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“More County Council lunacy!!

More than 60 no parking signs have been installed along a country lane in Cornwall. The signs are positioned every 80ft (25m) along the road near Newquay. Some residents have said there are too many signs along the road and they are an eyesore. Cornwall Council said the signs were there to control problem parking during the summer months.


By Big_Ger Posted: January 23, 2014


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  • rickoon  |  January 24 2014, 9:42AM

    These signs are not even in the Cornish language as well, why not? Undermining the Cornish push for recognition somewhat I would say.

  • cornwall999  |  January 24 2014, 2:28PM

    Thank goodness Cornwall Council is going to readdress the problem. What sort of caliber of employees are we employing? If its anything like the Chiverton roundabout god help us all!! Shirley Shirley


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