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Tolvaddon fire headquarters given go-ahead in Camborne

By bevcoumbe  |  Posted: September 23, 2013


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Plans to close Camborne and Redruth fire stations and replace them with a new purpose built headquarters in Tolvaddon have been given the go-ahead by councillors today.

The new larger base is also being offered as a space to share with ambulance and police services.

A new part time station at Hayle on Commerical Road was also approved by members of Cornwall Council’s planning committee.

The 2.15 hectare Tolvaddon complex is a former industrial site contaminated with arsenic and near the Red River.

The development includes two new buildings and up to 84 parking spaces for staff and public visitors.

Offices, fire control and emergency response and training rooms will also be provided with CCTV monitoring, repair and service bays.

A fire service report considered by planners said Tolvaddon, which is owned by Cornwall Council, was the preferred location where blue light response times met the ten minute requirement.

It also said the fire cover provided would bring within its response time an additional 13,900 people, and would cover the forecast population increase of 13,000 in the surrounding areas.

Illogan Parish Council had backed the scheme, however there were three objections from residents concerned that the new base would lead to an increase in noise and traffic and would overlook neighbouring properties.

Noise from fire engine sirens leaving the station, the report added, would have a limited impact as their use would be between 11pm and 7am, at other times sirens would only be

used where traffic levels made them necessary.

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  • liner99  |  September 25 2013, 8:27PM

    not a aggrieved firefighter just a worried Redruth resident the standing order will not remain when the station moves to tolvaddon this is one of the big money savers and that's why it will be removed more importantly as I have already stated both retained crews are way down on numbers and the few that remain will have to try and keep Redruth and Cambornes engines mobilised . im led to believe Redruth should have a compliment of 13 firefighters they currently have 7. whilst Camborne should have 18 retained and have eight. Unfortunately both crews are likely to lose more . Redruth and Camborne are already struggling to mobilise engines as I said is this progress I will end my posting on this subject by saying its only a no brainer if your brainwashed dig deeper and you might find some reality .

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  • Cknocker  |  September 25 2013, 7:45PM

    I assume you are an aggrieved firefighter from your comments and at a personal level I can understand firefighters not being happy. All those issues you raise are valid, however they are management issues not directly related to moving the fire stations. As you are no doubt aware the standing order at Camborne is to call in a retained crew when the whole time pump is mobilised, provided this order is maintained the service level is better than at present (Redruth currently relies on retained crews). With regards to recruitment as you are surely aware the hayle recruitment closes next week, with regards to Camborne and Redruth, why would they be running recruitment at present, the majority of people that could apply at present will be inelligible for the new location. The build time for Tolvaddon is going to be significantly longer than Hayle so there is no urgency to recruit and it was all dependent on getting planning permission anyway! Sorry but unless you have a vested interest this is a no brainer.

  • liner99  |  September 25 2013, 5:26PM

    oh dear another person that believes everything that is written in a newspaper figures made to look good to fool the public Hayle approx. 100 fire calls a year Camborne approx. 750 fire calls a year Redruth approx. 500 fire calls a year you do the maths. one wholetime pump to cover Redruth and Camborne with the back up of retained staff who are reducing in numbers month by month and no recruitment planned . both retained crews have halved since the news of this so called super station has been released . now both stations struggle to mobilise pumps is this progress

  • Cknocker  |  September 24 2013, 6:17PM

    How long does it take you to drive from Tolvaddon to Avers? It takes me 2-3 minutes at normal road speed - doesn't take much proving does it? Certainly a lot less time than the average turn out time for a Redruth retained crew. I have always found this outrage in Redruth about this move bizarre, meanwhile down the road in Camborne (Where it can be sensibly argued there will be a marginally detrimental effect on the service) it has been generally accepted as being the best solution. 1. Hayle gets its much needed station. 2. Redruth gets an improved service altogether. 3. Some areas of Camborne get a slightly better service, other areas get a slightly worse service. Drop the hysterics and be sensible about it!

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  • liner99  |  September 24 2013, 3:42PM

    Has it really been proven or did they make the times tick the box

  • Cknocker  |  September 24 2013, 12:59PM

    Of course the firefighters don't want it! That would be turkeys voting for christmas, wouldn't it? It will make little difference to the whole time crews, but the majority of the retained crews will be inelligible to carry on due to travelling times. However there will be new retained crews although it is a crying shame to lose the skills of the old hands. Regarding saving lives, to me this move is a no brainer, it has been proven that a fire engine can get from Tolvaddon to Redruth fire station faster than a crew can be mobilised from Redruth (Remember Redruth is Retained, Pool will be wholetime), therefore EVERYBODY served from Redruth fire station will get a better service. People in Hayle will also get a far better service, being the last major town in Cornwall to get a fire station. The only detriment of service will be to the western end of Camborne and Roseworthy, but even this will be negligible, with the travelling time from Tolvaddon to Treswithian being 2 minutes. In short to say this is saving money rather than lives is disengenuous.

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  • liner99  |  September 24 2013, 11:49AM

    Money saving instead of life saving

  • liner99  |  September 24 2013, 11:47AM

    To be honest even the firefighters don't want this so called super fire station . The council and fire service would rather save money than lives

  • liner99  |  September 24 2013, 11:31AM

    To be honest if you speak to firefighters when there bosses are not around they don't even want this so called fire station . The council and fire service would rather save money than lives

  • Cknocker  |  September 23 2013, 8:45PM

    Not all contaminated with Arsenic? I suggest you take a look at the 1908 OS map for the site! The WHOLE site was an Arsenic works (As well as the site your houses are built on if you live in Tolvaddon). There is no agricultural land there, that land is ex mining scrubland that may have a few ponies grazing on it. If the council think nothing of granting planning permission to cover prime agricultural land in solar panels, they certainly aren't going to worry about building a fire station on that piece of land! As to suggesting that the council is giving developers a freehand, you come across as hysterical, the COUNCIL is building a fire station and brigade headquarters, not a private developer in sight! If you wanted to object you should have gone down the route of objecting on the grounds of the risk to your health as a result of disturbance of EXTREMELY contaminated soil, where every sample taken on the site was significantly above health action levels. When the council saw your objection calling a scrub site between a relatively low standard housing estate and the A30 a green field site they probably couldn't believe their luck!