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UKIP's Farage admits he doesn't know about immigration in Cornwall

By CMChloe  |  Posted: April 29, 2014

UKIP's Farage admits he doesn't know about immigration in Cornwall

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United Kingdom Independence Party leader Nigel Farage has admitted he does not know much about immigration in Cornwall- despite the topic being a key issue in their election campaign.

The politician is currently on a tour of Britain hoping to canvass votes for the upcoming European election.

Today Mr Farage was in the South West where he was asked to comment on Cornish comedian Jethro’s view that Cornwall “can’t cope” with an influx of immigrants.

He told ITV West Country: “I don’t know enough about the Cornish example specifically to say yes or no.”

Mr Farage said that Jethro, who recently announced his support for UKIP, was “probably right”.

When asked why he doesn’t know the all the facts about immigration in the Duchy, he responded: “Well I can’t know everything about the whole country, but if he said it’s true then he’s probably right because if the problems apply to the parts of the country I have been to on my tour so far then yeah, we have an open door.”

UKIP are currently leading the polls in the European elections which will take place on May 22.

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  • josdave  |  May 02 2014, 1:21PM

    How many politicians of any party care about the Southwest? Very few and at least he has admitted a lack of knowledge instead of covering it up with a load of hot air. As all three of the main parties want us to stay in this shambles of a union UKIP have my vote.

    |   10
  • Deanevans  |  April 30 2014, 10:49PM

    Who's the biggest comedian, Jethro or Farage?

    |   -16
  • Charlespk  |  April 30 2014, 12:25PM

    They are all panic stricken.

    |   15
  • Charlespk  |  April 30 2014, 12:24PM

    @wringer 'Common Purpose' is at work. What can you expect? They are a

    |   -2
  • ImSparticus  |  April 30 2014, 9:36AM

    He gave an honest answer, maybe that means he is not Parlimentary material. Which is reason enough to be considered, if you want an honest, realist representing the people.

    |   18
  • DipStick  |  April 30 2014, 8:59AM

    "He told ITV West Country: "I don't know enough about the Cornish example specifically to say yes or no." ...". Sounds like an honest answer to me. Basically he doesn't know the details and doesn't pretend to. Unlike the usual BS from most politicians. DS

    |   21
  • blue_fish  |  April 30 2014, 6:12AM

    @Luke_Angove Sorry but a vote for Mebyon Euro doesn't mean 'independence' it means continued membership of the EU - that is: continuing mass immigration to the UK, continuing mass unemployment, unaffordable housing for local people and the unregulated importation of scab labour by East European gangmasters. The Toytown Nationalists of Mebyon Euro are just another Euroquisling party whose main purpose is to provide sheltered employment for Dick Cole and his handful of followers. I'll be voting UKIP on May 22nd.

    |   29
  • Lafrowda  |  April 29 2014, 11:09PM

    I am beginning to believe we need an independent newspaper in West Cornwall, one not pushing the Lib Dem Conservative spin production.

    |   20
  • Luke_Angove  |  April 29 2014, 10:17PM

    There is only one party to vote for this coming EU election,, vote Mebyon Kernow!! Mebyon Kernow would see the Cornish Nation integrated into a federation of EU nations as an independent country in our own right!! Vote MK Vote EU!!

    |   -32
  • wringer  |  April 29 2014, 9:55PM

    two anti UKIP articles on here at the same time!! Blimey the ConDems and shamlabourites must be really really worried about this man and his ideas. at least if he doesn't know he says he doesn't know and doesn't try to feed us bull.

    |   25