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Rugby: In my view by Dick Straughan

By The Cornishman  |  Posted: August 21, 2014

PASSIONATE: Cornish Pirates' chairman Ian Connell.

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FOLLOWING the recent speculation that the Stadium for Cornwall might actually be built at Indian Queens after the sudden emergence of another apparently interested property developer, the message from the Cornish Pirates chairman was both as forceful as it was to the point.

The Stadium will happen at Threemilestone and the Cornish Pirates will relocate to Truro was Ian Connell's message to members of the media at the Mennaye Field last Friday.

He went on to state that the business case for the venture is "irrefutable" and a "no brainer", adding that if this Stadium plan fails the club would relocate to Truro anyway.

There was no sniping at critics of the Stadium plan and he killed the notion of a rival bid to build further to the east up the A30 without even dwelling on the subject.

In short, Ian Connell's words were those of a highly capable businessman who is passionate about this project and knows full well that it will work if given the green light.

Although based in Yorkshire, Connell has been the one member of the Pirates' board in recent seasons who has turned up wherever the team has been playing.


Personable and knowledgeable about the sport he has always inspired confidence and if anyone doubted how the club would fare following the Dicky Evans era, they can rest easy that the off-field leadership remains just as strong.

The coaches seem relaxed too. All three of them. Maybe a bit of the boardroom vibe is rubbing off on the men responsible for team affairs who live in the office at the top of the stairs at Westholme, but although they know they are in for a tough season they are totally focused.

Connell also stated that remaining in the Championship is non-negotiable for a club which will be tested financially in coming months in a way it has not experienced before.

Some have already suggested that the Pirates are candidates for a relegation dogfight and the coaching team have openly admitted that such is the strength of the league this coming season it could happen.

The challenge, as Davies will happily point out, is keeping the experienced players – the spine of the team – fit enough for long enough. Not all of the youngsters will make the grade at this level but the rewards are there for those who want success badly enough.

There is a togetherness at the Pirates. A strong chairman and a strong director of rugby, backed up by a lot of experience on and off the field. Not the flakiness and factions you get at some clubs.

Come September 7 and the visit of Yorkshire Carnegie the fans will have to play an equally strong supporting role too. Whatever happens this season, it won't be dull.

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  • Bozwold  |  August 22 2014, 11:52AM

    How utterly arrogant, so now the truth is out that this is obsessively about a stadium for TRURO not Cornwall. So if a stadium were to be built in Indian queens the oh so essential stadium for Cornwall would be snubbed because it's actually only the poor neglected souls of Truro who could possibly deserve to host such an amenity despite having no team of their own capable of drumming up more support than an averagely busy pub. It's 'a no brainier ' well you should know dick. I've never heard such clap trap 'truros the admin centre' ?? Er so what? Who the hell goes to a stadium to get their council tax forms? Oh and the mysterious sponsors insisting it's in Truro ? Who would they be? Maybe the town up the road with a far bigger population with a brewery and liking for rugby? Let's call a spade a spade here this is and always has been about the brats of Truro furnishing their little fantasy of being a real city (with no team) worthy of a little stadium to show off. Please, the next time it deemed a 'necessity ' to build the one single amenity that will apparently serve the whole county but just by coincidence happens to be in Truro can we just drop the 'for Cornwall' bs because we all know too well it's nothing of the sort.

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