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Truro taxi driver attacked by well-known figure

By WBMiles  |  Posted: February 19, 2014

A TRURO taxi driver had to have his head glued together after being attacked in the early hours of the morning by a well-known Truro figure.

Former serviceman Andy Darroch was left with a gash to his head and cuts to his face after a passenger launched a vicious attack.

Mr Darroch said the passenger was drunk and became agitated with the seatbelt alarm.

The taxi driver said he knew the identity of his attacker – a well-known figure in Truro - and did not understand why the police had not made an arrest following the attack more than two weeks ago.

Mr Darroch said he picked up two women and a man in the centre of Truro at approximately 3.30am on February 2 and the women asked to stop at Barclays bank on the corner of King Street to get some money.

He said: "The guy started moaning about the seatbelt alarm going off and told me to switch it off. I said I couldn't and that he would have to do up his seatbelt or it wouldn't stop.

"He carried on moaning and told me to switch it off or he'd smash my face in. I then told him to get out and he said he'd smash my glasses, take the car and smash that up too."

When the man made further threats Mr Darroch went to call the police on his mobile telephone.

He said: "As I went to use the phone he grabbed for it. I stopped him and he then started punching. I grabbed his arms and pushed him back toward the door."

Mr Darroch, who served with the RAF for 12 years, did not fight back for fear of losing his taxi licence while any investigation was carried out.

As other members of the public came towards the car the attacker got out and walked off. At that point Mr Darroch felt blood trickling over his eye and realised he had been injured.

He called the police and found the female passengers on Calenick Street and established the identity of his attacker.

Mr Darroch said: "By this time my face was plastered in blood from a large cut on my forehead and the police seemed to think he must have had something in his hand as the cut is very straight and clean edged. I later discovered several more cuts."

He drove himself to the Royal Cornwall Hospital where doctors sealed the major cut with super glue.

Police interviewed Mr Darroch at the hospital but two weeks on, no arrests have yet been made.

Mr Darroch said: "The officers concerned have been great but the system isn't so good. This was a violent crime and could have been a lot worse, whatever he had in his hand that cut my forehead could just as easily have cut my eye.

"He blacked my eye with one of his fists. If it had been the same one that cut my head I could have been blinded."

PC Barry Stafford from Truro Police, who interviewed Mr Darroch at the hospital, said the police had strong leads that were being investigated.

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