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St Ives carpenter Samuel Perkin grew cannabis in his home valued at £18,800

By CMJohannaCarr  |  Posted: March 17, 2014

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A SELF-EMPLOYED St Ives carpenter, who grew cannabis worth more than £18,000, used it to ease his chronic back pain, a court has heard.

Samuel Perkin, 38, of Manor Close, Lelant, admitted producing the Class B drug but told police it was for personal therapeutic use.

At Truro Crown Court on Thursday, Julia Cox, for the Crown Prosecution Service, said police raided Perkin’s then home, on Steeple View Court, on August 10 last year after receiving a tip off that there were cannabis plants at the address.

Officers found 2.94kg of cannabis plant material from 37 plants being grown in three areas of the property, which had been converted for growing the Class B drug with hydroponic equipment.

Ms Cox said there was no evidence that Perkin was either selling or intending to sell any of the material, despite there being enough for an estimated 7,500 cannabis cigarettes, with a street value of £18,800.

Martin Pearce, defending, said Perkin was back at work and that he employed an apprentice but that the medication he was on did not allow him to work as well as he would like to.

Sentencing, Judge Christopher Harvey Clark, QC, said: “You thought and you may be right that skunk cannabis helped relieve your pain even more [than prescription drugs] but you knew perfectly well that it was an offence.”

He added: “Do not be tempted to take cannabis again, to try to grow cannabis again. You are a marked man; you have a record.”

Perkin was sentenced to six months in prison suspended for 18 months and ordered to carry out 120 hours of unpaid work.

He was also told to pay £250 towards the cost of the prosecution and a £80 victim surcharge.

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  • Charlespk  |  March 19 2014, 2:11PM

    Quote by John_Name Sunday, May 6 2012, 5:25PM "I am a cannabis addict. I haven't read previous postings in their entirety, but here is my opinion. (1) There are two distinct questions, which I think usually get entangled, so that people end up talking at cross purposes with one another. The two questions are:- i. Is cannabis good/bad for you? ii. Given your answer to i, should cannabis be legalized? I have a certain regard for people who think that cannabis legalization is the most effective way to mitigate the harm which cannabis causes. I happen to disagree with them, as I think that more effective law enforcement is integral to the best solution to the cannabis problem. Nevertheless, I can see why these people think as they do. A second group of people argue – somewhat implicitly – for cannabis legalization on the basis that cannabis confers well-attested benefits in various medical applications. I don't really understand the reasoning here. Perhaps there is some kind of slide from 'has various medical applications' to 'is a benign wonder-drug with no side-effects'. Anyway, it's one thing to urge that doctors be permitted to prescribe cannabis to glaucoma and m.s. sufferers; quite another to parlay this into an argument for general legalization. It certainly doesn't follow. If cannabis really helps m.s. sufferers, then by all means let doctors prescribe it to them. This doesn't mean that the police should tolerate pubs where there is open weed-smoking and dealing. The third group of people – who are the ones I really can't abide – are the ones who insist that cannabis is a wonderful drug. It's not. It is addictive, and it damages its addicts. I rue the day I got involved with it." Some people always deserve our respect. . . . People like John_Name will always have mine. Eases back pain?? . . Bull. . And it probably cost Neville Badger his life. http://tinyurl.com/nfcetjx (open in a new window)

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  • josdave  |  March 17 2014, 7:49PM

    Our drug laws are a farce. Cannabis which has some medicinal value is illegal while tobacco and alcohol which have none and cost the NHS a fortune are legal.

    |   -6
  • goldenoldy  |  March 17 2014, 11:12AM

    The SKUNK' variety of this plant is extremely strong and is connected with serious mental health problems among users, having personal knowledge of how this affects people and the damage it causes I think he got off lightly,the amount was far above personal usage level so he is a lucky lad.

    |   6
  • Doitdreckley  |  March 17 2014, 10:07AM

    Cannabis has health benefits for those with chronic conditions. What a waste of time and money prosecuting this guy. Its the law of the land yes but it needs to change.

    |   -2