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Record breaking numbers at 'electric' show

By This is Cornwall  |  Posted: June 26, 2008

  • Rob James from Redruth, who is based as a second year apprentice farrier with Andrew Daniels at Tintagel, pictured with the reserve supreme of show Pentowan Enrieta, owned by Pat Tonkin of North Country. Picture by Celia Roberts.

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THE 65th Troon Horse Show enjoyed a record-breaking entry with eight rings buzzing with high class action creating an electric atmosphere.

“This is the biggest entry in the history of the show,” said joint secretary, Sara Pasoe.

“We drew entries from 300 competitors and many of the mountain and moorland classes were as good as those at county level. The weather and conditions were absolutely perfect.

“On behalf of Troon Horse Show committee, I would like to extend a big thank you to our sponsors and all our competitors. The committee intend taking this show forward again in 2009.”

Michelle Sanders and her exciting 17hh, five-year-old, One Vision emerged with the ultimate honour of supreme of show underlining their earlier form at the Porth Valley Spring fixture.

“It was a very long day but well worth the wait,” said Michelle, who is based at Lanlivery where she runs the Cornish Rosette Company and Kernow Equestrian alongside her mother Jenny.

“I'm absolutely chuffed to bits with my mare. She's so very versatile. We recently finished fifth at the riding club area horse trials and now look forward to our next run at the North Cornwall Pony Club event at Lanhydrock.

“Then I'm aiming to concentrate on her showing career with several local shows on our agenda.”

This well mannered daughter of Relief Pitcher out of an Irish Sport's horse mare began her campaign in earnest at Troon when she headed a strong ridden hunter section en route to the ridden championship.

“This was only her second proper show,” said Michelle who acquired One Vision direct from her Delabole-based breeder Richard Dalgleish.

“My main aim is to combine eventing with the working hunter classes. I've been determined to bring her on slowly. This is beginning to pay off and I'm getting very excited about her future.”

Pat Tonkin's lovely five-year-old shire mare Pentowan Enrieta lifted the reserve supreme of show capably shown by 19-year-old Tom James from Redruth.

It was Tom's grandfather Dick James who brought the pair together and his grandson is proving the perfect man to handle and show Pat's horses.

“My grandfather transports Pat's horses and suggested that I could be of help to him,” explained Tom who is in his second year as an apprentice farrier to Andrew Daniels of Tintagel.

“It's worked out really well and I've been delighted to work with his horses.”

“I broke Enrieta in and we were all thrilled with the way she went both at Troon and the Royal Cornwall Show where we took park in the working heavy horse display. Pat would like to her to continue showing in-hand and I'm also looking forward to driving her in working implement classes.”

Rebecca Williams from Ruan Minor recorded a good victory in the working hunter championship on her eight-year-old gelding Dalcotes Manton who went onto capture the first leg in the popular President's Challenge.

In the hotly contest ridden mountain and moorland section, Vicky Thomas from Gorran came out on top with the silver medal championship rosette on Grayson's Lucky Robbie while the reserve went to Emma James from St Agnes on Willoway Golden Jubilee.

Juliet Shore from Leedstown held onto her cracking form in the BSJA ring recording a wining double in the 1.05m and 1.10m on Close Up and Baby Girl while this was matched by her niece Sasha Aghdam in the juniors riding October.

In the driving classes, Frank Lemin from Penzance and Grants Torchlight added another championship to their incredible tally with the reserve going to Jo Sincock of Camborne and Tamarion's Bright Star.

Troon show results: BSJA jumping: 85cm jnr open.- 1, Sasha Aghdam (October); 2, Charlotte Rule (Essay); 3, Kayla Setford (Llangeitho Valoir). 95cm jnr open.- 1, Sasha Aghdam (October); 2, Tessa Phillips (Trevoulter Silver Arrow); 3, Wave Rebel (Edward Sampson). Seniors: 90cm/amateur.- 1, Clare Tripconey (Streamway Blue); 2, Vigaro's Boy (Hay Williams); 3, Valentini (Andrew Richards). 1m/amateur.- 1, Charmaine James (Sholto); 2, Andrew Richards (Victory V); 3, Juliet Shore (Diamond Watch). 1.05m open.- 1, Juliet Shore (Close Up); 2, Hayley Mason (Blue Fox); 3, Julia Bennetts (Jacobee). 1.10m open.- 1, Juliet Shore (Baby Girl); 2, Ollie Gwennap (Teatime III); 3, Katie Hancock (Irish Parsnip). Registered M&M: NPS Ridden Small Breeds.- 1. Mollie Trethewey (Friar's True Britton); 2. Emma Devey (Firsedge Royal Rebel); 3. Charlotte Blewett-Harris (Tiverton Piper). NPS Ridden Large Breed: 1. Vickie Thomas (Graysons Lucky Robbie); 2. Emma James (Willoway Golden Jubilee); 3. P Jones (Hardy's Valentine). NPS First Ridden: 1. Max Cherry (Towyvalley Tassel); 2. Laura Smart (Blaenau Demelza); 3. Dean Cherry (Rosedale Peter Pan). NPS Lead Rein: 1. Grace Williams (Springbourne Emanuel); 2. Erin Edwards (Little Hadley Diamond Lil); 3. Sophie Bond (Blaenau Demelza). NPS Ridden M&M silver medal rosette and ridden M&M championship: Vicky Thomas (Graysons Lucky Robbie). Reserve: Emma James (Willoway Golden Jubilee). M&M Brood mare with foal at foot: 1. Martin Hendra (Brimstone Derwena). M&M Yearlings: 1. Andrea Mill (Roseview Raindance); 2. P Jones (Brynmellion Delorus); 3. Tina Handley (Grania). M&M 2/3 yr-old: 1. N Budd (Boreton Mercury); 2. Amy Jones ( Lowhouses Chesney); 3. Sue Webb (Tredellans Whisper). M&M open small breeds in-hand: Emma Devey ( Firesedge Royal Rebel); 2. Annette Cook (Jimbob); 3. Rachael Martin-Williams (North Croft Thistle). M&M open large breeds in-hand: 1. Tegan Chenoweth (Benoakes Twilight Song); 2. Sue Webb (Grayson's Magic Girl); 3. Rebecca Keast (Shulas Troy). NPS home-produced small breeds in- hand: 1. N Budd (Boreton Mercury); 2. Grace Williams (Springbourne Emanuel); 3. Andrea Hill (Roseview Raindance). NPS home produced large breeds in hand: 1. Vicky Thomas (Graysons Lucky Robbie); 2. Mark Cosgrove (Whisper of Caenlocha); 3. Sarah Julian (Chyvounder Night Fever). NPS M&M silver medal rosette championship: N Budd (Boreton Mercury). In-hand championship: Emma Devey (Firesedge Royal Rebel); reserve: N Budd (Boreton Mercury). Ridden & in-hand: PUK ridden cob: 1. Val Croft (Mr Corbett); 2. Gloria Beckerleg (Cornish Star). PUK Riding horse: 1. David Curnow (Gew Ceder Berge); 2. Sophie Burrows (Weggs Tiger Mountain); 3. Amy Matthews (Kings Bridge Challenger). PUK open hunter: 1. Michelle Sanders (One Vision); 2. David Gill (Greylands Albert); 3. Lucinda Taylor (Calgary). PUK ridden Piebald/Skewbald: 1. Vicky Thomas (Just Imagine); 2. Kerry Watts (Kalika); 3. Rebecca Keast (Cornish Star). PUK intermediate show riding type: 1. Katey Saggers (Garthstone Royale); 2. Tina Hadley (Grania). PUK intermediate show hunter type: 1. Sophie Burrows (Weggs Tiger Mountain); 2. Rhys Harper (My True Blue); 3. Hannah Pratt (Filstock Red Fox). Ridden championship: Michelle Sanders (One Vision); reserve: David Curnow (Gew Cedar Berge). Riding Horse/Hack/Hunter broodmare in-hand: 1. Vicky Pappin (Tinkerbell). Best foal: 1. Vicky Pappin (Kings Golden Girl). In-hand yearling: 1. Amy Payne (Catchphrase); 2. David Jones (Quest for Gold). In hand 2/3 yr-old: 1. Vicky Thomas (Treveglos Illusion); 2. Kate Downy (Carnmellion High Flyer); 3. Mrs C Trevena (Out of Time).

PUK in-hand Piebald/Skewbald: 1. Danielle Hill (Hilltime Jester); 2. Vicky Thomas (Treveglos Illusion); 3. Laura Penham (Diamond Buckley). In-hand championship: Amy Payne (Catchphrase); reserve: Danielle Hill (Hilltime Jester). Driving: Private driving without a road drive: 1. Frank Lemin (Grants Torchlight); 2. Lydia Chapman (Frodos Silas); 3. Elaine Kearney (Holne Moor Tegan). Concours D'Elegance: 1. Frank Lemin (Grants Torchlight); 2. Lydia Chapman (Frodos Silas); 3. Elaine Kearney ( Holne Moor Tegan). Exercise vehicles: 1. Jo Sincock (Tamarinos Bright Star); 2. Jill Ignaezak (Trelyon Tonto). Driving champion: Frank Lemin (Grants Torchlight); reserve: Jo Sincock (Tamarinos Brightstar). Ridden show hunter/show ponies: PUK Lead Rein: 1. Emma James (Chywoon Star Reflection); 2. Charlotte Vincent (Master Titch). PUK First ridden: 1. Matthew Vincent (Dinky). PUK Show Hunter Pony LR: 1. Charlotte Vincent (Master Titch). Mini championship: Emma James (Chywoon Star Reflection); reserve: Matthew Vincent (Dinky). SP 148cms: 1. Jasmine Burrows (Holtess Paparazi). Show Pony championship: Jasmine Burrows (Holtess Paparazi).

SP 133cms: 1. Laura Clinnick (Edward V). SHP 143 cms: 1. Georgina Angwin (Springtime Valistar). SHP 153cms: 1. Hannah Pratt ( Filstock Red Fox). Show Hunter Pony championship: Laura Clinnick (Edward V); reserve: Georgina Angwin (Springtime Valistar). Working hunters: LR whp: 1. Grace Williams (Springbourne Emanuel); 2. Charlotte Vincent (Master Titch); 3. Charlotte Blewett-Harris (Tiverton Pippit). Cradle stakes: 1. Matthew Vincent (Dinky). Nursery stakes: 1. Eden Pitt (Bochyn Royal Razamataz). Working hunter pony: 1. Rebecca Keast (Shulas Troy); 2. Lauren Evans (Jasper of Gew); 3. Carly Mather (Fenrose Airie). Novice working hunter pony: 1.Tracey Woodham (Celtae Corage); 2. Natasha Bridges ( King Boru); 3. Rebecca Williams (Jolly Townlad). Presidents Challenge: 1. Rebecca Williams (Dalcotes Manton); 2. Martyn Humphrey (Jumping Jack Flash); 3. Kate Burley (Carnkief Toy Boy). Working hunter championship: Rebecca Williams (Dalcotes Manton); reserve: Rebecca Keast (Shulas Troy). Unaffiliated showing: Tack & Turnout: 1. Emma James (Chywoon Star Reflection); 2. Erin Edwards (Little Hadley Diamond Lil); 3. Becky Colman (Gorselands Ameretto). Best rider 8yrs and under: 1. Hannah Lutey (Gemstone Louis); 2. Emma James (Chywoon Star Reflection); 3. Erin Edwards (Little Hadley Diamond Lil). Best rider 16yrs and under: 1. Laura Clinnick (Edward V); 2. Sarah Dean (Dabby); 3. Jasmine Slade (Tamarinos Bright Star). Best rider 17yrs and over: 1. Carly Mather (Penrose Airie). Veteran riders: 1. Lucinda Pooley (Master Tomboy); 2. Lisa Suetter (Cornish Star); 3. Tina Handley (Grania). Veteran Horse/Pony ridden: 1. Mrs S Fassenfelt (Just Ivens); 2. Jessica Symmones (Roz); 3. Sandy Archer (Barny). Veteran Horse/Pony in-hand: 1. Mr J Fassenfelt (Just Ivens); 2. Jessica Symmones (Roz); 3. Sandy Archer (Barney). Family pony: 1. Jared & Christiana Dean (Bridie); 2. Becky Colman (Gorselands Ameretto); 3. Helen Eddy (Crazy Mable). Grass Kept in-hand 13.2hh and under: 1. Sarah Dean (Dabby); 2. Elaine Kearney (Bejowans Sceptre); 3. Eloise Kite (Langwedh Amarella). Grass Kept in-hand 13.3hh and over: 1. Karen Lob (Danny); 2. Becky Colman (Gorselands Amaretto); 3. Mr A Turner (Tyler Moon). Unaffiliated championship: Laura Clinnick (Edward V); 2. Sarah Dean (Dabby). Best child handler 8yrs and under: 1. Grace Williams; 2. Charlotte Vincent. Best child handler 9 -13 years: 1. Aisha Richards; 2. Sarah Dean; 3. Jessica Symmones. Best child handler 14 -18 years: 1. Bryher Gall; 2. Becky Colman; 3. Jasmine Slade. Unaffiliated jumping: 70cms: 1. Dara Maddern (Mizen); 2. Charlie Griffin (Abbie); 3. Dara Maddern (Millie). 85cms: 1. Charlie Griffin (Abbie); 2. Joanne Benney (Minstrel); 3. Dara Maddern (Mizen). 95cms: Charmaine James (Guiness); 2. Charmaine James (Jays First Edition); 3. Karen Trewin (Hattie). 1.05m: 1. Karen Trewin (Hattie); 2. Simon Vincent (Darcie); 3. Charmaine James (Jays First Edition). In-hand shires: Yearling: 1. J Rogers (Treveor Morwenna); 2. Ron White (Evelyn); 3. Pat Tonkin (North Country King). 2/3 yr-old: 1. Pat Tonkin (Pentowan Enrieta); 2. M Lockey (Prince); 3. S Hore (Page). 4 yrs & over: 1. Pat Tonkin; 2. Ron White (Samson). Shire championship: Pat Tonkin (Pentowan Enrieta); reserve: Julie Rogers (Treveor Morwenna). Supreme championship of show: Michelle Sanders (One Vision); reserve: Pat Tonkin (Pentowan Enrieta).

St Austell Bay Equestrian Club received a good entry for their mini-midi-maxi showjumping and dressage evening with the following results:

Mini: 1. Kelly McGall (Taboo); 2. Kelly McGall (Sky); 3. Dominic Trethewey (Golden Venture); 4. Amy Hicks (Lucy); 5. Lynn Julian (Roxy Music). Midi: 1. Dara Maddern (Mizen); 2. Amy Gilbert (Erin Belle); 3. Heather Charlesworth (Shepley Gold Award); 4. Katrina Edworthy (Dragon); 5. Sue Trudgen (Max); 6. Kelly McGall (Sky). Maxi: 1. Dara Maddern (Mizen); 2. Christie Rogers (Just Incredible); 3. Katrina Radworthy (Dragon); 4. Heather Charlesworth (Shepley Gold Award); 5. Anya Willcox (Finnegan); 6. Lisa Robinson (Inca Gold). Dressage: No Canter: 1. Melanie Nile (Bertie); 2. Sarah Higman (Ozzy); 3. Katrina Edworthy (Dragon); 4. Amy Gilbert (Dutch Expense); 5. Tisha Howard (Saracen); 6. Rachael Sargent (Drummer). Prelim 10: 1. Sue Trudgen (Max); 2. Julie Watts (Chymay); 3. Jenny Blackwell (Faarida); 4. Linda Masters (Bubbles); 5. Amy Gilbert (Dutch Expense); 6. Tracy Heidler(Silken Bay).

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