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“Ladies and Slimslad/Cormorant, Trevorrow and Gentlemen, youngcornwall and trolls all.

We give you 'Great Britain'


Enjoy! Oh, btw. your BBC building has been flogged to the Japanese!

Bye bye GB!”

By West Briton Posted: July 11, 2012


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  • EndUKRule  |  July 11 2012, 9:33PM

    Remember watchers, Slimslad/Cormorant, Trevorrow/False Name, youngcornwall/Harve support those who believe in this corruption. Bear this in mind when you read their postings.

  • Slimslad  |  July 12 2012, 7:28AM

    Dear Cheltenham, Have you got this?

  • H_Trevorrow  |  July 12 2012, 7:49AM

    lizard 1 recieving over

  • Big_Ger  |  July 12 2012, 10:24AM

    MI5:Check:Potential threat to English State Hegemony detected:Search and destroy:Check:MI5

  • homerjay  |  July 12 2012, 7:32PM

    A large part of the video echoed the Peter Oborne blog I posted last week about the moral decay in society. The two tier justice system jailed looters and allowed MPs to pay back the money stolen from the taxpayer. There is the feral at the top and bottom of the ladder. A comment on the Big Brother theme, it was instigated by New Lav, pilloried by Fibs and Cons, written into their manifesto that they'd roll back State intrusion, they lied, and are carrying on where Bliar left off. They are mostly liars, spivs, and as the expenses have shown, the majority are amoral thieves. Good film, it touched on most areas of what's sick in our society

  • homerjay  |  July 12 2012, 7:42PM

    Well worth another look...http://tinyurl.com/3z6kakx The surprise is that it was posted in the Telegraph, that it received 4,750 replies, the best rated comments supported the article The best rated comments are worth a read, here's one: ''People have lost confidence in governments following years of double speak, if you believe what you have been told then: - debt is wealth or investment - living beyond your means is completely sustainable and if anyone tells you otherwise, denounce them - keep trying the same failed policies over and over - working hard and saving money is bad - spending money and not working is good - if you have a problem, the government will bail you out - people are entitled to things that they didn't work for - no one should be held accountable for the consequences of their actions - it's not illegal if the government does it - despite what our eyes and ears tell us, inflation is not a concern - everything is going to be OK simply because the government says so There is no such thing as a free lunch.''

  • H_Trevorrow  |  July 12 2012, 8:41PM

    what a lot of contradiction and confusion you provide mr jay. Answering anthing you say would be like trying to nail jelly to wall as you have no cohesive point...you seem pointless

  • homerjay  |  July 12 2012, 9:07PM

    Why don't you slither away and infest another blog you ignorant troll 'H_Trevorrow

  • H_Trevorrow  |  July 12 2012, 9:37PM

    carefull mr jay your getting perilously close to having an original thought.

  • homerjay  |  July 12 2012, 9:56PM

    Unlike yourself Slimslad

  • Slimslad  |  July 13 2012, 7:10AM

    No, homerjay. Not me.

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