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Perranporth woman takes home beach bomb

By WBEsme  |  Posted: February 27, 2014

  • The Second World War practice bomb found on Perranporth beach.

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A WOMAN in Perranporth has had a late night visit from a specialist explosives group after inadvertently taking home a bomb from the beach.

Yvonne Goodfellow was forced to call the Royal Navy bomb disposal squad on Sunday night after discovering that she had picked up a Second World War missile from Perranporth beach.

Thankfully the bomb, which contained a small amount of explosives, was found to be a dummy and was swiftly taken away by the military team from HM Devonport.

The surprised beachcomber said: “I would never have picked it up if I genuinely thought it was a bomb.

“I honestly thought it was a lump of concrete.”

Miss Goodfellow acquired the 13 inch long explosive after her Airedale dog, Lowen, sniffed it out on Perranporth beach last Monday.

She said: “I don’t really know what I thought.

“I picked it up to show my partner as I thought it could be a bit off an old ship wreck or, as another friend suggested, a part of a World War Two barrier.

“I carried it the whole length of the beach in a plastic bag on my hip.

“And when I saw my friend I said in a tongue in cheek way that it might be a bomb

“We all laughed and didn’t really think anything of it.”

After lugging the bomb home, the 53 year-old estate agent left it outside her front door for several days before moving it in to the garden.

It was only after she heard about a bomb detonation at Perranporth beach on Saturday that the dog walker suspected her shoreline find might be potentially deadly.

Prompted by friends she sent a picture of the device to the St Agnes coastguard, who told her to contact the police.

An officer was sent to guard the missile before the Royal Navy bomb squad arrived at 9pm on Sunday.

Miss Goodfellow said: “They turned up and started to knock bits off the bomb and then they x-rayed it.

“They said it was a practice bomb, which is usually filled with sand, but this one did have some explosives in it and they said they could smell the explosives inside while they were looking at it.”

The bomb, which was not deemed high risk, was taken back to Plymouth to be safely destroyed.

The adventurous dog walker has said that she will be sticking to collecting driftwood in the future.

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