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Penzance Harbour strategic planning committee | LIVE BLOG

By This is Cornwall  |  Posted: March 08, 2010

Richard Whitehouse

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We will be following the Penzance Harbour strategic planning committee LIVE from 2pm.

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We will also be following Cllr Alex Folkes' twitterfeed. Please note the opinions expressed by Cllr Folkes are not those of Cornwall and Devon Media.

For the full write up, please see this Thursday's Cornishman.

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  • Profile image for This is Cornwall
    Katherine, Penzance  |  March 09 2010, 3:45PM

    ABout time too! At last the Councillors have seen sense and started to think about the FUTURE instead of whining on about the past

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    John B, Penzance  |  March 09 2010, 3:37PM

    Tim What are you talking about? The Holy Headland has a) the harbour already resting next to it and b) THe Jubilee Pool which must have taken several hundred tons of concrete to be poured over them and c) A memorial to those who served and gave their lives to protect the freedom we call democracy, you know the one where elected people vote on our behalf. And who decided these things could happen? Why yes the townsfolk of Penzance and their council. So history repeating its self here then - how strange. Where would 'Pensans' be without it's Jubilee Pool (probably better off due to the maintenance costs) and the prom (still awaiting it's new covering to replace the really in keeping pink slabs bought cheap years ago) These are the pity in this story, we have an opportunity to improve something that could add revenue to the town and we see all the little selfish groups act as if they are the sole arbiters of our future, who do you think you are? Get something done about the look and state of the prom and it's railings (soon to become a safety issue I fear) Get some funding in place yourselves instead of complaining about others when they find a way to fund things. It only took 30 years to get a leisure centre which knocks spots off the forever closed Jubilee Pool, lets move forward quicker on this, because God knows we need his help. Can I get an AMEN?

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    TimV, Pz  |  March 09 2010, 2:01PM

    This latest "turnabout" decision by the SPC was not wholly unexpected. It is an example of how large powerful bodies get their way. Nevertheless it is a travesty of process and an insult to both reason and the protection of Cornish culture. The Cornwall Council, who we rely on in such matters, has shown itself to be the destroyer rather than the protector, and as such has proved itself unworthy of its conservation and planning brief. How in all seriousness, will a Planning Officer insist on a slate roof or a wooden window in future without being humiliated? For a long time now, Penzance has used the symbol of John the Baptist's head on a charger, to represent itself. It is thought that the choice of this rather sadistic image arose from the Celtic origins of the name - "Pens" for headland and "zance" for holy - relating to the rocky outcrop, that now forms Battery Rocks and the harbour wall. These symbols are highly emotive and it is wholly appropriate that those that have died protecting our ancient freedoms and way of life, should to this day, be remembered there. John the Baptist, you will remember, was a biblical character, who foretold the coming of Christ. He spoke fearlessly against the politically powerful at the time and lost his head in the process. Herod the King was seduced by a beautiful temptress and acceded to the request to execute John, but it is said "The King was sorry" for his weakness. Jesus, describing John said "What went you out for to see? A reed shaken by the wind?" Some things in life must be spoken against and resisted. In my opinion this tawdry decision and the desecration of the "Holy Headland" and the historic harbour wall which it invokes, is one of them.

  • Profile image for This is Cornwall
    John, Penzance  |  March 09 2010, 1:15PM

    Well 'Old Mike' Sagar Fenton I think you did more with your rants in the Cornishman to galvanise the undecided into realising that this scheme is being stopped by a small clique of those who either had a very visible paltform which they abused, to preach their views or created one for others. Leaving the local media ignoring the facts and printing the diatribes of green activists and the bitter bile of the ex-MD of the Steamship Co. And you call someone playing you at your own game mischief? I call it media manipulation and a tainted opposition being fought on the same terms. I'm glad that people of Penzance can see through you.

  • Profile image for This is Cornwall
    PZ born & bred, PZ  |  March 09 2010, 12:22PM

    Good news for PZ as far as I am concerned! At last the regeneration of the area can start.

  • Profile image for This is Cornwall
    Hi de Hi, Penzance  |  March 09 2010, 11:57AM

    A victory for common sense and the town, fantastic!

  • Profile image for This is Cornwall
    mike sagar-fenton, Penzance  |  March 09 2010, 10:01AM

    What a shame the town did not get together after the December vote as we urged in order to persuade CC to adapt their scheme so that there was at least some advantage to the town. Instead, with considerable mischief, a few individuals decided to divide our opposition, sowing bitterness on the way. Divided we have proved powerless, and the situation is now more uncertain than ever. Option A has nothing to offer us.

  • Profile image for This is Cornwall
    Steadkitten, UK  |  March 09 2010, 9:41AM

    Great day for PZ. The town can now move forward and hopefully this will lead to the prom being regenerated. Battery Rocks as we know it will still be there.

  • Profile image for This is Cornwall
    wooldridge, penzance  |  March 08 2010, 10:55PM

    Dismayed at conduct and decision making at Cornwall Council, and bias shown by Phil Mason. Council did not really care about consequences of decision, and obviously did not grasp full picture of devastation that will ensue. The battle now begins with the help of English Heritage to make improvements for the sea link without comprimising the listed pier.

  • Profile image for This is Cornwall
    Linda Camidge, penzance  |  March 08 2010, 10:37PM

    A very sad afternoon for Penzance. We're not finished yet - but if this goes ahead it will be bitterly regretted. Look at the Jewson's site, the old Tesco (now Poundstretcher) and Penlowarth. Those were once the bright new tomorrow, set to vomit forth untold riches into the town. As they are, so shall this be.