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Picture Proof Of Pasty-eating Chancellor in Cornwall

By Miles_Davis  |  Posted: March 28, 2012

George Osborne tucks into a pasty.

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WHILE the world goes mad over pasty tax ThisisCornwall has exclusive evidence of Chancellor George Osborne's fondness for the Cornish delicacy.


The chancellor is pictured here enjoying a Cornish pasty while on a visit to St Austell.


Mr Osborne has sparked new depths of anger amongst pasty-lovers and producers with his pasty tax which adds 20% to the cost of the savoury treats when served hot or "above ambient temperature".


The Chancellor's budget last Tuesday grabbed the headlines for all the wrong reasons with news that some pensioners would have to pay more tax.


But it is the pasty tax that has now proved to be more controversial. When George Osborne appeared before the Treasury select committee yesterday he said he could not remember the last time he had bought one from the food chain Greggs.


The Prime Minister felt obliged to enter the debate today with his assertion that he last bought a pasty from the West Cornwall Pasty Company at Leeds station. The company responded on Twitter saying that the branch there closed in 2007. Opposition leader Ed Miliband also publicly tucked into sausage rolls in Redditch, Worcestershire.


West Briton chief reporter Kimberley Middleton was on the scene in St Austell in 2008 when Mr Osborne got stuck into the Cornish speciality.


Miss Middleton said: "He devoured the pasty and went on about how much he loved it. I don't know whether he was trying to win votes or he really enjoyed it but he was utterly convincing."


The groundswell of support to overthrow the pasty tax in Cornwall is growing all the time. Cornish comedian Kernow King appealed via Twitter for a suitable venue to hold a pasty tax "show of arms (friendly, of course)". While trying to deal with the world's economic problems it may be the pasty tax that ends up being Mr Osborne's downfall.

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  • JoyRedruth  |  April 08 2012, 6:23PM

    Even more reason for Home Rule for Cornwall.

    |   4
  • Terrywright1  |  March 30 2012, 10:33PM

    Perhaps the slimey little oik didn't like the pasty, so that now he's getting back at our prime local industry. Ignore the tax and just carry on as before, Westminster doesn't do us any favours so why should we do them any.

    |   3
  • JeremyBadger  |  March 30 2012, 8:33PM

    Lets get this straight, Greggs don't make Cornish Pasties, they just make "pasties" and they are awful, even that slimey toad "Red Ed" wouldn't eat one he just bought six sausage rolls which are marginally better (when eaten cold). Looking at the bag Ms Osbourne is clearly eating a Barnecutts pasty which IS Cornish.

    |   3
  • sandyshaw  |  March 29 2012, 1:00PM

    Should Christian Pasty shop owners be able to refuse service to gay couples? Poll please Jo Wood.

    |   -9
  • Callipygian  |  March 29 2012, 11:22AM

    ....... a government minister advised that it would be wise for people to have their kitchens fully stocked with pastys and perhaps a few spare in the garage. That advice was quickly withdrawn and several organisations pointed out the health and safety risks in this practice. The current official position is that there will be enough to go around as long as people do not engage in panic buying. One shopper who did not wish to be named told our reporter 'this is ridiculous, I just wanted to buy a nice pasty for my grandchild but you cannot get near the shops. I think people who only bought on or two a month are topping up several a day. I wish that toffee nosed George Ozzborn would get down here and sort it out. He should be well enough qualified with that masters degree in posh terwattery." .......

    |   6
  • Taxman100  |  March 29 2012, 11:17AM

    Big_Ger. Agreed, Pasty debate is over. What petrol debate? Rather high octane? Hopefully, I won't be in the UK when the drivers strike, and the Army is used for essential deliveries. Bonjour! Guten Morgen! God Morgen!

    |   -20
  • Big_Ger  |  March 29 2012, 10:42AM

    Pasty debate's over guys, we're onto the petrol debate now...

    |   -21
  • Callipygian  |  March 29 2012, 10:22AM

    ...... had no idea they did caviar flavour .......... not for the likes of me anyway.

    |   3
  • Taxman100  |  March 29 2012, 9:53AM

    Lafrowda. You are naughty - but, very truthful, and I agree with you 100%! Is this a case of Georgie Porgie? If so, our George will have to pay a lot of VAT if he eats all the pies (sorry, Pasties). Hope he holidays in Cornwall this Summer and in consequence helps to boost the local economy?! (and, his waistline).

    |   -2
  • Lafrowda  |  March 29 2012, 9:03AM

    It doesn't say much for St Austell if that's the best they could find to give him. No wonder he slaps a tax on them. It is doing a kindness to put anyone off.

    |   1