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“Did anyone notice in the news that nearly a thousand practising doctors and consultants have criminal convictions?

I found that very surprising indeed.

This is what the report released today said:

"They showed that 25 had convictions for actual bodily harm and three for grievous bodily harm, while three were caught in possession of indecent images of children.

There were also two convictions for causing death by dangerous driving, two of drug trafficking, and two of cruelty to children.

Other offences included attacking their partners, harassment, weapon possession, threats to kill, perverting justice, fraud, kerb crawling, forgery and theft, as well as driving offences. The largest category, at 296, was for being drunk at the wheel."”

By AnGof2012 Posted: December 28, 2012


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  • youngcornwall  |  December 28 2012, 4:39PM

    It just shows doctors are human, and we humans can get up to some funny and unpleasant things at times. If any wrong doing doctor is good at their job, and has paid back to society whatever was due and has not been struck off, that would be fine by me.

  • PaddyTrembath  |  December 29 2012, 12:01PM

    Apparently, what the Daily Mail forgot to mention is that this is only 0.4% of the total of registered Doctors. Against the overall %age of the general population with criminal convictions which is about 13%. Check any profession, and you will get similar or even worse, results.



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