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Plans for 175 new homes between Truro and Threemilestone

By West Briton  |  Posted: January 14, 2014

Barratt Homes plan to build 175 homes between Truro and Threemilestone.

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Plans have gone in to build 175 new homes between Truro and Threemilestone.

Barratt Homes plan to build the houses at Higher Besore, located just behind Truro College and just off the A390.

There are concerns that with the road already struggling to cope with the volume of traffic, the building of more homes in the area could spell traffic chaos and potential gridlock.

Tim Deeble, Cornwall Council member for Threemilestone and Gloweth, has called for improvements to be made to the A390 if the plans go ahead.

He said: “Local residents are already well aware of the fact that the A390 struggles with the volume of traffic.

“At the moment it just about copes, but further developments in the area would call for a co-ordinated plan on road improvement.

“The road hasn’t been altered in 20 to 30 years and if these new homes were to go-ahead along with other already approved developments, road widening could be necessary.”

Of the 175 new developments 70 would be potentially affordable housing, with 105 available on the open market.

In addition to the new houses, there would also be 315 parking spaces created.

Alongside the proposed new homes in the area are several other developments that have already been given the green light.

Planning permission has already been given for 1,500 new homes, a new primary school and an extension to the current park and ride at Langarth, as well as Cornwall’s first Holiday Inn and a further 93 homes across the road.

Also nearby, Taylor Wimpey are currently building 226 new homes at the former Richard Lander school site at Highertown.

Among the local residents alarmed by the plans of development in the area is Sylvia Gill, who expressed her reservations on the Cornwall Council website.

She said: “My concern is that the present road structure (Truro to Chiverton Cross Roundabout) cannot cope efficiently with the present amount of traffic, so how on earth will it cope with the traffic from yet another building development?

“The traffic will increase with the development of the old Richard Lander site and to build even more houses is absolutely ridiculous without the infrastructure to support it.”

The Barratt Homes planning document states that they believe that the new houses will ease traffic in Truro and by building properties for people who work in the area to live in, it will actually decrease the number of people who commute in for work.

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  • dee_2  |  January 14 2014, 5:15PM

    It really doesn't matter whether we are Nimbys or not. Government has watered down the planning regs so that anything can be built anywhere: the taxpayer and resident doesn't come into the equation. It's all about big profits for speculative developers. To add insult to injury, our Tory friends at County Hall today tried to get the number of homes proposed for Cornwall over the next twenty years reduced to a reasonable figure of 33,000. Their amendment failed and we've been lumbered with over double that amount. Pure posturing on their part when it is their government, the ConDems, opening up everywhere to development. And we were told back in 2010 that this would be the greenest government ever. The ConDem coalition government is destroying our precious countryside and there is absolutely nothing we can do about it..

    |   4
  • josdave  |  January 14 2014, 4:03PM

    Add to this the "development on the eastern side and before very long people will avoid Truro because of the vastly increased traffic problem. As it is, I live in St Austell, I no longer drive through Truro but go up to the A30 to go further west. I am all in favour of providing more houses as long as they are treasonably priced and better sited. There are thousands of brownfield sites available but sadly these get overlooked. It should be mandatory to use brownfield sires when they are available and not go for the easy option of a green site.

    |   3
  • TheGeofflane  |  January 14 2014, 2:06PM

    Dear Truro England, you say you live in Truro. Do you live west of Truro? The only road in is hopelessly overloaded at peak times now. Is permanent gridlock progress? I live in Chacewater, am retired, and used to shop at Sainsburys. I now shop at Morrisons simply because I can get there, despite Redruth. Truro Tesco, forget it before they closed half the roads. What is the point of building all these houses when the road system can't support them? Ah yes, council tax. Councillors just want their expenses, councils just want their council tax and business rate. We are just pawns in their money-grabbing game.

    |   3
  • Truro_England  |  January 14 2014, 1:25PM

    Nick I totally agree with you! Even thou I've lived in Truro all my life and in titled to my opinion, I'll get the usually flood of red arrows. The nimbies who live in the past, have their own house, a job and think everyone should live like them, continue to want Cornwall to stay in the dark ages and not move forward.

    |   -15
  • TheGeofflane  |  January 14 2014, 12:36PM

    God help us all trying to get in to Truro from the west in the future. It's bad enough now. Those poor souls queuing to exit Threemilestone business park, turn right toward Truro and fight to get on the roundabout passed the Park'n'Ride to join the queue toward Truro will find thousands of new RATE_PAYING citizens doing the same thing. Fortunately I am old and will be dead before total gridlock happens. But will my hearse ever reach the crematorium on the other side of Truro? NO business in their right mind should move to Threemilestone. You'll get your deliveries, but never leave with your product!

    |   7
  • D-Head  |  January 14 2014, 10:58AM

    #nickthompson - I tend to find myself in agreement in virtually everything you post but on this issue, and similar previous ones, you seem to have lost the plot. And I don't mean building plot. Covering all this agricultural land (or woodland) with concrete is not sustainable in the most overpopulated country in Europe. Sooner or later we will need that farmland, then what? Who'll be dropping food parcels on us??? And a lot of this recent flooding has been due in no small part to natural soakaways, fields, being built over.

    |   14
  • DipStick  |  January 14 2014, 10:04AM

    @nickthompson: so WHY do we need this many new homes? And, even if we do, why shouldn't people living nearby have their say if their quality of life will be substantially degraded?? Or are you more of a 'do as I say' type of person? As for these houses my view is that before any of them get built the Chivy Cross to Carland Cross A30 should be duelled with an underpass at Chivy AND the 390 into Truro should be substantially upgraded. But hey, that wouldn't fit into the current councillors short timescales to get backhanders from the developers would it ... Ooops! DS

    |   12
  • nickthompson  |  January 14 2014, 8:45AM

    We need new homes, get on and build them, anywhere, BUT NOT NEAR US. Read more in this weeks copy of NIMBY NEWS on sale NOW.

    |   -14
  • JellyPerson  |  January 14 2014, 7:44AM

    Sheer lunacy!

    |   16