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Paranormal evening with Gayle Force ,Ship Inn Pentewan. Ghostly happenings are no stranger here.

By Gayle Force  |  Posted: March 08, 2013

Pentewan pub door way. The place to be with Gayle Force on Monday April 8th ,The paranormal Evening

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The ship Inn is a place where I have often,had a meal or supped a drink, from the 1970' right up to present day. There have been numerous annual festivities when the pub has opened it's doors to visitors and locals alike. I had felt the odd feeling and the ocurance of a touch when being there in the past but it was not until recently after meeting landlady Kim, that I was to learn that glasses full of beer had moved on their own when all the guest where gone. That during the cleaning process with her regular staff ,their vac*** has been regularly swictched off when they were busy trying to get the pub cleaned ready for opening. I remember feeling the coldness of watchful eyes as I went to the toilets when I was in my twenties, at the begining of my pathway but had never really taken on board that it could have been ghostly eyes. Using the tiolet and then swiftly leaving the  area,I would soon join the company I had left in the bar and all thoughts of spirit would leave my mind. It has been known, back in time for unseen ghostly hands to tuck guest up in bed at night.
What better place to hold an evening of paranormal experience, with a paranormal quiz for fun, a seance to see who may be with us from spirit, and an audience readings section for evidence of spirit and our loved ones who love to join with us. Are you up for an evening with a difference? Could you receive that special message.
 Maybe you would get your loved one sketched on paper, by Gayle Force. Bring along your cameras because as she works she often atracts spirit orbs os loved ones and the sites spiritual guest who like to let themselves be known. Not forgetting your dowsing pendulums or rods as we may feel the energies of all sorts of things ,including ley lines. the evening is about you the audience taking part and enjoying the genuine work of Gayle. It is on Monday April 8th 2013, from 7.30pm. Tickets are available from gayle 0n 01726 70786 or Kim on 01726 842 855. Cost £10.00 each.
Written by Gayle Force promoting the event. March 2013.

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  • Darken  |  March 12 2013, 8:26PM

    Drop it into Microsoft Word and the program will underline words in red that which it is unsure are correct. It will underline in green any grammar it is unsure of. Spell checking programs are also free for internet browsers. All of these are a godsend, as my spelling is pretty bad...

  • Gayle Force  |  March 10 2013, 9:09AM

    I guess a proof reader would be good. Are you offering?

  • Darken  |  March 09 2013, 10:59AM

    Really in need of a proof reader...