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Teen's police career hopes damaged by drugs find

By West Briton  |  Posted: February 28, 2013

A TRURO College student's hopes of a career as a policewoman took a downward turn when she was convicted as a low level drugs dealer by Truro magistrates.

Aimee Mayhew-Brokenshire was found with £190 cash in her bra and in possession of the horse tranquilliser ketamine when police searched her after they were called to Swanpool Street, Falmouth, one night.

In court, the 18-year-old from New Road, Troon, Camborne, pleaded guilty to possessing MDMA (ecstasy) worth £13.52 and ketamine worth in excess of £450.

Alison May, for the Crown Prosecution Service, said police had been called because the teenager and another female were drunk and incapable and in possession of drugs. She was clearly under the influence of something and had white powder under her nose. She said she had taken ketamine and in her pocket was a pink sock with a number of pieces of paper containing white powder. At her home officers found some scales and a wrap of MDMA. In her bra she had the cash and another wrap of ketamine.

On her mobile phone, said Ms May, there were text messages which were typical of buying and selling in the drugs trade. Mayhew-Brokenshire said she was an addict who took ketamine every day. "I kind of lose touch with reality a bit. It slows my speech and I am unable to walk properly," she told the police.

Ms May said the teenager was studying A levels at Truro College and had said the MDMA was not hers but would not say whose it was.

"She has a large habit and says this is all for her own use but we say she is a dealer at the lower end of the scale."

Mayhew-Brokenshire told magistrates she had been under pressure and owing money because of her past addiction and to feed her habit.

After listening to a policewoman she had now stopped taking drugs as she realised it had been a psychological addiction and not a physical one.

"I had thought of becoming a police officer," she said, admitting her offending had been " stupid." The teenager was put under curfew for 12 weeks on Friday and Saturday nights and must pay £100 costs and surcharge.

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