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Smoking ban tearing apart community spirit

By West Briton  |  Posted: June 22, 2012

Comments (0) By Caroline Chick

TRUTH, logic, compassion and common sense, hereinafter known as TLC.

Run a thread through these elements and democracy will rear its beautiful head.

Total freedom of choice, as long as those freedoms do not infringe upon other people's freedom of choice, would give us a world built on love, instead of fear.

Implementing it is a different matter, especially since we've arrived at the point where the evil 1 per cent elite, are now telling their puppet governments to make laws regarding what the remaining 99 per cent can or cannot do on their own property.

And so the smoking ban came to pass from the New World Order after a prolonged suitable period of brainwashing, whereupon the critical mass bought it hook, line and sinker, based on quite pathetic research.

So much for being concerned about your health when you consider those awful diesel fumes, et al, that we breathe in when walking down the street or when stuck behind smoke-blowing vehicles, yet to be addressed. Ah ha ha ha, ah ha.

Much more disturbing though, is the new culture of home alcoholics which is now way out of control. Still, out of sight, out of mind eh? When you went to the pub, you knew when you'd had enough.

At the outset, I predicted an unmitigated disaster. I'd already seen it in Ireland, so much like our own rural duchy. However, I didn't foresee the unbelievable damage it would cause until it arrived here. Cornwall's village community spirit is now being well and truly torn apart. In my area alone, two village pubs have just closed, and another is in receivership. I'm aware of many others that have gone under, including working men's clubs throughout Cornwall. They are all the social hub for so many and a necessity to keep the community spirit that brings people together for numerous occasions.

Town establishments are also suffering big time. One place I work, also doubles as a coffee house by day for the shoppers. It's 700 cups down per week. And what of the ladies who liked a ciggy with their morning coffee? Another little luxury lost. Wading through crowds smoking outside on the pavement with cigarette ends everywhere, while avoiding traffic at the same time has become an art form. It's increasingly difficult for the entertainment industry with venues still closing at the ridiculous rate of 16 per week even after four years. I support non-smokers' rights to the hilt, but there is absolutely no need for this, with so many people suffering, including the enormous loss of jobs. The negatives are endless. It's all so absurd.

Publicans know they can cater for everyone with the return of the ashtray and would undoubtedly survive. They did before. Anyone with a miniscule of TLC could have achieved a harmonious conclusion. It's not rocket science to create a two-roomed pub to satisfy all punters, especially with today's technology. Ultimately, it should be the decision of the landlord, not the far-off voice of Big Brother.

The only real winners in all of this, are the very dangerous 1 per cent elite. You have to give them credit for being very clever. They know full well the smoker most enjoys a cigarette with a drink and would soon tire of standing outside in the freezing cold catching chills and stay at home to consume a drug they could supply cheaper; for the time being. You see, they're not happy with the lion's share any more. Now they want it all. Our taxes bailed out the banksters, they've already pinched your pensions, but it's not enough and it never will be until we are all enslaved. An over-the-top reaction?

Not really when you observe, among many others things, they are now suppressing freedom of speech. Personally, I don't find a comment on Facebook an arrestable offence, nor should you be extradited from Britain for what's legal here but not in America. But it's happening, because that's how fascism works. All the while, quietly creeping forward, nibbling away at your human rights. Cornwall's communities are being destroyed and our privacy eroded. We seriously need to stand back and look at what we are allowing to happen.

A world run by thugs seems to draw closer every day. There's only ever one truth and all responsible citizens need to search for it. Go online because you won't find it in the national newspapers or on the dinosaur news channels. Finally, to the very small minority of anti-smoking extremists, some serious factual information that you need to know. Non smokers die. Every day. Sleep tight.

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  • Steer73  |  August 02 2012, 12:42PM

    None of you are ever going to agree on anything, so why continue to argue like pathetic 5 year olds on this thread?

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  • suffolkpunch  |  August 02 2012, 10:07AM

    Maria said 'this is my last post here'. Why is it I don't believe her? Again she lies. I have NEVER said 'that smoking is a safe and good thing for people'.

    |   -1
  • Maria20101  |  August 02 2012, 9:42AM

    Jadeoldie and Fistral are right, so this is my last post here. In conclusion, the pro-tobacco movement feel the need to invade web discussions all over the world pushing their agenda. Michael from USA thinks that it is worth him spending his time talking conspiracy theory about fizzy pop in the UK on the basis that a Cardiologist has written a pretty decent article in a paper here, suggesting that the food and pop industry is doing a lot of damage to our people, which clearly seems to be happening. Suffolkpunch (Chaswin, Chas Winfield, Winfi****, and his many other aliases) will continue to tell the world that smoking is a safe and good thing for people, and Michael will continue to hold his rather paranoid views on the encroachment on the freedom of addicts to be addicted to substances that make billions in profits for cynical industries, and the unfettered recruitment of new addicts from our youth. I'm off back to the real world, where 99.9993% of the UK's smokers realise that Michael and Charles's freedom2choose organisation are not worth the ten pound membership fee.

  • cantiloper  |  August 02 2012, 1:19AM

    Fistral and Jade, the problem is, as you'll see if you go back down the thread, largely one that is a classic antismoking tactic on the internet. It's called "increasing the noise-to-signal ratio." References to studies or facts that people might check out and think about, and then perhaps change their opinions, are dangerous to the antismoking advocates who depend up a dominance of the media with unanswered repetition of sound bites. It's hard to actually censor those of us on the other side yet (although I can provide some great examples of where they've tried) so they'll sometimes have an anonymous poster simply try to drown the information out in an endless series of silly and annoying posts -- with the idea that most readers will be annoyed and simply stop reading. Picture if you're exercising your right to free speech in Hyde Park and I don't like what you're saying. I can't STOP you... but I can stand right next to you and scream nursery rhymes into the air while blowing on a painfully badly tuned trumpet. That's what Maria is. Michael J. McFadden Author of "Dissecting Antismokers' Brains" And a totally uncompensated and active member of and sometimes officer in a number of Free Choice groups. And, to make Maria happy, completely identified in all my posts here."

  • cantiloper  |  August 02 2012, 1:13AM

    Hmmm, I talk about folks trying to ban fizzy drinks and Maria calls it US based paranoia. Maria, do you consider the Guardian a US paper? See: http://tinyurl.com/bq6nue3 Note this right at the end: " Vending machines selling chocolate, crisps and fizzy drinks should be banned from hospital grounds." My reasons for fighting for Free Choice are outlined in my book, Dissecting Antismokers' Brains, and will be expanded upon in a new book that I'm currently working on. When you've finished reading the first book you should be able to understand my motivations clearly enough to appreciate the second one. Michael J. McFadden Author of "Dissecting Antismokers' Brains" And a totally uncompensated and active member of and sometimes officer in a number of Free Choice groups. And, to make Maria happy, completely identified in all my posts here."

    |   1
  • jadedoldie  |  August 01 2012, 1:35PM

    Fistral20, your post is the first bit of sense to appear on this thread for some time now, your comment on this is right on the money.The childish display of he said/she said has ceased to be amusing, the children can't play nicely, so someone should confiscate their toys!

    |   4
  • Maria20101  |  August 01 2012, 12:52PM

    Of course Michael still hasn't properly answered the questions I asked last week, although he's tried to cloud the issue. "2 How much 'free choice' does an addict have? " Michael suggested that 100% of smokers could give up smoking forever if they wanted to. I think that is nonsense. "3 Why do you seem to spend much of your life campaigning for an addictive habit?" No answer.

    |   -2
  • Fistral20  |  August 01 2012, 12:49PM

    Why is the moderator of this site allowing arguments between 3 or 4 people to dominate this particular article. It clearly has no interest whasoever to the vast majority of people who read the website, so wouldn't it be better use of yours and everybody else's time if you just swapped personal e-mails in the comfort of your own egos........

    |   3
  • suffolkpunch  |  August 01 2012, 12:43PM

    Maria. Until you start to answer questions you will get no more answers from me.

  • Maria20101  |  August 01 2012, 12:12PM

    Suffolkpunch I've asked you before what other aliases you use to astroturf about smoking, but you never answered. I've managed to find quite a few of them myself, but thought you might want to list them. I've also asked you why 99.9993% of the UK's smokers choose not to join your pro-smoking group freedom2choose, but you never answered.

    |   -1