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“Inside UKIP's spring conference: Racist jokes, boozed-up delegates and champagne boasts on board £1m yacht

Leader Nigel Farage clapped as a comic took swipes at Indians, Muslims and Poles - and a rising political star told Sunday Mirror reporters Essex was "full of Arabs"

Nigel Farage and hundreds of his UKIP supporters roared with laughter – as a comic cracked a string of offensive jokes about foreigners.

The party’s leader clapped as Paul ­Eastwood took swipes at Indians, Muslims and Poles at a gala dinner marking the climax of its spring conference.

Referring to the Olympics, he told guests: “Poland did well. They took home bronze, silver, gold, lead, copper – anything they could get their hands on.”

To claps and cheers he went on: “Team Somalia – they did well, didn’t they? They had to apologise. Didn’t realise sailing and shooting were two different events.”

Eastwood then asked: “Any Midlands people here? Wonderful! My favourite accent is a Midlands accent.”

He then attempted an impression of an Asian voice. Eastwood chanted an Islamic call to prayer, mocking it as a “traditional Midlands folk song”.


By AnBalores Posted: March 06, 2014


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  • rickoon  |  March 07 2014, 3:48PM

    It is those who do not take things like this as a joke, are the real racist ones. Hiding behind the pretence, I am more squeaky clean than you are, hypocrites the lot of them. And what is the point of this thread may I ask?

  • josdave  |  March 07 2014, 11:15PM

    Exactly it's about time people developed that long forgotten thing a sense of humour. If a joke's funny I will laugh at it whether it's about me or anybody else. The trouble with so may now is that they are afraid to crack a jo0ke in case it offends someone. The jokes quoted above I find funny and anybody whom doesn't has a huge chip on his/her shoulder.

  • PaddyTrembath  |  March 08 2014, 10:11AM

    A joke, in itself, can not be "racist. However, the situation in which a joke is told, and/or the intent behind the joke can be. The best that can be said about UKip regarding this incident, is that there PR department is not fit for purpose. It is also somewhat hypocritical of one poster here making the comments he made, when not that long ago, he was offended by a simple joke about Swan Vesta matches!

  • IainS  |  March 08 2014, 12:17PM

    UKIP are a party of English right wing racists. There is nothing at all funny in their so called 'jokes'. They are also 'fiddling the system' in all manner of ways. I cannot understand why anyone would vote for these lunatics.

  • AnBalores  |  March 09 2014, 12:11AM

    Nigel Farage is co-chairman of the EFD. Ukip are the largest members. The other co-chairman stated that Anders Brievick (mass child murderer) was "fighting a just cause". Other members of the EFD are generally far right with some of them extreme right. Ukip aligns itself with VERY unsavoury people and organisations many of whom are VERY anti gay and VERY anti multiculturalism and VERY pro christian extremists. Ukip aligns itself with people who have similar views to itself. The fact they change their policy to suit demand and have zero costings on any of their manifesto pledges whilst blaming 'Johnny Foreigner' for the countrys woes should make the average person sit up in alarm. When ukip gets caught out with some its members extremist views they like to distance themselves from anything unpopular but the fact remains that these people generally all have similar views.....they demand rights for themselves whilst refusing to allow the same rights for others (their anti gay marriage views are a typical example). They ARE a midly far right wing group....something ukip supporters do not always seem to be aware of...which is why I say.......... ukip.....the ignorant voting for the bigoted.

  • rickoon  |  March 09 2014, 4:15PM

    "Ukip aligns itself with VERY unsavoury people and organisations many of whom are VERY anti gay and VERY anti multiculturalism and VERY pro christian extremists." You will have to help me here, could you expand on this a little please. Who or what are these Christians extremists?

  • rickoon  |  March 10 2014, 3:12PM

    "You will have to help me here" Obviously I am asking the wrong one here for any help. Too keen on letting their mouth run away with them some people.

  • AnBalores  |  March 10 2014, 8:10PM

    Its not difficult Young Cornwall. UKIP's allies in Europe are all in the EFD group like UKIP itself. Members of EFD are extreme right wing Christian fundamentalists, some with Nazi views, who spew out hatred towards the Jews and others. Read all about UKIP's European grouping and bedfellows here - http://tinyurl.com/nhkubz5 . There is a section on the anti Jewish bigotry. Perhaps you feel a bit lonely lost amongst the kitchen and other ads these days?

  • AnBalores  |  March 10 2014, 9:47PM

    And UKIP's connections even make today's Guardian. Have a read Young Cornwall. I imagine UKIP might be popular up where you live? Ukip faces question about its far-right friends in Europe Party belongs to Europe for Freedom and Democracy grouping, which has MEPs with extreme views and uses anti-Islam rhetoric http://tinyurl.com/nme9eaw


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