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“Lowender Peran - Kernow's Festival of the Celts! See you there!

Perranporth celebrates ‘The Voice of Cornwall’
A special anniversary concert to celebrate the life of Brenda Wootton has been commissioned for this year’s Lowender Peran Festival
Lowender Peran, a celebratory festival of Cornwall’s cultural and Celtic heritage, will be showcasing a major anniversary concert to honour the remarkable career of Cornish singer and Radio Cornwall presenter Brenda Wootton who died in 1994.
Described as ‘The Voice of Cornwall’, Newlyn born Wootton enjoyed huge success
not only in Cornwall but internationally, playing sell out concerts in prestigious venues such as the Olympia Music Hall in Paris. The concert at Lowender Peran has been made possible with funding from Feast and support from Cornwall Music Forum. The concert will bring together four young local singer songwriters; Kezia, Andrew Bate, Emily Howard, and Ryan Jones, who will give their own contemporary take on songs Brenda made famous. The concert finale will be a collabortion between talented local folk singer and musician Richard Trethewey and Camborne Town Band.
There is also a full schedule of fantastic performances of music, dance, song and storytelling lined up for this year’s Lowender Peran which will be taking place from 16-20th October 2013 in Perranporth.
Highlights not to be missed include a talk about the exciting exploratory work of the ‘Lost Church’, St Piran’s Oratory, which begins this autumn. The talk will take on Thursday 17th October, and will include an update from Colin Retallick of the St Piran Trust. Local historian”

By MapSerpren Posted: October 08, 2013


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  • MapSerpren  |  October 08 2013, 6:53PM

    Tom Tremewan will also explore themes around St Piran and the parish of Perranzabuloe in relation to these exciting plans for a possible excavation. The talk will be followed by a guided walk to the site of the oratory. Perranporth will come alive with colour, costume, music and dance as over 300 performers from Brittany, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, the Isle of Man and Cornwall descend upon the village on the Saturday morning, celebrating Cornwall's connections with the Celtic world. There will be demonstrations of 'Shinty', an ancient Celtic game regularly played in Cornwall in the 19th Century, on Perranporth Green. A team formed by students at Tremough Campus will also compete against visitors London Camanachd at Perranporth Rugby Club. Also back by popular demand is the festival's silent disco on the Saturday evening, featuring a playlist of popular chart hits alongside re-mixed folk favourite by resident DJs 'The Cornish Oafs', as well as a free beach ceilidh outside the Watering Hole beach bar on the Sunday morning. Festival sponsor Steve Skinner said, "Skinner's Brewery love to support local traditional festivals like Lowender Peran. The community spirit around Perranporth for this event is always magical. Betty Stogs is a favourite around the town and she loves to turn up for a dance at one of the many gigs over the weekend. Ale in hand of course, Yeghes Da!" For further information or to book tickets call 01872 55341 or visit: http://tinyurl.com/pzunuuk or find us on Facebook and Twitter. Press Contact: For more information contact the festival office on 01872 553413 or peggy@lowenderperan.co.uk http://http://tinyurl.com/pzunuuk/index.html

  • thesearcher  |  October 18 2013, 1:52PM

    I was under the impression Brenda Wootton lived in Newlyn but was born upcountry. She came to Cornwall at an early age, she was on radio years ago and admitted this if I remember.

  • Tam64  |  October 18 2013, 6:21PM

    I know her singing partner, John The Fish. She was a fluent Cornish and Breton speaker. The First Lady of Cornish Song. She's been gone nearly 20 years and I can't believe it.

  • Big_Ger  |  October 19 2013, 1:41PM

    Ms Wootton was inded born in London, not that that makes any difference. I am proud to say I was sponsor of one of her charitable "gigs" here in the county capital. Lovely woman.

  • TruroCornwall  |  October 19 2013, 6:33PM

    ......Country's capital 'Big_Ger',,,,,,,,,slight typo there on your part as I am sure Brenda Wootton would have been.......quick to point out.........as does her daughter........

  • Big_Ger  |  October 20 2013, 6:41PM

    Loathe as I am to spoil a reasonable message thread, I must say, you make no sense TC.

  • MapSerpren  |  October 20 2013, 7:45PM

    The event will be extensively covered in the media. It was great to meet fellow Celts from the other Celtic Nations. What a huge success and enormous talent celebrated by literally hundreds. Did anyone else here make it? I was just inside the main entrance for most of yesterday on one of the Cornish language book stalls.

  • MapSerpren  |  October 20 2013, 7:46PM

    Brenda's daughter was there performing as well. A grand advert for our Country!

  • thesearcher  |  October 20 2013, 8:23PM

    Although a Londoner by birth Brenda Wooton was a Cornish lady through & through, and would have been proud of the Lowender Peran festival.

  • Tam64  |  October 20 2013, 10:39PM

    I was there and it was splendid. The busiest one I have seen in a while. The coming Scottish independence seems to have created a real buzz and given us all hope.

  • Big_Ger  |  October 21 2013, 10:04AM

    SUPPORT for independence is flatlining at 25 per cent, according to a new opinion poll suggesting that the publicity marking the one-year countdown to the referendum has failed to boost the Yes campaign. A survey of 1,004 adults in Scotland aged 16 and over found that one-quarter would vote yes next year, 44 per cent would vote no and 31 per cent were undecided. The poll, the second in a series planned for the run-up to the 18 September vote by TNS BMRB, was carried out following the flurry of coverage associated with the year-to-go milestone last month.

  • TruroCornwall  |  October 21 2013, 11:29AM

    .........opinion polls.................count for nothing 'Big Ger'....................its the vote wat counts........................how are the tories doing in Scotland......................btw?

  • TruroCornwall  |  October 21 2013, 11:29AM

    ...........................1004.....................adults......................lol......................hardly a big survey................

  • Big_Ger  |  October 21 2013, 6:27PM

    But you have no evidence to refute the fact that the Scots do not want independence do you TC?

  • AnBalores  |  October 21 2013, 6:36PM

    The Green Party of Scotland are pleased to be supporters of the YES vote. As for the Tories, they are barely in existence in Scotland!

  • IainS  |  October 22 2013, 11:23AM

    To the very best of my knowledge, the Conservatives are despised in Scotland, due mostly to the dreadful Thatcher woman.

  • Big_Ger  |  October 22 2013, 3:02PM

    That means what is probably the best measure of the balance of public opinion - the average ratings for the Yes and the No side across all of the recent polls - looks much the same now as it did a year ago. Continue reading the main story " Start Quote The polls may not have moved much so far - but the important arguments and debates that will take place in the next 12 months could still make a difference" John Cutice The Yes side's average poll rating currently stands at 33%, while the No side has a score of 50%. Around 17% say they do not know or are unsure about what they will do. If we leave the Don't Knows to one side, that suggests that if the referendum were being held today rather than next year, 60% of people would vote to stay in the United Kingdom while 40% will vote for Scotland to become an independent country. That is a little better for the Yes side than the equivalent figures for those polls that were conducted earlier this year, which on average gave Yes 38% and No 62%. http://tinyurl.com/kf7zscx

  • TruroCornwall  |  October 22 2013, 3:56PM

    .......how are the tories doing in Scotland 'Big_Ger'................ and what will happen to them after independence?

  • thesearcher  |  October 26 2013, 3:28PM

    IainS: Don't start me off on the dreadful Thatcher woman, she has be out of my life for a long time now, I hope we never see her like gain.

  • Big_Ger  |  October 28 2013, 1:16PM

    The Scots are far too intelligent to vote for independence TC, want a bet on it? If the Scots cannot gain independence, what hope the for purile Cornish nationalist endeavours?

  • TruroCornwall  |  October 28 2013, 8:53PM

    ...........independence will come for Scotland.................but that wasn't the question though........................how are the tories doing in Scotland was...................

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