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Perranporth residents call for 'aggessive' gulls to be culled

By bevcoumbe  |  Posted: June 28, 2013

  • Gull chicks nesting on a roof on Liskey Hill Crescent.

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Residents on a Perranporth street plagued by aggressive gulls, seen attacking their postwoman, are calling for the birds to be culled.

On Monday Royal Mail suspended its postal deliveries to Liskey Hill Crescent because of the health and safety risk to its delivery workers.

Residents have been told to collect their post from a nearby post office.

For the past five weeks residents have watched in horror as nesting gulls swooped down on the postwoman during her daily rounds.

Eric Hardinge, (CORR) who moved to the crescent 20 years ago, said the birds are becoming a serious problem.

He told the West Briton: “In the past five years the seagulls have become more aggressive. They are protecting their chicks and attack people in packs, swooping down, targeting people’s heads.

“They go beserk when they see bright colours which is why I think they’ve gone for the postwoman because she wears red.”

The birds have also attacked dog walkers, said a local builder, who saw them “dive bomb” a woman who screamed in fright.

In a letter to residents Royal Mail’s delivery office manager, Andy Blight, said the service would resume once the chicks move on, or if they are removed by an authorised person.

The letter stated: “..a member of staff was attacked whilst delivering mail to numerous properties within your area by seagulls protecting their chicks...This exceptional step has been taken in order to safeguard Royal Mail employees.”

Despite repeated calls to Cornwall Council and pleas for help to Perranzabuloe Parish Council, Mr Hardinge said no one is interested in tackling the problem.

He added: “The chicks will disappear but it is an on-going problem. I can understand why they’ve stopped our deliveries, but the birds need to be culled. They’ve become very aggressive, behaviour which is being passed onto their chicks.”

Stuart Little, who has parkinson's disease, moved to the crescent three months, and said he is not able to collect his post.

He said: “I can’t walk very far. I understand the reasons for stopping the service but it’s very inconvenient. I think the gulls need to be controlled, they’re a pest.”

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  • JohnF  |  July 09 2013, 2:33PM

    3 years ago a pair of seagulls built a nest behind our chimney and had 3 chicks. 1 fell out, dead. Later another fell out and made its way to the end of our drive to the road. I rang the RSPB about the danger to the chick but was told "Leave it where it is, the parents will look after it" I have never seen a seagull feed a chick in the road! I got the same answer from the RSPCA. I took the chick to the Mousehold bird sanctuary. Later the last chick also fell out of the nest with the same result. I now have spikes on my roof so no more seagull nests. I suggest the people of Perranporth do the same. Seagulls are rats with feathers.

  • josdave  |  June 29 2013, 8:35PM

    Pity they don't cull the two legged misfits that make the lives of a lot of people a misery. As for birds protecting their offspring they are not doing anything wrong and should be left. The chicks will eventually fly the nest and that will be the end of it unlike the "human" anti-social behaviour which will continue ad infinitum until the courts decide to actually punish them for once.