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“Great news - great interview from the packed Mebyon Kernow conference held in the conference hall at the seat of Cornish Government at Lys Kernow in Truru, Kernow this past weekend:


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Kernow bys vyken!”

By Truro_Kernow Posted: November 26, 2012


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  • H_Trevorrow  |  November 27 2012, 1:22PM

    Has Cole completely lost touch with reality? Perhaps in a parallel universe a county council could force supermarkets to pay higher farm gate prices but here in the real world this is not the case. Cole has at best a hyper inflated view of the councils abilities or he is a mendaciuos fantasist deliberately misleading the public.

  • CallingtonFox  |  November 27 2012, 2:39PM

    It is always easy to make claims like that when you know you will not get control and have to prove yourself. The lib-dems are a case in point, spent years and years promising whatever they felt was popular and now they have been caught out.

  • youngcornwall  |  November 27 2012, 4:57PM

    Listening to D.Cole and MKs pollicises, they are going to do nothing new, only more of the same to keep Cornwall held back to where it has been for the last 50-60 odd years or more, MK will just be tightening the strangle hold that has been depriving Cornwall all these years, without any prospects for the youth of Cornwall coming on whatsoever regarding employment. You cannot put too many restrictions on investors and then expect them to invest.

  • H_Trevorrow  |  November 27 2012, 5:41PM

    It seems the people have'nt yet realised how powerful the council has become and therefore how important it is to scrutinize and vote at local elections. It is not like the old days when it really did'nt matter who was running your district council and local services. Hence these jokers can go around getting elected by tiny fractions of the community using glib phrases like...'putting cornwall first' ....what they actually mean is putting thier minority political agenda first and us voters second and any definable benefits way way down the list.

  • Tstrunk  |  November 27 2012, 6:52PM

    You'll also hear these jumped jokes saying stuff like 'the trouble with being run by Westminster' then at no point do we hear anyone asking them about a fat pay rise they gave themselves while the rest of us are struggling. Can you imagine if they had really power or more to the point check out your council tax bill and if they ever gain power watch it rise. Come, Dick tell the people what it is like to give yourself a fat pay increase. O dear!

  • Big_Ger  |  November 27 2012, 8:25PM

    Don't worry, the only people dim enough to fall for this claptrap attended the conference, all 26 of them. Ask for a photo of the "packed" County Council conference chamber, and you won't get one.

  • poldice  |  November 27 2012, 10:23PM

    Did any of you opinionated couch potates/armchair warriors attend then? As you are so concerned and eager to denigrate perhaps you should have taken the trouble to turn up and listen then you could really speak authoritively about what a load of cobblers Cole & Co spouted, otherwise I take it you are merely a bunch of prejudiced bigoted nonentities. Just for the record I am not a member of MK and did not attend the meeting so I will not comment further because I have not been a party to what was said, preferring to leave the obvious hysteria to you sad bunch of right wingers who seem to hate everyone.

  • Truro_Kernow  |  November 27 2012, 10:51PM

    PS. 'blobby' - if you were bright enough to look on Facebook on other modern media, you would see how many were there but as you are mentally challeged, I shan't bother posting a link. Cornwall Councillors: Dick Cole (St Enoder) Stuart Cullimore (Camborne South) Loveday Jenkin (Wendron) Andrew Long (Callington) Neil Plummer (Stithians) Tamsin Williams (Penzance Central) _____________________________ total: 6 Cornwall Councillors Other Councillors: Breage Parish Council Simon Caddick Callington Town Council Andrew Long Chris Thomas Maria Coakley Camborne Town Council Mike Champion Helene Cullimore Stuart Cullimore Alan Sanders Carn Brea Parish Council Chris Lawrence John Rowe David Tellam John Gillingham Constantine Parish Council Charlotte Evans Crowan Parish Council Loveday Jenkin Illogan Parish Council Stephen Richardson Liskeard Town Council Roger Holmes Penzance Town Council Phillip Rendle Tamsin Williams Redruth Town Council Mike Hall St Austell Town Council Derek Collins St Columb Town Council Rob Stott St Enoder Parish Council Dick Cole St Newlyn East Parish Council Rod Toms Treverbyn Parish Council Matthew Luke Truro City Council Conan Jenkin __________________ Total: 25 minus Cornwall Councillor Dick Cole = 24 6 + 24 = 30 Mebyon Kernow Councillors elected and representing the people. Now what was that that 'blobby' was saying about '26' attending when I happen to know that all 30 attended the AGM and another 17 potential candidates plus ordinary members were present?

  • Slimslad  |  November 28 2012, 9:09PM

    I think there are some here that were mentioned more than once? LOL

  • Big_Ger  |  November 29 2012, 8:45AM

    I was wrong, I humbly apologise, 26 people didn't turn up, 30 did! A huge difference. :-) Still waiting to see the photos.

  • CallingtonFox  |  November 29 2012, 2:27PM

    Yep, it was 26 who attended, some were there in a duel capacity.

  • polgooth  |  November 29 2012, 2:30PM

    Interesting. Those that commonly post anti Cornish/Celtic comments on this site and frequently mock and condemn the legitimacy of those seeking a political alternative for Cornwall by choosing to paint a picture that anyone even considering voting for anything other a mainstream English party must be an extremist or mocked. Mk are a legitimate party of 60 years standing who have always pursued a policy of non violence and debate. The fact that you choose to ridicule this with petulant and frankly unworthy comments only reinforces the views of your critics that you are small minded, introverted, insecure individuals who take pleasure from criticizing and mocking all things Cornish. Of course, in a democracy that is your right. A right that many a person from Cornwall and the UK has fought and died for. MK currently has greater representation in Cornwall than the Labour party and has seen impressive electoral growth in the last ten years. The fact that Cornwall is the only area outside of Scotland, N Ireland and Wales with an established political party with a broad mainstream agenda clearly demonstates that although some posting on this site might disagree with Cornwall's claim to a separate heritage and culture a growing number of voters living in Cornwall choose to disagree through the ballot box. I am not a member of MK. But I think their developing, sensible and pragmatic Cornish focused policies are increasingly striking a chord with a growing number of people living in Cornwall who are fed-up with a London centric English political landscape that consistently fails to deliver jobs and growth and recognize the identity and aspirations of the people of Cornwall. KbV.

  • CallingtonFox  |  November 29 2012, 2:40PM

    Who posts anti-Cornish comments?

  • JJLee  |  November 29 2012, 2:43PM

    Info on Richard Cole MK,St Enoder parish council In the 2005 general election, he stood for parliament in North Cornwall and gained 1351 votes, coming fifth. In the United Kingdom general election, 2010, he gained 2,007 votes (4.2% of votes cast,) placing him in fourth position. If he is unable to win vote in small part of Cornwall, I fail to see how he can call himself a national leader.

  • polgooth  |  November 29 2012, 3:11PM

    CF - thanks for your post. I think if you have time to scroll through this forum site (which is what I said not this particular thread) you will find a number of negative comments that come across as anti Cornish/Celtic. Without doubt turnout and participation in the UK electoral process continues to dwindle questioning the moral and legal legitimacy of pretty much all representatives. It's a wonder to me how the newly appointed Police and Crime commisoners have the audacity to claim their salaries given their lack of a democratic mandate. The line from the government that they are more democratic than before smacks of clutching at straws to justify an expensive and pointless exercise that the people clearly were not interested in and do not want. If money can be found for this then surely we should be able to have a referendum in Cornwall on an assembly which would answer once and for all the questions vented on this forum and others. KbV.

  • youngcornwall  |  November 29 2012, 3:46PM

    "If money can be found for this then surely we should be able to have a referendum in Cornwall on an assembly which would answer once and for all the questions vented on this forum and others." Now this would be a very good starting or finishing point to say the least, but how would one go about getting a referendum up and running? I presume it needs a census of opinion first to see if there is a real interest for an assembly, not just relying on a few well meaning individuals "on this forum and others".

  • polgooth  |  November 29 2012, 4:03PM

    True. We can robustly debate and disagree on a likely result but one thing we can probably all agree on is that the turnout would be more than 15percent ! So come on Dave and Co give us a vote. if it were to be a yes we could even save money by scrapping completely the six Westminster MPs and replace the CC with a new parliament of no more than thirty or so reps !

  • Big_Ger  |  November 29 2012, 9:43PM

    "you will find a number of negative comments that come across as anti Cornish/Celtic." Whereas if you dare to have a contrary view to the Cornish nationalist orthodoxy you are continually called a BNP or EDF member.

  • polgooth  |  November 30 2012, 6:03AM

    Undoubtedly, comments and interpretations are subjective, including my own and others that in my view (and correctly highlighted by Big Ger) are clearly anti english. So surely it is time to put this circular "he said she said" debate behind us and challenge opposing views properly by putting differing thoughts to the democratic test. Let's have a referendum on a Cornish Parliament and let the people of Cornwall decide ? Surely this is something we can all agree on irrespective of views ? brgds.

  • Big_Ger  |  November 30 2012, 9:00AM

    "Let's have a referendum on a Cornish Parliament and let the people of Cornwall decide ? Surely this is something we can all agree on irrespective of views ? " I fully agree. Only when we know the full implications in terms of remit, constitution, powers, income sources and cost of such a body, would we be in a position to make such a choice. Though my stance always has been, and probably always will be, that giving the blighters at county hall more powers to tax and spend, no matter what a name change it has, (i.e. The Cornish Assembly,) would be cutting Cornwall's throat. I believe there has been a long standing committee to promote Cornish parliament, (or Assembly or whatever,) where are its works with regard to the facets of the organisation I outlined above?

  • Truro_Kernow  |  November 30 2012, 9:22AM

    The call and campaign for a full Cornish legislative assembly is co ordinated by the cross party Cornish Constitutional Convention chaired by Independent Cornwall Councillor Bert Biscoe. More devolved powers are soon to be taken on by Cornwall Council and other bodies in Cornwall. I should point out here that I am employed by Cornwall Council but am not an elected member nor do I disclose any more than I am permitted and that I post here as a private individual. Kernow bys vyken!

  • Tstrunk  |  November 30 2012, 2:31PM

    What are these "devolved powers"?

  • polgooth  |  November 30 2012, 4:31PM

    Big Ger - welcome aboard ! Of course the key criteria you outline and others will need to be included either formally or informally. Some will be teased out during the debate, others will be legislated. But as with all referendums the question should be a simple one. Should Cornwall have its own Parliament ? The details, as we have seen with Wales, Scotland and N Ireland, will continue to be work in progress and no doubt evolve. But the simple decision to have one is the key point. It's been done before, lets follow the Scottish/Welsh examples of working through the detail. So, will you head up the referendum campaign BG ? brgds

  • Truro_Kernow  |  November 30 2012, 6:07PM

    For a start, complete control over highways and roads but looking to take on heritage, health and transport. Power close to the people not 250 miles away! Devolution for Kernow and more tax raising powers now! If it's good enough for London, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands - it's good enough for Cornwall! Kernow bys vyken!

  • Truro_Kernow  |  November 30 2012, 6:07PM

    Don't forget, the London Assembly has more powers than Cornwall Council! Kernow bys vyken!

  • Slimslad  |  December 02 2012, 7:43PM

    Polgooth, appears out of the mists as another supporter of nationalism. The list grows longer.

  • Gurnards_Head  |  December 02 2012, 8:12PM

    My goodness slim, they say if you wish to destroy your enemies first drive them insane... definite signs of paranoia in the anglophile camp I sense... seems you are seeing a Nationalist behind every furzebush at the moment... reds under the bed doesnt even begin to describe the little englanders increasing air of insecurity.

  • Carvath  |  December 02 2012, 8:45PM

    Very few true Cornishmen or Cornishwomen would not believe in the nation of Cornwall.

  • Slimslad  |  December 02 2012, 9:15PM

    " they say if you wish to destroy your enemies first drive them insane."? No, "they" don't "say". What "they" do say... Quem deus vult perdere, dementat prius).

  • Truro_Kernow  |  December 02 2012, 9:38PM

    I am highly amused by the posting of one on here who asks whether we live in Cornwall. Your reply would be, Slimslad? Other than your appalling Latin, of course. Kernow bys vyken!

  • Tstrunk  |  December 02 2012, 10:46PM

    So Carvath do you live in Cornwall?

  • PaddyTrembath  |  December 03 2012, 12:44AM

    Slimslad wrote:- "Polgooth, appears out of the mists as another supporter of nationalism. The list grows longer." Just as we've been saying for years, Nationalism, and pride in ones Nation, is growing in Cornwall all the time.

  • JJLee  |  December 03 2012, 11:17AM

    Nationalism, and pride in ones Nation, is growing. The kind of comment the BNP would be proud to say. Nationalism is an infantile disease. It is the measles of mankind. Albert Einstein

  • PaddyTrembath  |  December 03 2012, 1:48PM

    JJLee, Almost everyone is a Nationalist, almost everyone identifies with their own nation. Even you. Your problem is that you do not recognise a nation that wishes to reassert itself, that wishes to step back onto the world stage as an equal to all other nations. You do not recognise that nation because of your nationalism, because of your choice of national identity, one that would happily see smaller neighbour nations disappear and assimilate with itself, on it's terms. You clearly have a very limited understanding of what nationalism really is. You equate what SOME have done in its name in the past as being all that it is. The BNP and it's ilk are just one manifestation of nationalism, but remember, that most other political groups are equally nationalist in their own way, the Conservative party, the Labour party, even the likes of the CND are nationalist in their own ways. They all start with a basic concept of a nation, and what that nation is, and should be, and build on from there. To quote a theoretical physicists, a scientists, opinion of a political topic as if it is the last word on the subject, is to completely misunderstand a scientific mindset, and quite frankly, highly infantile in itself.

  • JJLee  |  December 03 2012, 2:36PM

    PaddyTrembath I would give up, you tried to be smug and got caught out. Some on here tolerate the nationalists for entertainment purposes only, as they are so easy to tease. Your numbers threaten nothing. I do not need a small minded person telling me I need a nation because he was caught out. All I need is a malt and my family the rest is open to the winds and time and has no fixtures and fittings.

  • PaddyTrembath  |  December 03 2012, 5:58PM

    JJLee, if anyone should "give up", it's you. Just what you think you've "caught" me "out" on, I have no idea. Although I am sure you will sit in the comfort of your small room, staring at your computer/laptop screen, thinking yourself superior to me because of it. More infantile behaviour. I am glad that I, and others, offer you entertainment, and give you the opportunity to vent your need to tease. Please bear in mind that it gives us the opportunity to get "our" message out to a wider audience, for that, I thank you. Insulting people, calling them "small minded", when it is clear from your response that you were/are completely unable to understand a basic truth, or unwilling to as it demonstrates the instability of your position, is, once more, somewhat infantile. I trust you enjoy your malt, I offer your family my sympathies, and look forward to what the "winds and time" have to offer.

  • Tstrunk  |  December 04 2012, 4:22PM

    A lot of this is just political spin, irrespective of which government is in power, designed to con the electorate that they are hearing something new and good for them. Nothing that MK have done is that impressive and the policies are lets face nothing new and very light on detail. I bet these guy would first raise the tax on the very people they look to help and attempt to stop free trade and produce red tape but the mile.

  • Tstrunk  |  December 04 2012, 4:36PM

    I also heard that MK didn't like supermarkets. I point out here the I think people are creatures of habit though and will continue to shop where they have always done....

  • Tstrunk  |  December 04 2012, 4:40PM

    Ps It's going to be a grim old High Street if all we are left with is charity shops and coffee houses and huge out of town supermarkets... ...or is time to give up the high street as a waste of time and hand some of it back to the people who need it most, the people on the housing lists.

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