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Proposed wind turbine could spoil Stithians, claim residents

By WBjridge  |  Posted: December 11, 2012

Proposed wind turbine could spoil Stithians, claim residents

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Opponents of a proposed wind turbine at Stithians fear it could have a negative impact on the whole village.
London based Windberry Energy Ltd has applied to build a 62-metre tall (max) turbine at Pencoose Farm, with associated infrastructure and access track.
A campaign has been running locally against the idea for more than a year, ever since  plans to mount an anemometer, a device for measuring wind speed, on the site were first discovered.
The Turbine Action Group was set up and sent out more than 1,500 leaflets warning residents that something was afoot.
Late last week, the group discovered that plans for the wind turbine had been lodged.
Resident and local businessman Chris Yates said the action group was concerned about the lack of consultation and claimed the system was "stacked in favour of developers chasing renewable energy targets".
He said: "We are worried that once one's there, others could follow.
"This thing would be the height of Truro Cathedral."
The action group claims the turbine would be a blot on the landscape, visible across the whole village.
It would adversely affect property prices and hit local businesses, particularly the tourist trade.
It would be noisy and the hundreds of tonnes of concrete used for the base could leach chemicals into watercourses.
The planning application was lodged with Cornwall Council on November 30, and residents living near the site began receiving consultation documents from the council this week.
Mr Yates added: "The clock is now ticking and we've got to get our comments in by December 27, but a lot of this time is going to be lost because of the Christmas break."
Neil and Laura Pardoe run Higher Trewithen Holiday Cottages and are concerned that the turbine will affect their business.
They said: We've got a holiday cottage business and the one thing we sell it on, and the reason people come back time and time again, is the quiet.
"They say how nice it is to have tranquility that most people don't have in their lives."
Local resident John Dale said: "I'm not against green energy, I just don't know how this is going to affect me.
"It could reduce the value of our homes by 20 per cent."
The action group has produced a second leaflet, informing people of the turbine application, which will be distributed shortly.
Details of the application, PA12/10650, can be found on the Cornwall Council website.

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  • mrcrashhappy  |  December 12 2012, 2:10AM

    Kudos, Mr. Davies. You are spot on, sir. The silly contraptions are windfalls for the cronies of politicians, ruin the land/seascape, generate little power, generate noises across the entire spectrum that can affect one's health, slaughter birds like there's no tomorrow, and never appear anywhere near the properties of the bureaucrats who sponsor them.

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  • johndavies  |  December 11 2012, 2:31PM

    Wind-turbines are expensive & ineffective According to Department of Energy & Climate Change ( DECC ) & Grid figs – (see Digest of United Kingdom Energy Statistics ( DUKES) http://tinyurl.com/n4k7n8 ) See Pages 121, 140, 144, 160, 186 Last year- 2011, wind generated only 15,498 GWh Just 4.14 % of total annual electrical demand. On-shore wind turbines are inefficient and only make a negligible contribution to our energy needs, but at a cost of £ billions on our bills (going to foreign investors). The very fact they need a synchronized running reserve (running fossil fuel plants inefficiently so they produce CO2 but little electricity ) makes a nonsense of any carbon savings made from wind. As I write this, the UKs entire 4,136 wind turbine fleet is producing- 0.09 GW just … 0.2 % of demand !!! If you want to see what really happening & where your power is coming from in real time, see - http://tinyurl.com/6ja8btf The 'windturbine/cash generators' are no more than a brazen 'perpetual subsidies' swindle, costing us £billions for little advantage. It's the wrong technology for the problem …because it was chosen by uninformed politicians, many of which are involved in the scam.

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