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“Despite flooding and an inability to cope with severe weather conditions which are set to worsen in the years ahead, uncontrolled urban development is now aiding problems. Unbelievably, the government has cut back on the operational elements of the environment agency particularly in flood prevention and management. The warnings have been apparent down the years but ignored.

The over centralised government has lost touch and simply does not care


Every supermarket car park built represents a substantial loss in the environment's capacity to cope with natural drainage.”

By AnBalores Posted: January 05, 2014

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  • thesearcher  |  January 18 2014, 5:07PM

    Agreed, they cant keep laying concrete and tarmac at this rate , they don't care so long as they make a quick buck , how many super markets do we need anyway. Why do they insist in building so many houses in Cornwall and ruining it , there are plenty of other places like Wales - Lake District to name but two , but people want to retire to Cornwall, we are to soft in here.


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