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Opponents to fight plan for 140 homes

By West Briton  |  Posted: September 06, 2012

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FURIOUS opponents have vowed to do everything in their power to prevent a housing development at Redruth.

They are adamant the proposed 140 homes at Treskerby are not needed and will adversely affect the neighbourhood.

So far, more than 100 people have submitted comments to Cornwall Council about the plans submitted by Rhosnoweth Developments Ltd.

Most oppose the proposal for 84 units of open market housing, 31 units of social rented housing and 25 units of intermediate housing (shared ownership).

But some welcome the possibility of "affordable" homes.

Opponents say the site is greenfield and outside the urban extension area, the road "horrendously busy" with "a dangerous reputation" and the elevated site could cause flooding to neighbouring properties. They claim the former mining land is heavily contaminated with arsenic, asbestos and construction waste, and the nearest school is already oversubscribed, with local children having to travel as far as Camborne.

Residents have set up the Treskerby Neighbourhood and Countryside Alliance (TNCA) to fight the plans and member Andrea Markou said: "The TNCA will not deliver argument with the developers, it is a waste of time. Their insensitive behaviour throughout this process has brought this community together and we have the backing of barristers, professionals and, more importantly, a financial strategy to fund this through the High Court, if necessary. We are very confident the TNCA will deliver full and accountable information to Cornwall Council's planning department."

About 50 people attended a meeting of Redruth Town Council's planning committee last Monday evening.

Among those present were spokesmen for the developer, opponents and supporters of the scheme, and representatives of Trelawney Alliance and Our Cornwall, bodies fighting plans for "mass house-building" across the county.

Jean Charman, chairman of Trelawney Alliance campaign group, said: "I spoke about the core strategy, now known as the local plan. Already 6,500 houses are planned for the CPIR [Camborne, Pool, Illogan and Redruth] area, so the assertion that these houses are badly needed is absolute rubbish."

The town council resolved to ask Cornwall Council's planning committee to hold a site meeting.

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  • jazzykins  |  September 07 2012, 12:39PM

    What a load of RUBBISH. these NIMBYS have NO idea what REAL day to day life is like down here. they don't have jobs, they haven't got young families, they don't get around in their car at rush hour and they don't have to take their kids to school. Rush hour traffic isn't bad at all. FACT. On Monday I'll do the commute and film it and stick it on Youtube. These NIMBYS are still living in the late 80s and early 90s where they think they're the majority in the area. Which is laughable. These NIMBYs are completely arrogant. Think about the next generation. Some of us have really good jobs and deserve to own homes in the area which we were raised in. If they can afford to waste their time and cash on this - then they can afford the time and cash to move out of the area. They aren't wanted anyway. Basically - they don't want their pretty views to be ruined and are worried about the value of their homes decreasing. They are all in it for themselves.. They want the average working family out and the wealthy pensioners to stay. That is all

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  • NBee12  |  September 07 2012, 11:57AM

    Name and shame journalists who do not get the facts right. The land on the potential site is as contaminated as the land the opponents live on. These people are insane if they think otherwise. Do they think there is a magical barrier between the land and their back gardens where all the contamination disappears? I think not. Get your facts right people! I am extremely shocked that the West Briton published such a ridiculous article. All that has to be done is the top layer of soil to be removed IF contaminated. It appears to me that this alliance have been stuffing money in peoples back pockets such as West Briton journalists and certain local councillors who object– but he hasn't visited all residents nearby - just those who oppose. Not just a co-incidence is it? Do they really think people are this stupid? They had homes to bring up their children. Why can't we have homes to bring up ours? There is no excuse for this type of behaviour. There is actually someone the County Council forum complaining it would ruin their holiday. GET REAL PEOPLE.

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  • Olly_Gark  |  September 06 2012, 7:26PM

    @ cornishbill "NIMBY,ism needs to be made illegal!!!"" Along with democracy a free speech. There's too much of this standing up for people's rights!

  • Anyone  |  September 06 2012, 6:49PM

    As and Addendum to the above, the local businesses, the Mount Ambrose Stores, The Mount Ambrose Inn, Scorrier Filling Station to name a few, would I think welcome the extra people to the neighbourhood, it can only go some way to help with the sustainability of their businesses. The area is desperate for new people, that are not retired, and the young people of Redruth, deserve to be able to buy, houses without having to move great distances from their families, the need for these house has already been seen to be needed. NIMBY,ism needs to be made illegal!!!

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  • Anyone  |  September 06 2012, 6:39PM

    Just to correct some of the information in this article. 1. The site is not a green field site, as of 1st April 2012 there is no such thing as a greenfield or brownfield site. 2. The road is no busier than any other road in and around the Camborne/Redruth area, and also is no dangerous than any other. 3. The land is no more contaminated than most other land in the area, and that is easily remedied. 4. As far as I understand the schools in Redruth are at about 90% occupancy. 5. 50 people did attend the meeting at Redruth Town Council, but what they don't say is that the meeting had to be adjourned because the majority of those present were so unruly that the meeting could not continue, and had to be adjourned for a short time, before it could recommence, this is born out by the minutes of said meeting recorded on the evening. 6. Also people who attended that meeting also felt so intimidated by this that they felt that they could not speak their support. 7. The only arrogance being shown at the moment is by the so called Treskerby Alliance, which represents only a small number of the people who live in Treskerby, and the surrounding area. If there is to be an article written, perhaps there should be some sort of balance in how it is written, this goes some way to try and reset this balance.

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