the right" (he must be seeing something I don't) he says the following about UKIP: (There) has been an evidenced intent to play to the populist gallery whilst concealing the real agenda. Increasingly, UKIP public appearances are becoming a sound bite driven public relations exercise, lacking in both substance and depth. At best, there is a mismatch between the leadership and much of the voting public. At worst, it's a cynical manipulation of populist opinion to meet the agenda of yet another crony elite. Then there's some stuff which suggests skullduggery and political infighting on such a scale that it sounds like some kind of thriller novel instead of a real political party:- It is becoming increasingly clear that there is a core faction associated with the party that is being used as a 'Black Ops' dirty tricks team against targets that include party members. I believe that your own deep insecurity and paranoia have played a significant part in the party's Night of the Long Knives. Much of the recent press coverage of alleged hacked social media sites has been deliberately misleading. There is increasing evidence that points to UKIP members close to the party's headquarters being involved in the creation of cloned Facebook pages which have featured damaging fake posts falsely attributed to UKIP members.

  • AnBalores  |  February 25 2014, 9:59PM

    Screen grabs of these posts have been fed to the press, third hand, in an attempt to smear the targeted individuals and as a precursor to removing them from the party. These are potentially criminal acts. The involved young party activists claim a close association with the party Chairman. Disturbingly, documentary evidence demonstrates that the Chief Executive Officer, Will Gilpin, was removed from post by the Chairman a matter of days after committing in writing to party members to investigate these allegations. The evidence that I and others have collated has now been passed to the police who tell me that a Special Branch investigation is underway. He has some choice things to add about UKIP's professional officers:- For nearly two years, I have been raising the issue of the lack of scrutiny and governance within the party's management. The common error is to look at a relatively small head office and staff and assume that the party is a small organisation. That is not the case. It is clear that UKIP's professional officers are devoid of the skills and experience required to run a complex, networked national organisation, including the delivery of scrutiny and governance over both operational and political policies and strategy. As if this wasn't damning enough – he then says the following:- One of the starkest examples of this lack of governance has been the tolerance of the party's continued association with a convicted paedophile who, whilst no longer being a member, has continued to attend party functions and provide strategic UKIP documentation from his personal website. Party members with children, who have been asked for lifts to UKIP events by the paedophile, have been left unaware of the background of an individual who is on the sex offenders register for life. My own efforts to raise the alarm have been ignored by the leadership, it being left to me to contact branches to alert them to the potential risks to members and to have photographs of the paedophile campaigning for UKIP removed from branch websites. More recently, I have gathered evidence that I understand has previously been in XXXXXXXX's possession that demonstrates the paedophile grooming a vulnerable young UKIP member on Twitter, in violation of his probationary licence, yet XXXXXXX* has encouraged the individual to maintain his party activism. If this is UKIP's response, how many more paedophiles remain within the membership? Finally he says:- I am left with no alternative but to resign my membership of UKIP forthwith. I remain deeply respectful of the many genuine grass roots members who aspire to something better for our country but I feel that UKIP's leadership is deceiving them. The focus is clearly on leveraging the goodwill of the membership and the British people in pursuit of a narrowly focussed personal agenda. So let's just remind ourselves who this guy is. He was a Police and Crime Commissioner candidate. Here's his facebook page. He also works closely with a charity organisation called Kids for Cash UK whose aim is stated as: protecting vulnerable children by exposing paedophiles and investigating criminal corruption in the family justice and social care systems. The whole letter is here, so you can read it for yourselves. Here's the Guardian's take on the row, if that's your thing. I understand that UKIP are refuting much of this (their response is covered in the Guardian article). Honestly, I don't know what to make of all this and even though UKIP are political opponents, I wouldn't want to rush to judgement on some of these claims. They're too serious. I expect we'll be hearing more about it though. Just wait until the Daily Mail catches wind of it, for a start.

  • AnBalores  |  February 25 2014, 10:07PM

    http://tinyurl.com/pjwtw6t And people vote for these UKIP nutters?

  • Big_Ger  |  February 25 2014, 10:17PM

    More Cornish vote for them than for MK or the Greens. In the last county council elections; UK Independence Party 15% of votes Mebyon Kernow 5% of votes Green Party 3% of votes

  • AnBalores  |  March 09 2014, 12:13AM

    Nigel Farage is co-chairman of the EFD. Ukip are the largest members. The other co-chairman stated that Anders Brievick (mass child murderer) was "fighting a just cause". Other members of the EFD are generally far right with some of them extreme right. Ukip aligns itself with VERY unsavoury people and organisations many of whom are VERY anti gay and VERY anti multiculturalism and VERY pro christian extremists. Ukip aligns itself with people who have similar views to itself. The fact they change their policy to suit demand and have zero costings on any of their manifesto pledges whilst blaming 'Johnny Foreigner' for the countrys woes should make the average person sit up in alarm. When ukip gets caught out with some its members extremist views they like to distance themselves from anything unpopular but the fact remains that these people generally all have similar views.....they demand rights for themselves whilst refusing to allow the same rights for others (their anti gay marriage views are a typical example). They ARE a midly far right wing group....something ukip supporters do not always seem to be aware of...which is why I say.......... ukip.....the ignorant voting for the bigoted.

  • Slimslad  |  March 09 2014, 9:21AM

    The Liberal Democrats have "aligned" themselves with the Conservative and surely must share the blame for passing legislation like the "bedroom tax", for example. Strange that doesn't get a mention here?


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