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Pregnant ewe mauled by dog near Redruth

By WBJLock  |  Posted: January 10, 2014

This pregnant ewe was mauled by a dog near Redruth.

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A farmer near Redruth is calling for “responsible dog walking” after a pregnant ewe had its face mauled by a dog.

Carole and Keith Allen, owners of Hope Farm, keep a small flock of sheep in fields on the side of Carn Marth hill outside of Redruth.

But on Boxing Day Mrs Allen was alerted that a bull terrier had backed one of the in-lamb ewes into a corner of the field and was “busy biting and pulling at the face of the poor ewe.”

She has now urged for dogs to be kept on leads near fields with farm animals in, as outlined in the countryside code.

Mrs Allen said: “The dog which was a small white and black Bull terrier ran off when we approached. Although injured, the ewe did not need a vet so we were lucky this time.”

This is the second time the Allens’ flock have been attacked by a dog.

They were not so lucky first time around when one of their lambs was scalped, had its eye-lid split in half, and an ear ripped off in a vicious dog attack.

Ms Allen said: “Yes we needed a vet, yes we contacted the police and yes, we contacted the council. But what can be done after the event?

“After seeing this last attack I cannot help but fear this dog will attack again and may be next time it will not be a sheep but a small child walking on Carn Marth.

“We can be responsible dog owners and follow the Countryside code, keeping our dogs on a lead near fields with farm animals.

“It must be of some concern to livestock owners and families walking with small children that dogs capable of such attacks are loose on public footpaths.

“Alerting the authorities if such dogs are encountered would be a useful act and could prevent a serious accident.”

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  • josdave  |  January 10 2014, 8:35PM

    Sadly it's not the dog's fault but he/she may end up getting shot. These irresponsible owners should be taken to court and made to pay a really hefty fine, not the derisory one usually handed out.

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  • tiredman  |  January 10 2014, 5:46PM

    Dear Madams/Sirs, I have never posted any comment before. However, this case makes me angry, indeed. I was myself a victim of irresponsible dogs owners. It is not only the matter of farming areas; I was nearly assaulted, walking on the public sidewalk, near estate community. It was late and quite dark, all of a sudden I heard snarling. Luckily, I was able to move back and change my route (nevertheless, I was very distressed and late at work). Walking on the public roads/areas, near farms is extremely dangerous. At certain time, I had to walk near the farms, when the gates and entire estate surroundings were never properly secured (there were large dogs on those premises.) At some occasion, I was even aggressively approached by several dogs when I was leavening my friend house (located, close to other farms/estates). I am very sorry what had happened to this poor, harmless ewe. My sincere and heartfelt sympathy to Mrs. & Mr. Allen. I hope the ewe is feeling better now. It's high time, the law ought to protect citizens against those vicious attacks and bring to justice the dogs owners who endanger life and health of others. Who knows, maybe it is time to start filling law suits to the full extend of the law, just like in the USA. Sincerely.

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