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Pasty Gate - the story so far about 'pasty tax'

By Jo_Wood  |  Posted: March 29, 2012

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As George Osborne continues to defend plans to add VAT to hot snacks, including Cornwall's beloved pasty, we look back over events as they've unfolded online.

The tax has raised questions such as 'when is a pasty 'hot'?' and 'is eating a cold sausage roll tax evasion?'.

We've even inclduded a few of your pics and a video of how to make your own. After all, if you can't beat them, join them.

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Would a 20% increase put you off buying a pasty? Vote in our poll to the right of this page.


All the chat around #pastygate, from George Orborne's desire to add VAT (20%) to hot snacks including Cornwall's beloved pasty

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Picture Proof Of Pasty-eating Chancellor in CornwallWHILE the world goes mad over pasty tax ThisisCornwall has exclusive evidence of Chancellor George Osborne's fondness for the Cornish delicacy. The chancellor is pictured here enjoying a Cornish pasty while on a visit to St Austell.
RT @jameschappers: BAKING NEWS: Clegg ate pasty a few months ago on Paddington station. 'Of course we've checked the shop's still open,' says aide #pastytax
I can't believe I wrote a blogpost about pasties: ow.ly/9W0Ey #pastytax #newlow
RT @guardian: Cameron's was at Leeds railway station, Osborne can't recall his. When did you last have a Cornish pasty? bit.ly/GVOTkp #pastytax
Baffled by #pastytax - cold=no tax, hot=taxed? What about Jaffa cakes=no tax, choccy biscuits = taxed? Veggy crisps =no tax, salted=taxed?
"@GuidoFawkes: Cornish uprising yfrog.com/nx70ywsj" #pastytaxRichard Lawes
Buy pasties cold to avoid VAT - OsborneGeorge Osborne has told pasty lovers to eat the Westcountry's favourite dish cold or face a 20 per cent price hike. The Chancellor was yesterday forced to answer questions on a proposed "pasty tax" that threatens jobs in a key Cornwall and Devon industry.
A proper Cornish pasty #food #pasty #cornish #fulltothebrimellielouisetull
Laughing Chef: How to Make Cornish Pasties English Meat Pies (Includes ingredients & text of recipe)
Pasty tax: easy as pieThe budget's new 'pasty tax' has baffled most people: let us make it simple for you, with our guide to the VAT changes on hot takeaway food
The Great Hot Pastry Tax SwindleHas anyone ever heard of Hot Food tax? No? Well brace yourself this summer for an increase in price for your favourite Ginsters and country pies. Cracking down on 'loopholes and anomalies' as opposed to just flogging Gibraltar to another country for pound;80billion, hot food is now subject to VAT.
Why stop at pasties, George Osborne? Class-based taxation is the future - Telegraph BlogsNow that the Freshly Baked Pasty Tax has finally flushed George Osborne out into the open as a raging toff who will stop at nothing to ride roughshod over the traditional pleasures of the British working classes, why doesn't he just go the whole hog with a new range of specially tailored class taxes?
David Cameron defends 'pasty tax'Mr Cameron said that the move - which will add 20% to the cost of hot pies and pasties sold by shops like Greggs - would defend takeaway restaurants against competition from major chains.
First meal in Cornwall! �� #pasty #skinners #skinnersale #heliganhoney #realale #ale #food #fuckyeah #fatfuck #instamood #instagramhub #instamoodJames Doe
We now live in a country where caviar is untaxed and a hot pasty is.. go figure. #Pastytax
RT @hollielewis: RT @jmalitrg: #pastytax does eating a cold sausage-roll constitute tax avoidance? I think we should be told.
RT @alex_graffic: Screw it! I'm going to buy a pasty, post it to myself first class and wash it down with a pint of petrol. #pastygate
Campaign opposing Chancellor's Budget 'pasty tax'A CAMPAIGN has been launched to oppose a proposed "pasty tax" which could see the cost of Cornwall's favourite food rise by 20%. In the budget announcement this week Chancellor George Osborne said that he was looking at plans to add VAT to hot takeaway food from bakeries and supermarkets.
I think #pastytax is getting so much coverage because businesses are adversely affected. Harsher measures in the budget are ignored...
Lady who runs a pasty shop in Cornwall says shes putting up a sign 'Hot for the rich,cold for the poor' #PastyTax #radio5live
MPs launch bid to stop Osborne's 'pasty tax'Cornwall MPs have mounted a campaign to block George Osborne's "pasty tax". Liberal Democrat Stephen Gilbert has tabled an early day motion (EDM) calling for the "humble Cornish pasty" to be exempt from proposals to slap VAT on hot takeaway food.

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  • cousinjack2  |  April 27 2012, 12:51PM

    Can we pleaswe4 have a 20% tax on political donations? It would help to cover the4 costs of the3 perks so beloved by our politicians

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  • kateella  |  March 29 2012, 7:54PM

    Has no one noticed that some pasty shops in town already, and have been for years, charge you extra for a warm pasty??

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  • sandyshaw  |  March 29 2012, 3:49PM

    "First meal in Cornwall! �� #pasty #skinners #skinnersale #heliganhoney #realale #ale #food #****yeah #fat**** #instamood #instagramhub #instamoodJames Doe" Keywords posted in the main article.

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  • Desmond66  |  March 29 2012, 2:08PM

    Everyone is going about this the wrong way - rather than being insular and trying to protect so called 'Cornish Pasties' from attracting tax, the campaign should be to get all food, to be eaten off premises, exempt from VAT. That would be fairer and more consistent It should be a basic human right to be able to procure food hot or cold without the State charging you for the priviledge.

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  • Ann_Gree  |  March 29 2012, 1:58PM


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  • LeighAnne1  |  March 29 2012, 1:42PM

    But penwithian not 'affected' it seems!

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  • penwithian  |  March 29 2012, 10:24AM

    And I can spell significant!

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  • penwithian  |  March 29 2012, 10:23AM

    I agree it would be good to see as much enthusiasm and engagement in other issues Poldice, but this is real enough given the number of jobs potentially effected. The Cornish Pasty is also a significent export trade for Cornwall.

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  • poldice  |  March 28 2012, 10:03PM

    If only the Janners could get as steamed up about real issues, but by the looks of un the boys bitten off more then e ken chaw!!!

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