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“Cornwall needs real jobs, not subsidies to create artificial ones -PERFECT IMHO


Prospects not bigotry, 2013 Cornwall, England a year of hope”

By justjaney Posted: February 04, 2013


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  • PaddyTrembath  |  February 04 2013, 2:03PM

    So, tell us what has happened in the last 4 or 5 years to make you want to bring this up now?

  • CallingtonFox  |  February 04 2013, 2:35PM

    "Prospects not bigotry" Amen to that.

  • Carvath  |  February 04 2013, 2:48PM


  • youngcornwall  |  February 04 2013, 4:39PM

    "Cornwall needs real jobs" Yes, but will it ever come to fruition? I cannot see it personally, with those in our midst who are going head over heals and playing right into the hands of the industry that the people are destined to serve, the holiday trade, with their duel sign postings and different language etc, it will be no good crying when it is too late, and all they have done is made a rod for their own backs at the end of the day. Everything in moderation I say.

  • AnGof2012  |  February 04 2013, 10:25PM

    Cornwall needs proper work but although it lays next to England just like Wales, it will suffer whilst it is under the fast failing jackboot heel of the English Government. Bigotry? As shown by the English trolls on here towards us, the Cornish perhaps? They have dual (note correct spelling) in Wales, they have their own language in Wales, many regions of Europe have dual signage and differing languages with the existing states youngcornwall. Stop showing bigotry and that typical English propensity to superiority and arrogance. Try and not fall into the trap of being a blinkered 'Little Englander.'

  • AnGof2012  |  February 04 2013, 10:29PM

    Incidentally, love the link to a five year old London newspaper article included by another English troll. Cornwall, next to England just like Wales. Cornish not English. As allowed for by international law and not a thing the English or their trolls can do about it.

  • poldice  |  February 05 2013, 11:51AM

    TWO PRIMARY QUESTIONS. SINCE WHEN WAS NEWLYN ON THE NORTH COAST? WHY WAS THERE NO MENTION OF CORNWALLS MIGHTIEST SON RICHARD TREVITHICK? Journalistic accuracy is paramount at all times even when the subject is as fertile as Cornish Culture. Redhsys rag Kernow lemmyn.

  • skymanandy  |  February 05 2013, 12:14PM

    A more germane query. There is no us and them, right or wrong. Since when have Cornish Nationalists been given a mandate to steal our Cornish culture? It seems online everyone confuses the views of a few dozen nationalists with that held by the majority which in some ways hands this ominous group a victory of sorts, but nothing worthy as it also steals the true Cornish culture from those living it, turning the majority against these misfits. The confusion these people bring to Cornwall kills any progress with such absurd debates; anyone with half a brain would conclude we need jobs. The core building block out of poverty for our county and as this article rightly states not subsidised charity but real work. Anyone arguing against this needs to leave now.

  • Taxman100  |  February 05 2013, 3:02PM

    AnGof. It is true a few countries in Europe, such as Belgium, have dual language road signs. However, that is because there are hundreds of thousands resident in the country who speak either French, Dutch or German - thus those three languages have become the approved and Nationally accepted languages of Belgium. This is also true of other countries such as Switzerland. It is also worthy of note this form of road signing has come under considerable scrutiny in the past 12 months as it has been suggested by various scientific studies that dual signing may be responsible for a significant number of unnecessary road accidents/deaths. Clearly, in your comment about Wales you have not kept yourself abreast of Welsh politics. The recent Census (which should only be used as guide) implies there has been a significant drop in the number of people using the Welsh language (a pity in my mind as it is a language which has evolved naturally and been in use over many centuries). As a result there is a very strong movement amongst those living in Wales who would like to curtail the use of dual road signing, and the need for Council's to prepare all documents in both languages. It being said they are an, 'unnecessary and unrealistic expense", particularly given the current period of national (Welsh government) financial austerity . Not forgetting of course that Scotland's 1st Minister recommended all Scottish road signs be duelled (English/Gaelic), even in areas where Gaelic had never been spoken routinely. The very sensible and practical Scottish people got the idea 'nipped in the bud'.

  • Taxman100  |  February 05 2013, 4:45PM

    skymanandy 12:14. An excellent post! It is about time people living and working in Cornwall realised the damage, yes damage, being caused to the County as a result of a few Nationalists stealing Cornish culture and attempting to portray us in an artificial light. The history they claim for themselves has become like a religion where anyone who dares to disagree with their mantra is a heretic. I am a Heretic, and a Cornish born & bred Heretic to boot! I do know something about inward investment for real jobs in Cornwall, and tomorrow I will list here a few recent matters/occurrences which have deterred inward investment.

  • Gurnards_Head  |  February 06 2013, 12:44AM

    I agree that Cornwall needs jobs, more particularly jobs that pay a living wage not the minimum as is often the case with tourism. I believe passionately in investment from within in small businesses that make up such a proportion of our economy, logic suggests that inward investment tends to indicate an outward flow of profit while investment from within produces the opposite effect recycling money within our own community. The biggest beneficiaries of inward investment are actually the parasitic inherently useless quangos like the thankfully defunct SWERDA or the even more useless Cornwall Development Company while the jury is still out on the lacklustre Local Enterprise partnership who seem to be unduly focussed on money pits such as Eden whose begging bowl seems due for another top up or Newquay Airport. These useless jobs for the boys networks soak up funds like a sponge ensuring in the process that a geninely local small Cornish business would more often than not be outside its convoluted criteria for eligability even if an expensive consultant were engaged to make the application the consultants fees would be a hefty proportion of any funds obtained. In the recent past substantial grants and tax breaks lured bigger firms J I Case springs to mind in Redruth, as soon as the grants ran out the huge factory was gutted and the machinery shipped to Portugal where the handouts were still available and labour cheaper, this firm had no commitment whatsoever to Redruth ot its staff. There was inward investment into Holman Brothers and ECLP, Holmans are long gone replaced by a Tesco store and a gulag of appallingly ugly housing blocks while ECLP morphed into ECC to be eventually swallowed by French minerals giant IMERYS (an acronym for misery) it still lingers on but has its beady eye on the construction of thousands of houses on its land having switched large amounts of clay production to Brazil. But there are countless smaller family firms that have thrived some like Teagle Macinery into the third generation of innovation, DP Engineering began life in Blackwater later moving to Treleigh into a state of the art factory which exports precision components to China or the real jewell in our manufacturing crown Pendennis Shipyard which actually trains its own apprentices. These firms tend to use locally based suppliers and professional practices which produces a healthy ripple effect out into the wider economy all from local investment by courgeous hard working Cornish people who have stayed the course and endowed Cornwall with huge benefits. BY THE WAY TAXMAN I AM A CORNISH NATIONALIST BUT I LOOK TO THE FUTURE WITH OPTIMISM IN ORDER THAT MY GRANDCHILDREN MAY NOT HAVE TO ENDURE FORCED MIGRATION MY FOREBEARS DID WE ARE NOT ALL BITTER OR TWISTED LIKE YOU AND YOUR ANGLOPHILE CRONIES ALWAYS TRY TO ASSERT.

  • AnGof2012  |  February 06 2013, 1:09AM

    Take no notice of Taxman100. He was a Colonel long retired in the fast diminishing Army. His life has been wasted as a member of a discredited and lost cause. He is not Cornish as some of his previous postings indicate. Cornwall must seize its own future free of the inward looking English. His posting on dual signage is utter nonsense. He has obviously not travelled across the Autonomous Communities of Spain, across parts of France or Belgium where dual signage is common. Nor in Eire where his Army spent decades murdering Irish patriots. the English state is done for. We must break away and govern ourselves. Thankfully we already have a development agency. If companies don't come to our Country that is their loss. Cornwall next to England just like Wales. Cornish not English.

  • AnGof2012  |  February 06 2013, 1:15AM

    He has also conviently failed to mention that Cornish is now officially recognised and must be supported. We are Cornish not English. We have a right to our own language. We have a right to self determination and there is nothing Taxman100 or his cronies can do about it. His Army cannot be sent in on us and is to be cut further as it is a waste of money. I for one object to my taxes being wasted on what of it is left or to provide pensions to wasters like him.

  • Taxman100  |  February 07 2013, 4:25PM

    AnGof is incorrect. I have only been retired from the Army for a few years (3). I am Cornish and my family has lived in Cornwall, and on the same Estate, for many, many, many generations. AnGof speaks as if he knows me. He does not! Neither does he know anything about me, other than that which I have included in my comments on this Forum. I work in Europe, and I have lived in Europe for extended periods both when in the Army, (Germany with my Regiment & France when an MA) and for at least 6 months of each year at the present time: I am fully conversant with dual signing in Europe, and the research currently being carried out to determine whether dual signing is a contributing factor in road deaths/accidents. Furthermore I studied languages at a French University, Lyon. AnGof still suggests I know nothing about Europe! Why he finds it necessary to tell lies I do not know - but I think most sensible people will catch on, rapidly!

  • AnGof2012  |  February 07 2013, 9:56PM

    We caught on about you a long time ago 'colonel'. I really couldn't give a hoot about you. Come the day, you are Cornish or English. You choose English as befits your English 'upper class' snobbery. So therefore, you are English. And also a failure because the only way you could make money was by killing. Don't quote your qualifications at me English. They are less than impressive. Clear off over the border. Maybe Derby would be an eye opener to what is happening to your England. You aren't welcome here. And I hope to tell you that to your face any day soon.

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