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Pole dancer and recovering heroin user denies prostitution and loud 'sexual antics'

By This is Cornwall  |  Posted: May 04, 2011

Natalie Gentle denies selling sex from her flat in Plymouth

A former pole dancer made residents' lives a misery by inviting men back at all hours and keeping neighbours awake with her loud 'sexual antics', a court head.

Natalie Gentle, who is suspected of funding a drug habit by selling sex from her flat, denied being a prostitute.

A recovering heroin user, Gentle, aged 29, is contesting an application for a long-term antisocial behaviour order at Plymouth Magistrates' Court.

Plymouth City Council and landlords Plymouth Community Homes allege that neighbours have been distressed by a regular stream of male visitors to her home in Manston Close, Ernesettle, Plymouth.

Dylan Sadler, for the council, said: "The application is based upon sex and drugs-related activities that manifest themselves in a great of deal of male visitors to the premises where they are entertained by Ms Gentle."

The complaint for the order states: "It is reasonably believed that the sexual activity and the drug use are linked and Ms Gentle may be funding her drug habit by prostitution."

Gentle has been under an interim order preventing her from having any male visitors for about a year. The council is seeking a long-term order.

Neighbour Matthew Gulliford claimed he was given an emergency move from the flat below Gentle because he and his partner were caused so much distress. Mr Gulliford added: "Different men would turn up and I could hear her having sex with them."

He said in the statement that she had lots of regular male callers and would answer the door to them wearing 'stripper-type stuff'.

Pc Daniel Pen-Collings said that he stopped a man leaving her flat who admitted paying her £60 for sex.

Bill LaHive, for Gentle, told Gulliford: "Your evidence is complete nonsense, totally warping of the facts to suit your ends."

Mr LaHive said that the visitor who said he had paid for sex had been in a relationship with her.

Gentle herself told the court she had worked in pole dancing clubs for five years. She admitted she had a pole installed in her flat but insisted she intended to use it to train other dancers and to keep fit.

She denied having a stream of male visitors. Asked by Mr LaHive whether she had ever sold sex from the flat, she replied: "No."

The hearing continues.

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