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Open Letter to the Leaders of Cornwall Council

By orstaze  |  Posted: September 06, 2012

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Dear Mr Lavery and Mr Masters,

I am appalled to hear of the decision of the Cabinet of Cornwall Council to persist with plans for a sweeping privatisation of Council Services. This is a flagrantly un-democratic decision, which shows contempt for all those councillors who voted by 46 votes to 29 against such a decision. Since they are our elected representatives, it does not, by extension, display much respect for Cornish Council Tax payers like myself either. Nor does it show much care for Council staff who have served us well for years and who will be adversely affected by the proposed changes.

When such sweeping changes are in the wind one would expect the Council to try to negotiate the broadest possible consensus in favour of change, and yet here we have a powerful vote against the proposed changes and a Cabinet of just ten men decide to simply ignore it. This seems to me the behaviour of a Government quango or new town development corporation, not an elected body which would have us believe it is a nascent National Assembly.

If the mass of the Cornish People, through their representatives, disagree with the Government inspired attitude that private enterprise is the only way forward, and social and civic enterprise is moribund, that is just too bad for the Conservative elements in the Council. May I remind you that the Council answers to those who elected its decision makers, The Cornish People and not the politicians in London. If what Westminster wants runs against the Peoples' will, it is our Council Leaders' job to resist it, regardless of party loyalties; otherwise they lose all meaningful legitimacy. I urge you to reconsider this decision and respect the views of your fellow councillors.

Edward H Curry.                     (This is an open letter as a matter of common concern)

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  • orstaze  |  September 20 2012, 4:25PM

    Well Pat, thanks for that. The idea of decision making coming before consultation seems to have taken over rather more recently. I've been speaking to several well informed people recently and find my letter was better targeted than I even knew at the time, for certain. There is a mighty fight back going on led by Mebyon Kernow, our own national party, and backed by the unions. After all, lets face it, since Blair, MK is the only grouping in Cornwall unambiguously left of centre. It's stronger than people realise and growing in influence almost weekly. The MK councillors are working their socks off and deserve our recognition. Try searching for Mebyon Kernow on line, they're not hard to find.

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  • PatVulgata  |  September 19 2012, 9:26PM

    If Democracy was really in place, Cornwall Council would not exist - its inception was voted against by over 80 per cent of us. Lavery, Robertson and co. are just a bunch of crooks, hiding behind the facade of respectability - they should be run out of town on a rail...

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  • kernewekonan  |  September 14 2012, 10:36AM

    despots listen to no one only what they want is all that counts to them all countries with despots in control are undemocratic just look at the middle east cornwall is no different just thankfully no guns

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  • intouch  |  September 12 2012, 3:50PM

    Dear orstaze What makes you think it is such a problem. Do you have a personal vendetta?

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  • intouch  |  September 12 2012, 3:48PM

    Dear orstaze What makes you think it is such a problem. Do you have a personal vendetta?

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  • intouch  |  September 12 2012, 3:48PM

    Dear orstaze What makes you think it is such a problem. Do you have a personal vendetta?

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  • Plumpeace  |  September 09 2012, 5:54PM

    This is just how so called representative democracy works. Either politicians are corrupt and lying to start with or they become corrupted by the system. Even if politicians retain there good intentions the people hidden behind them prevent them from doing anything and they hang on because they convince themselves they can influence things for some greater good: then usually they are drawn into the system then they have a totally different perspective and can't see what they are doing. In the case of Cornwall Council they instituted the unitary council (against mst public opinion) and not only did away with the district councils but concentrated the decision making into a cabinet – and really a dictatorship of the leader and his closest henchmen. This made the main council into only an advisory body with no power or say. They 'sold' it to the population as democratic!! The only way to get anything done is for people to agitate and 'force' it on the undemocratic forces in society.

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  • orstaze  |  September 07 2012, 11:36AM

    Thanks for the positive feedback. "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." Margaret Mead. I have seen bigger things than Cornwall Council shifted by public pressure. I'm just helping to kick the ball off. Can you and your contacts help to make enough noise to make CC less comfortable in their assumptions that the Cornish can be hurded like sheep?

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  • eu_blues  |  September 07 2012, 1:56AM

    You won't stop the super tanker of council privatisation. Its here to stay. Good letter, but as always, it falls on deaf ears.

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  • homerjay  |  September 06 2012, 9:38PM

    Yeah, nice one Edward. ''Cabinet of just ten men ''. Pity it isn't ''ten just men',' but of course they wouldn't be in the cabinet if that were the case

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